Met Sergeant

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Met Sergeant


Met Sergeant is a Sergeant for the Metropolitan Police in London, England.

During the events of Hot Fuzz (2007) played by Martin Freeman

Nicholas Angel has a meeting with Met Sergeant who tells him he is being promoted to Sergeant and transferred to the town of Sandford, Gloucester. Nicholas requests not to be transferred and when he is denied, asks to speak to Met Police Inspector. Met Police Inspector asks how things are going for Nicholas and then tells him he is going to Sandford. Nicholas demands to go up the chain of command and speak with the Met Chief Inspector. The Met Chief Inspector walks in and tells Nicholas he has started to make all the other officers look bad and his exceptionalism might lose them their jobs. After the Sandford National Watch Alliance are stopped, Met Sergeant, Met Police Inspector and Met Chief Inspector try to get Nicholas to come back to London, but he tells them he likes Sandford and due to the events will have to do a lot of paperwork.