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Nguyan Van Minh is a cabbage farmer in Imperial Valley, California. He is engaged to Mae. Minh a veteran of the Vietnam War and served in the South Vietnamese Army. He and Stringfellow Hawke saved each other's lives during the Vietnam War.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 13 The American Dream played by Soon-Tek Oh

Minh, Tru and Sama are helping Tommy and Diem harvest their produce. Diem tells Minh that after he and Tru stand up to Col. Tranh Van Zung then there will no longer be any extortion or warlords. Mae's Mother grabs Minh and takes him to get dressed for his wedding. During Minh and Mae's wedding ceremony, Tru welcomes the guests and welcomes Minh into his family as a son and partner in the farm. Hawke gives a gift to Tru, who thanks him. While Hawke and Minh are talking outside they hear a scream and run back to the wedding. Sama tells Minh that Diem and Tommy were killed and then tells Hawke that Tranh has been collecting protection money from the farmers. Tranh and Hua show up at the wedding and Tranh gives a vase as a gift while bringing up preserving their traditions. Minh hands back Tranh's gift and Sama calls Tranh a liar and a thief. Sama charges at Tranh and is punched by Hua, who is then punched by Hawke. During the night, Minh hears a noise and goes outside to investigate and is attacked by people on motorcycles. Later, Mae brings Minh back home from the hospital and he is greeted by his family and neighbors. Sama tells Minh he has to lead them against Tranh, but Minh tells him, he is not their leader. A group of riders on motorcycles wearing patches of Tranh's spider insignia and masks attack the people and Minh freezes. One of the riders crashes and Sama pulls off his mask and recognizes him. The next morning Minh finds Sama's body and Hawke tells Sgt. Bryant that people might be reluctant to give information due to the corruption of cops where they come from. Minh gets his knife and rifle and tells Mae that he is going to bring their crop to the market. Mae tells Minh he promised not to use a weapon when he came to the United States, but he tells her that he feels he failed Sama. As Minh and Tru are driving their produce to market, Hua drops gasoline on their truck, even as Minh shoots at his airplane. As Hua is about to throw a grenade down, Hawke and Dominic arrive in Airwolf and force his plane to crash. Hua is arrested and taken to the Saigon Bar and Minh tells Tranh, he is finished. That night, Minh holds a meeting with the local farmers and tells them, he will lead them if they help him harvest. He asks for help and Mae's Mother steps forward, followed by Caitlin O'Shannessy and the others. The next day, a large group comes together to pick cabbages. Ko and another pilot drop gasoline on the farmers, but are forced to temporarily fly off when Hawke and Dominic arrive in Airwolf. Hawke blows one plane out of the air and then the other one with Ko in it. Tranh arrives and starts firing at Airwolf and brags it is not the machine, but the man that gives the edge in battle. Hawke hits the rudder of Tranh's plane and Tranh parachutes to the ground with a parachute bearing his spider logo. Child tells Mae's Mother that the spider is coming for them. Tranh lands on the ground and demands the farmers get his parachute. Minh citizen arrests Tranh and brings him to Sgt. Bryant and the police and the farmers stomp on Tranh's parachute.