Morgan (Camelot)

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Morgan Pendragon is a sorceress in Britain. Her father is King Uther, her step-mother is Queen Igraine and her half-brother is King Arthur. Morgan was sent to a nunnery for 15 years by King Uther where she was taught magic by Sybil.

During the events of Camelot: Season 1 Episode 1 Homecoming played by Eva Green

King Uther is told he has a visitor and he is surprised to see Morgan. Queen Igraine walks into the banquet hall and Morgan calls her a whore and Uther slaps her. Morgan offers to give forgiveness to Uther for murdering her mother and banishing her. Uther tells her that she is no longer welcome home and tells her to leave. During the feast, a Scullery Girl mixes a poison and then pours it into the soup pot. Uther eats from the soup and starts to choke and later dies. In the kitchen, the Scullery Girl transforms into Morgan.

At Uther's castle, Morgan asks Catrain where Igraine is and is told she is in her mourning chamber. He tells her that Uther's men have left and she tells him that he answers to her now. King Lot walks into the castle and has his men take over the castle. Morgan introduces herself as the sole heir of Uther and offers an alliance with Lot. Morgan and Lot have sex and afterwards watch as Igraine is banished from the castle. A Messenger brings a message from Merlin. He tells Morgan and Lot that Merlin asks that they attend Arthur at Camelot.

Lot and Morgan arrive at the castle and Morgan denies that Arthur is Uther's son. Igraine walks into the hall and says that Arthur is her and Uther's son and Lot and Morgan leave. Morgan, Lot, Scotland and others arrive with their armies and Morgan tells Arthur to leave or he will lose everything. Arthur demands their allegiance and respect and Lot has the body of Lot's Outrider brought into the hall and tells Arthur that the Outrider was his eldest son. Arthur's Foster Mother is brought into the hall and Lot stabs her dead. Lot tells Arthur that he has five days or his family and friends will be slaughtered.

During the events of Camelot: Season 1 Episode 2 The Sword and the Crown played by Eva Green

Morgan tells Lot that she wishes Arthur had heeded their warning and Lot reveals to her that he murdered both of his parents. During the night, Morgan goes out into the woods and performs a ritual and calls to a spirit. Lot tells Morgan that word has spread and people are sending them gifts. Morgan criticizes Lot for celebrating their victory prematurely.

Lot and Morgan see the beacon fires that Arthur pulled the sword from the stone and Morgan tells Lot that he underestimated Arthur and slaps him. Lot ties Morgan to a pole and leaves her until the morning as a lesson. During the night a fog surrounds Morgan and a voice tells her that he is wrong. Arthur goes to see his new followers and Morgan rides up and tells Merlin that Lot is going to attack. Arthur has his coronation ceremony and the Archbishop crowns Arthur king. Morgan, disguised as the Scullery Girl watches the ceremony and Arthur declares that he will rule for the people. That night a battle erupts and Lot is killed. Morgan tells Merlin that she will find another way to take the throne and Arthur asks her to work together, but she tells him it is either her or him. She walks out to the woods and a wolf appears and she tells it that she needs more.

During the events of Camelot: Season 1 Episode 3 Guinevere played by Eva Green

Morgan has the torture chamber door broken down at her castle and Vivian tells her that Uther tortured anyone who crossed him. Vivian tells Morgan that the Romans brought her family to Britain as slaves. Morgan asks Vivian if she liked Uther and Vivian says she respected him. Morgan tells Vivian to purge anyone in the castle that she doesn't trust.

She invites Arthur to come to her castle and he and Merlin arrive at Morgan's castle and Merlin suspects that something is not right. At night, Morgan visits Arthur's room and Arthur asks her to tell him about Uther. Morgan cuts Arthur with her ring and leaves his room. She gets Merlin drunk and he places his hands on her face and sees the past, where she puts the poison in Uther's soup disguised as the Scullery Girl. Merlin wakes up handcuffed to the bed and finds Morgan clipping his toe nails. He tells her that he knows she murdered Uther and warns her that the power she is using is hurting her. She shows him her ability to change into the Scullery Girl and afterwards she starts bleeding from her ears. Merlin eventually gets himself loose and warns Morgan again about using her magic. Morgan then uses Arthur's blood to see what Arthur is seeing.

During the events of Camelot: Season 1 Episode 4 Lady of the Lake played by Eva Green

Morgan and Vivian get ready to ride to Camelot to offer Guinevere a gift on her marriage. Morgan continues to experience pains in her body, but decides to go anyways. While they are riding, Morgan collapses and Vivian convinces her to go back to her castle. When Morgan and Vivian arrive at the castle, Sybil is waiting inside. Morgan orders Sybil taken out of the castle and she is thrown outside. She wakes up from a nap and feels better and tells Vivian to get her food. Vivian tells her that Sybil will not leave and Morgan tells her that Sybil taught her when she was sent to a nunnery by Uther. As Morgan is eating, Vivian tells her that she is bleeding from her eyes. Morgan has Vivian bring Sybil into the castle. Sybil asks Morgan what her symptoms are and asks her if she performed a summoning and accuses her of being reckless. Sybil puts Morgan into a protective circle and Morgan hears Uther and Lot taunting her and she loses consciousness. Morgan suddenly regains consciousness. She starts to writhe and her appearance changes to that of Igraine. Later, Sybil tells Morgan that the nunnery burned down and she was the only survivor.

During the events of Camelot: Season 1 Episode 5 Justice played by Eva Green

Morgan's appearance keeps changing from Igraine to herself. Sybil walks to her and tells her that she needs allies and friends from the influential people of Britain. She continues that Morgan must tell people that she will take away their fears and then she will have their loyalty. Morgan has a meeting with influential members of Britain and tells them that any fears they have can be shared with her. Ernald stands up and tells her that they all rejoice in Arthur's rule. Later, Vivian carries Sybil into Morgan's castle and Sybil reveals to Morgan that her beating was all part of her plan and to use it to her advantage. Morgan goes back into the hall and Merchant 2 and Ernald admit that even though they fly Arthur's pendant they are still attacked. She tells them that she will send a messenger to Arthur so that he can come and hear their stories. After the meeting, Vivian asks Morgan if she should send for a messenger, and Morgan tells her not too. Before Morgan's dinner with the influential, Sybil tells Morgan about Tomal being at the dinner. Morgan tells those gathered that Arthur said he was too busy to attend to their concerns. Morgan tells Tomal to come to her and asks Sybil if he is the one that hurt her and before Tomal can say anything, Morgan slits his throat.

During the events of Camelot: Season 1 Episode 6 Three Journeys played by Eva Green

Vivian tells Morgan that people have been waiting since sunrise to ask for favors. The first group to ask her judgement is Warin, Mary's Son, and Mary. Mary tells Morgan that she and Warin haven't been together for seven years and now he wants Mary's Son to help him with his farm. Warin thinks he should have Mary's Son, because he is old enough to work and is the only family he has. Morgan offers to buy Mary's Son and after Warin tries to haggle with her, Morgan gives Mary's Son to Mary.

Sybil is telling Morgan what a good job she did and she should use her powers. Vivian walks in and tells Morgan that Arwen said she was in danger. Morgan walks into the main hall with Vivian and Sybil and Arwen accuses Sybil of being a devil. Arwen uncovers her face and reveals her burn scars. She says that her daughter was in the nunnery when Sybil set it on fire. Arwen tells Morgan that she wants justice and Sybil must be executed. Morgan angrily yells at Vivian about the revelation about Sybil. During the hearing, Sybil asks for forgiveness and says every year there was a ritual and in order to hide it from the priests, she set the nunnery on fire. Sybil tells Morgan not to let Arwen's accusations take them off course. Morgan gives her verdict and places Sybil's hand in the fire. Arwen wants more, but is told to leave. Morgan afterwards treats Sybil's burnt hand.

During the events of Camelot: Season 1 Episode 7 The Long Night played by Eva Green

Morgan is practicing her transformation into Igraine while in the tub and as she is bathing, Harwel is standing outside the door peeping at her and masturbating. Morgan catches him and he tells her that he loves her and he'll do anything for her. She brings him to the dining area and has him tell Sybil his name and that he will do anything for her. Morgan then tells Vivian to get him prepared. Morgan asks Sybil if everything is prepared and tells her that Arthur will come for the feast. When they arrive, Morgan greets Arthur and Igraine, who she apologizes to. During the feast Arthur's men get drunk and Morgan offers her love and devotion to Arthur.

Dancers start dancing in front of the group and at the end of the dance stick swords in front of the diners. The Dancers leave with most of Arthur's men except, Arthur himself, and Leontes. After dinner, Morgan tells Sybil to give the signal. Merlin questions Morgan about Sybil, and Morgan tells him that she has changed her ways. Gawain goes back to watch over Arthur and the castle suddenly is attacked by flaming arrows. A Girl is surrounded by flames and Arthur goes to save her. Everyone gathers for a meeting and Morgan wonders who is attacking her and Merlin thinks Aldwulf, a warrior king from the east might be behind the attack. Morgan and Guinevere debate about love and Morgan asks her how she feels about Arthur. Harwel, who was part of a scouting group, returns wounded and says that Aldwulf is preparing to attack.

Morgan sends some of her soldiers out of the castle, leaving even fewer people to defend the castle. Sybil tells Morgan that Merlin was asking her questions. Morgan overhears Arthur tell Guinevere that he loves her. As they sit in a circle, Sybil tells Morgan that Leontes loves Guinevere more than life itself and Morgan says that Camelot rests on Arthur's honor. Vivian tells them that they all confide in Igraine. In the morning, Morgan's Captain returns and says that they defeated Aldwulf's men. Arthur and the others ride back to Camelot and Sybil brings food to a chained up Igraine, revealing the one riding with Arthur is really Morgan.

During the events of Camelot: Season 1 Episode 8 Igraine played by Eva Green

Morgan disguised as Queen Igraine takes a bath. She practices saying good morning and Merlin knocks on her door and brings her food. As she is walking through Camelot, Leontes says hello to Morgan and a Servant asks Morgan where she wants her to put some blankets. Bridget tells her that she put her shawl back. Morgan walks up to Arthur and he thanks her for her support during the supposed attack at Morgan's Castle. She then watches as Arthur and Guinevere talk. Redwald calls out to Morgan and tells her that he has been waiting for her and takes her to play toys with him. He tells her that when he gets older they will get married.

Morgan goes to Merlin's room and asks him what his plans are for Morgan. She asks him if he is attracted to Morgan and she tells him that King Uther beat Morgan when she returned from the monastery. He says that Igraine is twice the woman Morgan is and then asks her if she brought the food. Morgan brings Redwald to Merlin's room and Merlin tells him that since no one knows when Redwald's birthday is, they will celebrate it that day. Merlin gives Redwald a leather armor set that fits him and little toy soldiers. Morgan asks Merlin what he thinks of Igraine. She tells him that she wants him, but Merlin pulls away from her.

During the night, as Morgan is walking through the castle, her face starts to change, Redwald sees her and asks her why her face changed. He starts to leave to get help from Merlin when Morgan grabs him and Redwald falls to his death from the balcony. In the morning, Morgan shows Merlin the body of Redwald and Merllin notices Redwald's sleeve is torn. He tells Morgan that there is no redemption for someone who kills a child. While Morgan and Guinevere are preparing Redwald's body, Morgan asks her what happened between her and Arthur. Guinevere admits to her that she did cheat with Arthur on her wedding day. As Leontes is praying, Morgan reveals to him that Guinevere and Arthur had an affair. When Morgan returns to Igraine's room, Merlin is waiting and they have sex. Morgan sets Redwald's toy castle on fire and as Igraine runs through Camelot, she sees Morgan who tells her good morning.

During the events of Camelot: Season 1 Episode 9 The Battle of Bardon Pass played by Eva Green

After walks towards Morgan and touches her. Morgan tells her that she is her damaged soul and Igraine runs away and Morgan rides away from Camelot. Morgan returns to her castle and tells Sybil that she was successful in her mission and everyone will think Igraine has gone mad. Sybil introduces Morgan to a group of mercenaries including Mercenary 1, and Mercenary 2. Mercenary 1 says he doesn't owe Arthur anything and Morgan tells them that she wants to strike at different locations to show how fragile Arthur's protection is. Mercenary 2 says he will attack anywhere for a price, and she offers them leadership roles if she wins the crown.

Acton tells Morgan that the trade routes are unsafe and Alric says that the banner of Arthur means nothing. Morgan acts like she is still loyal to Arthur and she blames Merlin for leading Arthur astray. Merlin and Igraine ride into Morgan's castle and when Morgan comes out, Merlin accuses her of numerous charges. Injured Woman says that Morgan is the only one they can trust and Morgan and Sybil take Igraine and Merlin to where Igraine says she was tortured, but the room has been transformed into a prayer room. Merlin tells Morgan that she is under arrest and instead Merlin and Igraine are arrested. Merlin and Igraine are bound with ropes and dragged behind Morgan and Sybil as they ride to Camelot. Morgan and the others stop at Borin's pub and he tells them that the people gathered there are all afraid of attacks on their home.

During the events of Camelot: Season 1 Episode 10 Reckoning played by Eva Green

Morgan arrives at Camelot with her entourage and Bridget tells her that Arthur is at Bardon Pass repelling an attack. A Camelot guard sees Igraine tied up and goes to untie her, but is stopped by a Pendragon guard and Sybil tells the crowd that Merlin and Igraine ransacked Castle Pendragon and threatened Morgan. Morgan has Igraine taken to her room while Merlin is put in a pillory. Morgan taunts Merlin and then walks away. Borin asks Morgan where Arthur is and that he heard rumors that Arthur fled with Guinevere.

Morgan goes into Arthur's room and reaches for the crown. Sybil knocks on the door and Fourth Marauder hands her Arthur's sword. Morgan presents Arthur's sword to the crowd. Borin asks who will be the new ruler and Sybil nominates Morgan and she accepts. Morgan accuses Igraine of turning Uther against her and then stabs her. Igraine then tells Morgan that she is the one that saved her and that Uther wanted to kill her.

Morgan is about to be crowned queen when Arthur walks into the throne room. Morgan runs to him as if she is happy to see him, but Arthur whispers to her that he knows everything. He chastises the people for so quickly crowning a new leader and Merlin is released. Borin asks where Arthur was and Arthur tells Morgan to give him back his sword and crown. Morgan says he has lost the will of the people, but Brastias takes Arthur's sword from Vivian and the crown from Sybil. Gawain and Kay drag Wallace into the throne room and Wallace tells the crowd of Morgan's plan. Sybil tells everyone that she planned everything and Morgan knew of nothing.

Arthur tells Morgan that he is stripping her of his protection and the name Pendragon. Morgan goes to Sybil's grave and asks what she should do now. Sybil's voice tells her in order to be queen she has to birth a king. That night, Morgan, disguised as Guinevere, goes to Arthur's room and they have sex. Afterwards, Morgan leaves and then smiles.