Mortuary (1983)

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A young woman suspects a group that speaks to the dead may have something to do with the death of her father.


Horror, Slasher


Christie Parson - Mary McDonough

Greg Stevens - David Wallace

Paul Andrews - Bill Paxton

Eve Parson - Lynda Day George

Hank Andrews - Christopher George

Jim - Curt Ayers

Sheriff Duncan - Bill Conklin

Mrs. Andrews - Donna Garrett

Mark - Greg Kaye

Josh - Denis Mandel

Mortuary Customer - Violet Manes

Bob Stevens - Alvy Moore

Dr. Parson - Danny Rogers

Bonnie - Beth Schaffel

Lois Stevens - Marlene Schmidt

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Detailed Synopsis

Christie Parson arrives home as Dr. Parson is sitting by the pool. Dr. Parson is hit in the back with a bat by someone and then hit in the face before falling into the pool. Christie walks outside and sees Dr. Parson floating in the pool.

Greg Stevens and Josh arrive at a warehouse in Greg's van. Josh starts to gather tires to steal and says his former boss, Hank Andrews owes him $150. As they walk into another room they pass by a coffin with a hand sticking out. They come across a stash of odd items including an M-16, top hat, and toy statue. They hear some chanting and go to a window to see Hank at a podium and a group of women, including Eve Parson, chanting and dancing around a cauldron. Josh goes to get the tires while Greg stays and watches the seance. As Josh is rolling the tires, he finds the casket with the arm hanging out and when he opens it, finds Mrs. Andrews in a wedding dress. The door to the room Greg is in shuts and is locked. Josh is then stabbed and killed with a trocar by someone wearing white makeup and a robe. Greg hears tires squealing and finds the door now unlocked, but doesn't find Josh. Greg runs to a window and sees his van driving away. Later, Greg and Christie are in her car and after he tells her about Josh, he mentions seeing Hank and some women having a seance. They decide to go to the Skating Plus roller rink to look for Josh and Greg sees his van in the parking lot. They go inside the roller rink and see Jim, Mark and Bonnie. Greg asks them if they have seen Josh, but Bonnie tells him, Josh hasn't shown up yet. When Greg and Christie leave, he notices his van is gone from the parking lot.

Christie parks in front of Greg's house, and as they kiss, the robed person with Greg's van parks it nearby and gets out. As the robed person is about to attack Greg and Christie, the lights on Greg's porch turn on and Bob Stevens and Lois Stevens call for Greg. Greg hurries inside and Christie drives away as Bob asks Greg where he has been all night. At college, Paul Andrews shows Christie a new Mozart album he just got and invites her to come over and listen to it at his house, but she tells him she is busy. As they are talking, Greg, Jim and Mark walk towards them and Greg kisses Christie and they leave. Jim makes fun of Paul's Mozart album and then walks away with Mark. Greg asks Christie if she can drive him to the Sheriff's Department so he can pick up his van which was found at the bus station. As Christie is driving after dropping off Greg, a black station wagon starts to follow closely behind her, she gets home and tells Eve someone was following her, but Eve doesn't believe her and tells her she has had quite the imagination since Dr. Parson's accident. Christie insists it wasn't an accident and accuses Eve of wanting Dr. Parson dead so she could date Hank. At the Sheriff's Department, Sheriff Duncan accuses Greg of stealing from Hank. Sheriff Duncan asks Greg where Josh is and Greg accuses Hank of having a seance, which he denies. Sheriff Duncan tosses Greg the keys to his van and tells him to leave.

At night, Christie has a nightmare and starts to sleepwalk. She walks over to the window overlooking the pool as the person wearing the robe looks at her through another window. She goes outside and walks into the pool. She wakes up as her mouth hits the water and the person in the robe calls out to her. She runs inside and calls out to Eve and tells her someone tried to kill her. Eve tells Christie she wants to take her to see a psychologist, but Christie accuses Eve of wanting to get rid of her. At the cemetery, Greg admits to Christie he saw Eve at the seance with Hank and Christie thinks maybe Eve and Hank are working together to get rid of her like Dr. Parson. Paul shows up at the cemetery with flowers and gives a rose from a bouquet he had brought for Mrs. Andrews to Christie. Greg and Christie stop at his parents flower shop to pick up some flowers and Bob tells him Hank called and they might lose his business. Lois gives Greg a wreath to drop off at the mortuary and Greg promises not to even talk with Hank. Hank is talking to a Mortuary Customer as Greg walks in and when Hank goes to sign the receipt for the wreath, Mortuary Customer tells her husband, she doesn't think he will be comfortable in the casket Hank showed them. Hank threatens Greg, if he continues to tell Sheriff Duncan he does seances or catches him in his warehouse, he is going to end up in a casket. As Greg is leaving, he is pulled into the embalming room by Paul. Paul tells him Sheriff Duncan was at the mortuary asking questions about Greg and Josh once told him he wanted to run away and join the Navy. Paul admits to Greg he hates being an embalmer, because none of the girl's want to date him and they think he is weird. Hank walks in and yells at Paul and tells Greg to leave.

Christie and Greg are studying at her house when the power starts to come off and on. She tries to call the electric company, but the phone line is dead. She and Greg grab some weapons when they see a shadow, but it is just Eve coming home. Greg and Christie drive in his van to the marina where they see Eve, Hank and Sheriff Duncan talking. They follow Hank and Eve to a black limousine and drive to Hank's warehouse, where they think Hank and Eve are heading. The robed person applies makeup to the body of Mrs. Andrews at the warehouse, but stops when Christie and Greg arrive. Christie goes inside the warehouse, but they leave to go to the mortuary. They watch as Hank leads a seance with Eve and other women. Hank tries to communicate with Dr. Parson's spirit, who tells those gathered he was murdered. Christie and Greg leave and she feels bad for blaming her mother for things. They drive back to Christie's house and they start kissing. The person in the robe starts to watch them and Christie tells Greg they have to stop after she looks at a framed picture of her father on the mantle. She tells Greg maybe they shouldn't see each other until she gets her head right and Greg leaves after saying goodbye to Eve, who just showed up. Christie has another nightmare and starts to sleepwalk again. The robed person, who is revealed to be Paul sees Christie sleepwalking and tells her to open the window for him. Christie breaks the window with a knife and wakes up and Eve runs downstairs. Christie tells her about the man in the robe, and Eve asks her if the man in the robe might have been Paul. She tells her Paul is psychotic and was Dr. Parson's patient. Paul became worse after Mrs. Andrews died and became obsessed with Christie and asked Dr. Parson if he could marry her, but Dr. Parson turned him down. Dr. Parson wanted to institutionalize Paul, but Hank insisted he could take care of him.

Christie apologizes to Eve for her behavior and they have a toast of brandy before going back to bed. Paul attacks and kills Eve with the trocar. Paul attacks Christie, but she manages to get away and hide. When she returns to her house, she is caught by Paul, who chloroforms her. Greg is at the roller rink with Jim, Mark and Bonnie and they suggest he go to Christie's house to talk with her. As he is driving, Greg sees the black hearse and follows it. Paul brings Christie and Eve's body into the mortuary and Paul tells an unconscious Christie, he is going to embalm her. Greg arrives at the mortuary shortly before Hank does and Greg hides. Hank catches Paul in the embalming room and accuses him of harassing Christie and Sheriff Duncan was asking questions about him concerning Dr. Parson's death. Paul reveals to Hank he murdered Eve and accuses everyone of being against him. Paul then kills Hank, but feels bad immediately after doing it. Paul hears Greg climb into the mortuary and locks him in the embalming room after telling Greg he is going to marry Christie. Paul drives Christie and the bodies of Eve and Hank to the warehouse and Greg uses an ax to escape the mortuary. Paul poses the bodies of Hank, Eve, Dr. Parson, Josh, and Mrs. Andrews in chairs while Christie is unconscious, in Mrs. Andrews' wedding dress. Paul reveals he helped fake Mrs. Andrews' death. Greg arrives and he and Paul fight. Christie starts to sleepwalk and kills Paul with the ax. As she and Greg are leaving, Mrs. Andrews lunges at them with a knife.