Mother in Diner

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Mother in Diner


Mother in Diner is a resident of San Francisco, California.

During the events of The Birds (1963) played by Doreen Lang

Melanie Daniels goes to The Tides Restaurant and tells her father about The Birds attacking the school. Mrs. Bundy overhears her conversation and tells Deke Carter that Birds don't have the intelligence to launch a massed attack. Melanie tells her about the attack on the school children and Mrs. Bundy insists that Birds aren't aggressive. Deke tells Mrs. Bundy that Melanie witnessed the attack, but Mrs. Bundy insists it couldn't have happened. A Doomsayer starts yelling that it's the end of the world and starts quoting the Bible. Helen Carter then counters with a scripture mentioning drunkeness. Sebastian Sholes asks Mrs. Bundy how many seagulls were counted during the last census and complains about them messing with his fishing boats. A Mother in Diner asks Helen to ask them to lower their voices as their talk is scaring her children. Mrs. Bundy tells Sebastian that the seagulls were just after his fish.

A Businessman walks in and says the seagulls should have just been shot. Mrs. Bundy tells everyone that there are 5,750,000,000 Birds in the United States alone. Melanie and Mrs. Bundy continue to argue and Mrs. Bundy tells her that if The Birds really did band together, humans wouldn't stand a chance of survival. Sam walks out from the kitchen and Mrs. Bundy jokingly tells him that they are planning a war. The Mother in Diner asks what the fastest way to San Francisco is and the Businessman tells her that she can follow him. Mitch Brenner walks in with Deputy Al Malone and tells everyone about The Birds killing Dan. Al says that the Santa Rosa police believe that Dan was murdered by a burglar. They continue to debate about The Birds and the Businessman and Mother in Diner leave with her kids. Melanie hears a bird and calls everyone to the window where they watch as a seagull attacks a gas station attendant. The Mother in Diner runs back in with her kids while Mitch, Al and Deke go to help the attendant. Gas from the pumps pours out towards the Businessman's car and he is engulfed in flames when he lights his cigarette. A flock of seagulls start attacking the townspeople. Mitch helps Melanie back into the restaurant and they find Helen, Mother in Diner and Mrs. Bundy among others hiding in the hallway. The flock of seagulls then suddenly leave.