Mountain Man 2

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Mountain Man 2


Mountain Man 2 is a survivor of the Soviet nuclear bomb strike against the United States. He is suffering from radiation burns.

During the events of Damnation Alley (1977) played by Seamon Glass

When Janice, Billy, Denton and Tanner stop at Ellen's Cafe, they are ambushed by Mountain Man 2, Man/Guard and two other men. Mountain Man 2 and the two others go with Tanner and Denton to the Landmaster, while Man/Guard stays with Janice and Billy. Billy runs into the Landmaster and tells Mountain Man 2 and the other man that Man/Guard told him to leave so he could be alone with Janice. Mountain Man 2 goes to see what is going on and finds Man/Guard dead. He is then killed when Denton fires a rocket from the Landmaster into Ellen's Cafe, causing it to explode.