Mr. Kreeg

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Mr. Kreeg


Mr. Kreeg is a former bus driver living in Warren Valley, Ohio. He lives at 3765. Mr. Kreeg's pet dog is named Spite. When Mr. Kreeg was young, the parents of the special needs children he drove to Happy Shepherd Academy paid him to drive the bus full of their children into an abandoned rock quarry.

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During the events of Trick 'r Treat (2007) played by Brian Cox and Gerald Paetz

When three kids dressed as clowns knock on Mr. Kreeg's door on Halloween, he uses Spite to scare them away and then steals their bags of candy. Mr. Kreeg is then visited by Sam who attacks Mr. Kreeg after killing Spite. Mr. Kreeg asks his neighbor Steven for help, but is ignored by Steven. Mr. Kreeg shoots Sam with a shotgun, but Sam just revives and attacks Mr. Kreeg. Sam is about to kill Mr. Kreeg when he uses a lollipop to stab and take a candy bar that was laying on Mr. Kreeg's chest. Sam then leaves and Mr. Kreeg spends the rest of the night handing out candy before he is attacked and killed by the special needs children who he participated in the murder of.