Mrs. Dolores Bickerman

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Mrs. Dolores Bickerman


Mrs. Dolores Bickerman is a resident of Aroostook County, Maine. Her husband Bernie died two years ago when he was attacked by the Lake Placid Crocodile.

During the events of Lake Placid (1999) played by Betty White

Sheriff Hank Keough, Jack Wells and Kelly Scott take Jack's boat to meet Mrs. Bickerman, who is the only person living near Lake Placid and she tells them her husband died when he kept on asking her to kill him and she finally did. Later, Jack sees Mrs. Bickerman leading a cow to the lake and they go back to her house. She tells them she lied to them, because she knew if they knew the truth they would kill the Crocodile. Jack takes one of Mrs. Bickerman's cows and hangs it from the bottom of Hector Cyr's helicopter. Mrs. Bickerman tells Deputy Stevens that she hopes the Crocodile eats all of the law enforcement personnel. The next day, Mrs. Bickerman goes down to the lake and throws out food to a group of baby crocodiles.