Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie (1996)

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A temp worker and his robot pals are forced to watch movies.




Dr. Forrester - Trace Beaulieu

Mike Nelson - Michael J. Nelson

Gypsy - Jim Mallon

Tom Servo - Kevin Murphy

Crow T. Robot - Trace Beaulieu

Benkitnorf - John Brady

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Detailed Synopsis

Dr. Forrester tells viewers they will all soon bow down to him. He shows a photo of his test subject, Mike Nelson and then starts the showing of This Island Earth.

Mike Nelson is running on his exercise wheel on the Satellite of Love space station, when he sees Gypsy who tells them where they are located over Earth and what she has made for dinner. Tom Servo pops up and tattles on Crow T. Robot, who is trying to dig through the hull of the ship. Mike and Tom Servo arrive just in time to see Crow create a breach in the hull. Luckily, Tom manages to fall onto the hole, causing the hole to be plugged until Mike can plug it with Crow's helmet he was using to mine. Dr. Forrester contacts them and tells them they will be watching This Island Earth. He pulls a lever which forces Mike and the robots to bow before him. He then starts the movie and Mike and the robots run into the theater.

The movie starts to melt in the projector, freeing Mike and the robots for the time being. As they are leaving the theater, Mike mentions how he is instrument rated for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Tom Servo and Crow suggest he fly the Satellite of Love and when he hesitates they call him chicken until he goes onto the deck. Mike kicks Gypsy off of the controls and starts flying the ship until he runs into the Hubble Space Telescope. Mike uses the Manipulator arms to remove the Hubble, which then crashes into Earth. The movie sign starts again and they are forced to return to the theater.

During a break in the movie, Mike and Crow go into Tom's room as he is looking for an Interocitor. They find an Interocitor and turn it on and catch Benkitnorf in the shower. They ask if Exeter is there, but Benkitnorf tells them he went to Head Butt Days. They ask him if they can use the Interociter to get back to Earth, but he tells them he doesn't know how to use it and whenever he pushes a button to help, a laser shoots out and hits Tom in the head. Dr. Forrester appears on the screen and tells them to get back into the theater.

The experiment ends and Dr. Forrester finds that Mike's will has not been broken and Mike and the robots are having a party. Dr. Forrester turns the dial on his Interociter and ends up in the shower with Benkitnorf, who both scream and Mike and the robots realize they will never get back to Earth now.