Nathaniel Ward

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Nathaniel Ward


Nathaniel "Nate" Ward is a professor at Miskatonic University in Arkham, Massachusetts.

During the events of The Whisperer in Darkness (2011) played by Matt Lagan

Albert Wilmarth shows Nathaniel the draft copy of Eli Davenport's book he found. He tells Nathaniel that he is going through with his radio debate with Charles Fort. Nathaniel scrolls through the draft as Albert talks about it including illustrations of The Black Stones of Round Hill. Nathaniel advises against Albert debating Charles, but Albert insists on going to the debate. During the debate hosted by Davis Bradbury, Charles talks about the evidence he has gathered of creatures from other worlds. Albert suggests that the reports are from people seeing ordinary objects and letting their imaginations run wild. Charles brings up that the descriptions of beings have been consistent across cultures. Albert notes that people used to believe in witchcraft, but everyone knows better now. He asks Charles if he has seen any of the creatures he writes about and Charles gets Albert to admit that he has never even been to Vermont to investigate the claims. Davis then ends the debate.

As Albert is walking to the post-debate get together, George Akeley approaches him and tells him that Henry Akely needs his help and says he has photographic proof of creatures. Charlie Tower and Jordan Lowell are talking when Albert, George and Nathaniel walk in and they and Charles go into the study and George shows them photos of animal tracks that are pincer-like. He also shows them a photo of stones that the creatures dance around including one that looks like the ones in the draft copy. One of the photos is of Henry the night he shot one of the creatures, but the creature is invisible in the photo. Jordan takes the photo and George says that he sees the creatures flying and hears them talking. Jordan uses stereoscopic viewers and shows the others how the dead creature can now be seen. Dean Hayes walks into the room and says the local paper wants to take a photo of him, Charles and Albert. Charlie sends him away and Albert still refuses to believe the creatures exist. Charles suggests Albert go to Vermont. George tells them that he plans on moving to San Diego. Everyone but Albert and George leave the room and later in Albert's office, he listens to a wax cylinder recording, which consists of a cultist chanting and Nathaniel goes to his office and tells him to stop responding to Henry and shows Albert his malformed hand. Later, the Superintendent goes to Albert's house with Nathaniel and finds it empty.