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Robert Neville is a Colonel in the United States Army and a medical scientist. His research is in Bio-warfare pathology and he wrote the articles Biowar Pathology Perimeters in Urban and Semi-Urban Environments in the Journal of Military Medicine in June 1974 and Incremental Effects, Countermeasures to Toxic Agents and Liquid Systems Delivery in the journal Microbiological Letters, January 1975. He was delivering a cure for the plague when his helicopter crashed and after injecting himself with the vaccine, became the only human immune to the plague.

During the events of The Omega Man (1971) played by Charlton Heston

Neville is driving in his convertible around the deserted streets of Los Angeles when he crashes it avoiding a parked armored truck. He walks to a car dealership and takes a new vehicle before driving to a movie theater and watching Woodstock. He returns home and is attacked by Family Members, which he fights off. He makes dinner and speaks to a bust of Julius Caesar. The Family shoots flaming projectiles at his home until he shoots a few Members. The next day he goes jogging while also searching for signs of The Family. While searching a department store he sees Lisa and chases after her. When he can't find her he assumes she was just part of his imagination. While at a bar, he hears a noise and when he investigates it, he is captured by members of The Family. He is brought to Matthias and put on trial for the errors of the past. A dunce cap is placed upon his head and he is placed on a pyre covered in wood and books. The lights turn on in the stadium and Neville is cut free by Dutch who drags him with him. He is thrown into a room where Lisa pulls a gun on him and then orders him to drive a motorcycle while she sits behind him. He and Lisa escape the stadium and ride to her and Dutch's hideout. She calls out to Tommy who is pointing a machine gun at Neville and tells him it is okay. Neville is then introduced to the young adults and children in Lisa's group. As Neville reaches out to a Little Girl, she runs away from him. Dutch arrives and introduces himself and they go to see Richie, who is showing signs of the plague. Neville suggests that they take Richie to his home so he can try and cure him and Dutch and the Little Girl go with Neville, Lisa and Richie to Neville's home before Dutch and the Little Girl return to their hideout. As Neville and Lisa are about to kiss the lights go out and Neville is forced to refill his generator with gasoline. When he returns upstairs, he sees Zachary on the balcony and shoots and kills him. Neville and Lisa then have sex. The next day they go out for supplies and when they return, Neville creates a serum from his blood which he gives to Richie. Richie returns to normal and Neville tells Lisa after he creates one more jar of serum they should leave with Dutch and the children out of the city. Lisa goes to get one last bit of supplies while Neville goes to tell Dutch of their plans. When he returns he finds a note from Richie telling him he went to speak to The Family. Neville goes to the courthouse and finds Richie dead and then returns home. He finds Lisa transformed and his home full of The Family. They destroy his relics, but he is able to escape with Lisa. Matthias calls to Lisa and as Neville calls to her, Matthias impales him with a thrown spear. In the day, Dutch arrives with the children and Neville hands him the remaining jar of serum before calling to Lisa and dying.

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