Oculus (2013)

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A sister and brother return to their childhood home to destroy a cursed mirror.


Horror, Psychological

Horror, Supernatural


Kaylie Russell - Karen Gillan

Tim Russell - Brenton Thwaites

Marie Russell - Katee Sackhoff

Alan Russell - Rory Cochrane

Young Kaylie - Annalise Basso

Young Tim - Garrett Ryan Ewald

Michael Dumont - James Lafferty

Dr. Shawn Graham - Miguel Sandoval

Marisol Chavez - Kate Siegel

Warren - Scott Graham

St. Aidan Security Guard - Michael J. Fourticq

Mark (Supervisor) - Justin Gordon

Neighbor - Bob Gebert

Officer 1 - Brett Luciana Murray

Officer 2 - Zak Jeffries

Auctioneer - Courtney Bell

Skype Worker - Elisa Victoria

Robert Clancy - Dave Levine

Virginia Lasser - Stephanie Minter

Mary O'Connor - Lesa Johnson

Beatrice O'Connor - Allison Boyd

Tobin Capp - James Flanagan

Marcia Wicker - Alexandra Beer

Oliver Jeffries - Marc Evans

Alice Carden - Toni White

Lasser Glass



Glass Eyed Specter

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Detailed Synopsis

Kaylie Russell, Tim Russell, Marie Russell, Alan Russell and their dog Mason move into a new house at 2705 Hawthorne Way. Mason barks as the movers move a large mirror, the Lasser Glass, into the house, which they bring into Alan's office. At night, Marie tells Alan she thinks her C-Section scar is more noticeable than it was previously. While Alan is getting a late night drink, he sees a Glass Eyed Specter staring at him, but then it disappears. Marie goes to water her plants and notices they are all wilted. While Kaylie is playing she thinks she sees Alan in his office with a woman. During dinner, Alan seems distant and chews on his fingernail until his finger bleeds. Kaylie asks him who the woman was in his office and he denies knowing what she is talking about. Alan is working when he takes off his Band-Aid he had put on after chewing on his fingernail. After a few seconds, he looks down and it appears the Band-Aid is still on his finger. He struggles to pull it off and comes to his sense after realizing he pulled off his fingernail. He sees a book on the ground and accuses Kaylie and Tim of messing with his office, which they deny and he also accuses them of messing with the plants. Marie tells Alan the gun he just bought makes her feel less safe. As she is walking away, she thinks she hears Alan call her a grotesque cow, which he denies saying. She wakes up to Alan out of bed and Mason barking at the closed office door. She and Alan start to fight over him constantly being in the office and the next day, before leaving to play golf with a client, Alan tells Kaylie and Tim not to go into his office. Mason starts barking at the office door again and Marie locks him inside the office and he starts to whimper. When Alan gets home, he opens the door to his office, and Mason is not inside anymore.

During the night, Marie accuses Alan of talking with a woman in the office. While vacuuming, Marie just starts staring at the Lasser Glass and makes only burned toast for dinner. Marie asks Kaylie about the woman in the office and Kaylie lies and says she hasn't seen her. Tim says he has and says he saw her last night on the stairs and he thinks she lives in the office. Marie goes into the office and sees a piece of paper with the name Marisol written on it over and over again. She throws a pen stand which barely misses the Lasser Glass, and is suddenly hit by a psychic force. She looks in the mirror and her C-Section scar appears like an open wound. She screams and when Tim and Kaylie run to the office, Marie starts to choke Tim. Tim gets away and he and Kaylie run and lock themselves in a room. Alan comes home and Marie attacks him. Alan chokes her until she goes unconscious and at first tries to call 911, but whispering voices in his ear tell him, everything is fine and he hangs up. He grabs chains and tells Kaylie to go to bed. The next day, Alan tells Kaylie and Tim that Marie will have to be in bed for awhile and not to bother her and not to go into the bedroom. Tim and Kaylie look for food in the fridge, but it is empty. They tell Alan there is no food, but he just says it is on his list of things to do. Kaylie goes to her parent's bedroom and finds Marie chained to the wall surrounded by broken pieces of a plate, which she appears to be eating. Alan grounds her and Tim for going into the bedroom and tells them they cannot leave. They try to call a doctor, but the same voice repeatedly tells them to have Alan call, no matter the number they call. Kaylie goes to a Neighbor's house to get help, but Alan lies and the Neighbor believes him. The power goes out and when Tim goes to ask Alan to put the power back on, he sees a Glass Eyed Specter and runs away. Alan takes the revolver he bought and loads it with ammo. Marie is eating more of the ceramic plate as Alan walks into the bedroom and he sets her free. Kaylie decides they have to make a run for it. Kaylie gets out of the house, but Tim is stuck inside. She goes back into the house and Marie starts to strangle her before coming to her senses and lets her go. Alan then walks up and shoots Marie dead. Kaylie and Tim try to destroy the mirror with golf clubs, but they realize they always hit just outside of the Lasser Glass. Alan walks in and starts to choke Kaylie until he comes to his senses and has Tim shoot him dead, which also causes the Lasser Glass to crack when Alan falls back against it. A group of Glass Eyed Specters approach Tim and Kaylie before disappearing. Before the police arrive, Kaylie makes Tim promise that when they are adults, they will destroy the Lasser Glass. The police arrive and as Tim is being taken away, he yells it was the Lasser Glass.

Eleven years later, Tim has a dream where he is in the role of his father, pointing the gun at Kaylie on the night their parents were killed. He tells Dr. Shawn Graham about his dream and how it is the first time where he is the one holding the gun. Dr. Graham tells him he believes that Tim has now accepted the guilt for the murder of his parents. Dr. Graham goes before a mental health board and requests Tim be released on his 21st birthday. Kaylie walks in to an auction room as Auctioneer is taking closing bids on an item. Kaylie walks up to Michael Dumont and greets him and the Auctioneer presents the next item up for bid, the Lasser Glass mirror. Tim tells Dr. Graham, Kaylie is picking him up and offered to help him get a job. Dr. Graham tells Tim it is very important that he protect his recovery. During the auction of the Lasser Glass, Skype Worker tells Auctioneer that someone has given an online bid for $16,000, and that bidder eventually wins the auction. Tim goes to the final locked door to leave and St. Aidan Security Guard tells him to pull the door when the buzzer goes off. Kaylie picks Tim up and during lunch, she tells him she would be happy if he stayed with her and Michael. She tells him she found the Lasser Glass and she says they need to keep their promise and destroy it. Kaylie drops Tim off at a hotel and tells him she is going to destroy the Lasser Glass tomorrow and asks for his help.

That night, Kaylie has a dream of the Lasser Glass and Alan choking her. The next day, Michael makes a comment about Kaylie printing out graphic crime scene photos on the work printer and notices she put in an order to transfer the Lasser Glass, and she tells him it is to repair it. She apologizes for how things have become weird lately and assures him things will go back to normal in a couple of days. Kaylie tells Warren, the buyer wants his personal inspector to see the piece before it ships. After Warren leaves to get moving pads, Kaylie pulls off the sheet covering the mirror and starts to apparently see antiques move. Mark (Supervisor) has Kaylie sign the transfer order for the Lasser Glass and Tim calls her and she asks if they can meet at their old house. As she leaves work, she walks by a plant in the warehouse that has wilted. Tim is already at the house when Kaylie walks in with Dog. He looks around the house and Kaylie tells him she inherited it after she turned 18 and was released from foster care. They bring the Lasser Glass into the house and put it in Alan's old office. He sees a large anchor hanging from the ceiling and Kaylie tells him it is her kill switch. She starts three camcorders and records herself giving an introduction of who she is and Tim. She then moves on to discussing precautions she has set around the house including alarms to remind them to eat and the kill switch that has to be reset every thirty minutes. She explains she is performing the experiment to prove the Lasser Glass is a supernatural entity.

As she is telling the history of the Lasser Glass, Michael calls her to check in on her and she asks him to call her every hour. She continues on with the history of the Lasser Glass going from Robert Clancy, Mary O'Connor, and Alice Carden. They stop to eat and she tells Tim she is making the recording to prove Alan wasn't a murderer. She continues with the history and mentions Tobin Capp, Marcia Wicker, Marisol Chavez and finally when it was purchased by Alan. She finishes the recording by saying her intent is to show none of the deceased were responsible for their actions, but were victims. Tim asks why they don't just smash the Lasser Glass now and Kaylie tells him he should. He walks up to it and pulls of the cloth covering, but stops before even trying. Kaylie brings up Oliver Jeffries who attempted to destroy the Lasser Glass, but after staring at it, walked into traffic. She tells Tim she is using Dog as a guinea pig and Tim recalls how Mason's condition deteriorated in the house as time went on. He tells Kaylie she is remembering what happened to Mason wrong, and he really died of Parvo. He tells her about the Fuzzy-trace Theory and believes that Kaylie is mixing memories. Kaylie reminds Tim about the woman she saw in Alan's office and Tim tells her, Alan was having an affair which drove Marie crazy. Kaylie accuses Tim of being brainwashed in the mental facility.

Tim frees Dog and lets him out of the house and Dog runs away. He almost convinces Kaylie to turn everything off and leave when she notices the camcorders have moved and the plants in the office are dead. Tim pulls out his cellphone to call Dr. Graham and Kaylie tells him he has to use it in another room, outside of the Lasser Glass's influence. She gets a call from Michael and answers the phone. They go out of the office and notice more of the plants are dying. Tim appears to walk outside to make a phone call, but can't connect, he comes to and Kaylie tells him, he never left the house. As Kaylie is setting the camcorders back up, Tim notices the images they are recording are not what he is seeing with his eyes. Kaylie starts remembering the events the day her parents were killed and the light bulb that Tim appeared to have switched out burns out again. She switches out the light bulb twice and picks up what she thinks is the apple she was eating, but turns into a glass bulb. As she pulls a bloody piece of bulb from her mouth, the bulb turns back into the apple she was eating.

Kaylie wakes up and realizes she is standing in front of the mirror. The power goes out and Kaylie turns on a series of battery operated lamps. She finds a piece of broken pottery, but when she uses the camera on her cellphone, the other pieces she thinks she sees don't appear to be real. She then sees what appears to be a Glass Eyed Specter and when she stabs it in the neck with the pottery piece, she sees it was really Michael. She uses her cellphone camera to look at the body, and realizes she really did kill Michael. She and Tim go outside the house and when he tries to call 911, he gets the same voice as when Kaylie called 911 as children. They look back into the house and see themselves standing in front of the Lasser Glass. They go back into the office and a Glass Eyed Specter appears and Tim and Kaylie run away. They decide they have to try and destroy the mirror once more, but they get separated. Tim wakes up in front of the mirror and calls to Kaylie. Kaylie is called towards the Lasser Glass by what appears to be Marie and she walks to the Lasser Glass. Tim initiates the kill switch early and is then able to see a dying Kaylie impaled by the anchor in front of the mirror. Kaylie dies as the police arrive. Officer 1 asks Officer 2 to make sure that it was Tim that called 911, and Officer 2 confirms it was him and then he murdered Kaylie and Michael. As Tim is taken away by Officer 1 he screams it wasn't him, it was the Lasser Glass. As he looks back at the house, he sees his family as Glass Eyed Specters.