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Okasa is a ninja master in Japan. He was trained by John Peter McAllister.

During the events of The Master: Season 1 Episode 1 Max played by Sho Kosugi

John goes to the airport to catch a plane. As he is about to leave, a car drives up with Okasa in it and Okasa hits John with a throwing star to the back, but John manages to get away. At the Clover Leaf bar, a fight breaks out and John's suitcase gets thrown and opens up. Sheriff Kyle starts going through his stuff and Man in Bar tells Max Keller that he heard John can take care of himself. Max confronts Sheriff Kyle and a fight breaks out. Later, John and Max go to Mr. Christensen's high-rise and Okasa is also in the building and takes off his disguise, revealing him to be the Man in Bar. John and Okasa fight and John wins and spares Okasa's life.

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During the events of The Master: Season 1 Episode 4 Hostages played by Sho Kosugi

A car stops on the highway and Okasa watches John with binoculars. Later at a garden party, Okasa shows up at the party and pulls out a shuriken. Suddenly a helicopter hovers overhead. Terrorist/Waiter, Terrorist/Waiter, Terrorist/Waiter, Terrorist/Waiter, Terrorist/Waiter, and Terrorist/Waiter pull out weapons and disarm the security. Okasa manages to get away. Okasa throws a shuriken at John, but it misses. As John is getting ready in his motel room, he is attacked by Okasa. John then uses a smoke bomb to escape.

During the events of The Master: Season 1 Episode 6 Fat Tuesday played by Sho Kosugi

Okasa goes to the dojo of an Old Man and tells him that he is looking for John. The Old Man has Okasa prove that he is John's student by having him fight his students and when Okasa wins, the Old Man tells him that John went to New Orleans.

In New Orleans during Mardi Gras, Okasa watches John, Max and Eve Michaels drive away in Max's van. John and Max drive to Beaumont's plantation where a costume party is going on. Max listens in as Beaumont makes plans for getting the weapons. He goes to tell John, but instead tells Okasa, who is also dressed as a ninja and they get in a fight which Okasa wins. Later at a park, John sees Okasa sneaking nearby and sends Max to find Eve. He and Okasa then get into a fight and Okasa severely injures John, who escapes into the water.

During the events of The Master: Season 1 Episode 9 Kunoichi played by Sho Kosugi

In Japan, Okasa spars with a student. The student passes the test and Okasa tells them that they are ready. In Washington, D.C., Okasa watches as John and Allison enter Brian Elkwood's property. Okasa goes into Max and John's hotel room and finds John's suitcase full of weapons. Max walks in and he and Okasa fight. Okasa wins and leaves with one of John's knives. Okasa goes to a house and shows Ron Gordon the knife he stole from John. Ron gets a phone call and tells Okasa that his student called and they are stepping up the assassination to that night. A security man attacks Max, but he is able to get away in his van.

John and Max drive back to the house where Max followed Okasa. John grabs Okasa and threatens to break his neck and asks when the next assassination attempt on Brian will be. Ron tells them where they were going to kill Brian and the ninja shoots the gun out of Max's hand and reveals themselves to be Allison. John and Max are then tied up. At the piano concert, Max goes inside the concert hall. Okasa sees him and knocks him unconscious. As Allison is about to shoot Brian, John stops her and Max grabs Ron and tells Brian that Ron is the mole.

During the events of The Master: Season 1 Episode 11 Failure to Communicate played by Sho Kosugi

Okasa watches as John helps Max beat up Straker and his men. John walks Laura home and she senses that someone is nearby and Okasa jumps in front of John and they fight. John manages to escape with Laura after he is wounded by Okasa. Later, John, Max and Patrick T. Keller sneak onto Paul Stillman's boat, but Okasa ambushes John. Okasa charges at John and accidentally throws himself overboard.