Olie Gibson

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Olie Gibson


Anne Monroe aka Olie Gibson is a resident of northern Louisiana. Her husband is Dwayne Monroe and her brother-in-law is Todd Monroe.

During the events of The Evictors (1979) played by Sue Ane Langdon

After they move in, Ruth Watkins and Ben Watkins find a note inside welcoming them from Olie. After church service with Preacher Higgins Olie introduces herself to them. She invites them over for food and tells Ruth if she ever gets lonely to come and visit her. Ben goes on a business trip and Ruth goes to visit Olie. Olie tells her about her past and the death of her husband. Ruth brings up the incident in 1934, and Olie tells her about something that happened in 1939 at the house. After she is attacked, Ruth goes to Olie's house and tells her what happened. Ben arrives at Olie's house and Ruth tells him what happened. Ben asks Olie if he can borrow a shotgun and she also gives him a box of shells. After Ben's funeral, Olie gets home and finds Dwayne in her bed. He pulls a knife on Olie and she tells him that their plan has always worked. Dwayne then stabs Olie to death.