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PC Danny Butterman


Daniel "Danny" Butterman is a constable for the Sandford Police Department in Sandford, Gloucester. His father is Inspector Frank Butterman and his mother was Irene Butterman, but she committed suicide in 1993.

During the events of Hot Fuzz (2007) played by Nick Frost

Nicholas Angel walks into the pub and passes by Danny who is ordering a drink from Mary Porter. Danny leaves and Nicholas turns around and sees Danny drunkenly trying to get into his car, which Danny suddenly reverses and almost slams into Nicholas. Nicholas pulls Danny from the vehicle and drags him along to the police station, picking up Underage Drinker 1 for public urination, among others. He walks up to Sergeant Turner and then processes the Underage Drinkers he picked up and Danny is sent to the drunk tank. The next morning, Nicholas goes to the cell where Danny was in and finds it empty, and then finds out Danny is also a police officer. Nicholas meets Frank and Frank takes Nicholas on a tour of the police station and takes him to meet DS Andy Wainwright and DC Andy Cartwright. Nicholas is shown the swear box, where officers must put money if they curse on the job. Next, Nicholas is taken to the main office where he meets Sergeant Tony Fisher, PC Bob Walker and Saxon and PC Doris Thatcher. Finally, he is taken to meet Tom Weaver of the Neighborhood Watch Alliance. Tom Weaver shows Nicholas video feeds that are recorded from around Sandford and complains about the hoodie gang and The Living Statue. Nicholas finds out the office is eating cake as a punishment for Danny misplacing his helmet, and as punishment for Danny's drunken incident, will have to eat ice cream for a month. By the time the tour around the department ends it is lunch and they all go out to the pub. They ask Nicholas why he came to Sandford and give him a hard time and assume he came to try and tell them how to do their job. They ask him why he is wearing his stab proof vest and he tells them about when he was stabbed. Danny starts excitedly asking him about the kind of "action" he experienced and the Andys tell Nicholas everyone has a weapon in the country.

Danny continues to ask questions including if Nicholas has fired two guns into the air as they start their foot patrol. They go into Annette Roper's store as Amanda Paver suggests over the Watch Alliance radio to look at Nicholas' butt. Peter Ian Staker calls and reports The Swan has escaped and Nicholas and Danny try and catch The Swan, but fail. While sitting in their vehicle, Nicholas tells Danny there is always something going on if you just look closely. He points out Mr. Treacher, who is wearing a large jacket, Peter Cocker, who is walking with his hat down low and Michael Armstrong. They go to Somerfield market and Nicholas sees the Butcher Brothers working behind the meat counter. Tina calls for Nicholas to come to the manager's office over the PA system and later, Nicholas confronts Peter for stealing, who runs away and Nicholas gives chase, Danny catches up with Nicholas and they take a shortcut over the garden fences. Nicholas finally catches him by throwing a hoodie gang member's spray paint bottle at Peter, which knocks him to the ground. Nicholas and Danny are placed on speed trap duty and Danny tells Nicholas he feels like he is missing out on all the action, like in the movies. A car speeds by and they pull over Martin Blower and Eve Draper. Martin tells Nicholas he was speeding due to being late for rehearsal for his homage play of Romeo and Juliet and gets flustered when Nicholas writes in his notepad everything he says. Nicholas then tells Danny his notepad is one of his most important pieces of equipment. As Nicholas and Danny are leaving, Sergeant Turner tells them Martin left them tickets to see Romeo and Juliet. Nicholas refuses the tickets due to ethics, but Frank insists he go with Danny.

They watch as Martin and Eve do a loose adaption of Romeo and Juliet. As they are leaving, Martin apologizes to Nicholas and Danny for speeding. Nicholas and Danny arrive on scene of Eve and Martin's car crash and Nicholas recommends proper procedure to Tony who then relays it to Bob and Doris. Frank tells Nicholas and Danny he wants them to take Bob and Saxon to investigate a call from Ellroy Farm where Arthur Webley has been cutting hedges that don't belong to him. They go to investigate and when Arthur, who is holding a shotgun, mumbles he only has a license for his shotgun, they find an entire barn full of weapons, including an old sea mine. They take the weapons and bring them to the evidence room after contacting Turner. Later, they celebrate finding the weapons cache by going to the pub. Danny asks Nicholas what made him want to be a police officer and Nicholas tells him how he always felt the sense of right and wrong and how he could apply it for the good of humankind. Danny shows Nicholas a trick of appearing to shove a fork into his eye, but really shoving it into a ketchup packet. Frank tells Nicholas someone needs to go home after George Merchant starts peeing on the floor and Nicholas and Danny carry George home. After dropping him at his house they walk away and go to Danny's house and drink some more and watch Point Break and Bad Boys II after Nicholas admits the reason he and Janine broke up was because all the important events he missed, like birthdays and her dad's funeral. Danny and Nicholas get a call in the morning and arrive on the scene of George's property. The Andy's walk up and insult Nicholas and Danny and tell him accidents happen all the time. Nicholas is assigned to work during the Save the Church Roof festival and Frank tells Nicholas he can take a break and Danny takes him to the shooting gallery being run by Dr. Robin Hatcher. Nicholas hits all of the targets and wins a Cuddly Monkey, which he gives to Danny. Later Tim Messenger is impaled by a falling piece of the church. The rest of the people present run to the scene and Frank tells them it was just an accident. Nicholas tells Frank he thinks all of the deaths are linked and Frank orders everyone to work. Nicholas yells at Danny for wanting to go home and Danny runs away after reminding Nicholas that he doesn't know how to switch off.

The next day Nicholas and Danny swap ideas on the case as Tony tells Nicholas he has a call from London. When Nicholas finds out it is Danny's birthday, he goes to Flowers by Leslie to buy him a Japanese Peace Lily. Nicholas goes to headquarters, but can't convince anyone else that anyone was murdered including Leslie Tiller. The entire department goes to Somerfield market and Nicholas accuses Simon Skinner of being the murder, but Simon has an alibi and his store footage shows him to be at the store during the day. While getting some Cornettos, Nicholas hears Annette ask Danny about catching killers and has the idea that more people may be involved. Nicholas tells Danny he is going to the castle and to call Frank. At the castle, Nicholas tells them all they are coming with him, but they pull out weapons and Michael and Danny appear at his side. Nicholas grabs a knife away from Michael and threatens to kill Danny before running away. He runs and appears to be stabbed by Danny who drives Nicholas to the edge of Sandford and it is revealed Danny used his ketchup packet trick to get Nicholas away. Nicholas asks Danny to help him take down the NWA, but Danny refuses to help. Nicholas rides to the center of Sandford and proceeds to arrest Annette, Mr. Treacher, Amanda, Greg Prosser and Sheree Prosser, Joyce Cooper and Bernard Cooper]], Rev. Philip Shooter, and Dr. Hatcher, after a large gunfight and with the help of Danny. As they are in a shootout with Roy Porter and Mary, they are surrounded by Frank and the rest of the department in riot gear. Nicholas manages to convince the other officers that they have been manipulated and leaves Bob and Saxon to deal with the NWA members in town. He and the others go to Somerfield market and Nicholas fights Michael while the others continue down the aisles. Nicholas helps the others knock the Butcher Brothers unconscious with shopping carts. Tina charges at them with a box cutter and is knocked unconscious by Doris. Nicholas and Danny go after Simon who escapes with Frank. Nicholas picks up The Swan as they pass it and puts it in their police car. Simon briefly takes Aaron A. Aaronson hostage, but Aaron manages to get away and Nicholas and Simon fight until Simon is impaled on the model village's church steeple. Frank takes Danny hostage and tries to escape in the police car after Danny fires into the air, but crashes when The Swan attacks him. The Swan is given back to Peter and Met Sergeant, Met Police Inspector and Met Chief Inspector try to get Nicholas to come back to London, but he tells them he likes Sandford and due to the events will have to do a lot of paperwork. As all the officers are doing paperwork, Tom walks up with a blunderbuss and shoots at Nicholas, but hits Danny who leaps in front of him. Nicholas throws a trash can at Tom and knocks him backwards into the evidence room and the station blows up when the sea mine explodes. Nicholas runs to Danny who is severely wounded and tells him it will be fine.

A year later, Nicholas walks up to a grave holding flowers and hands them to Danny who places them at his mother's grave. They get a call from Doris, and Nicholas, who has been promoted to Chief, and Danny, who has been promoted to Sergeant, go to investigate some hippies messing with recycling bins.

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