Paolo Fossati

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Paolo Fossati


Paolo "Paul" Fossati is a resident of the Bay, Italy. His wife is Anna Fossati. Paolo is an amateur entomologist and has a pet beetle named Ferdinando.

During the events of A Bay of Blood (1971) played by Leopoldo Trieste

Paolo and Simon have a philosophical discussion on the morality of killing. Anna calls for Paolo, who is talking to Ferdinando. She tells him what the tarot cards revealed and dark clouds are hanging over the Bay, but he sarcastically ignores her. Paolo complains about Frank Ventura and his orgies and Anna accuses him of hating Frank and Count Filippo Donati, because he is jealous that they know how to enjoy life. Later, Renata Donati and Albert park their car and go to speak with Anna and Paolo. Anna tells them that she doesn't believe Countessa Federica Donati committed suicide. Paolo tells them that Filippo had his vices including women and gambling and had the idea to transform the Bay into a resort. They tell them about Simon, who is Federica's illegitimate son. Paolo shows them a quick path down to the Bay and they leave. Anna notices Paolo has a bandage on his hand and he tells her, he cut himself with his pen knife. Sometime later, Albert gets into his car and Paolo asks if he has seen Anna. Paolo goes to and then runs out of Frank's house. Paolo runs home and as he is calling the police, Albert strangles him to death with the phone cord.