Paul (DJ)

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Paul (DJ)


Paul is a disc jockey for KXWT in Leadville, Colorado. He is on a kumquat diet and has high blood pressure.

During the events of Day of the Dead (2008) played by Ian McNeice

Paul tells his listeners that Route 40 will be closed until tomorrow night. He hears a scream and he and the soldier with him look outside and see people being attacked. The soldier with Paul goes outside to investigate and is killed by Wildfire Zombies. Trevor Bowman and Nina run to the radio station and Paul lets them in. Mrs. Leitner and Mr. Leitner are also at the radio station and Mr. Leitner tells Nina that Cody is dead. Mrs. Leitner starts coughing, but insists she isn't sick and Paul also starts coughing. Later, Paul becomes a Zombie and Nina stabs him in the head with the letter opener.