Paul Andrews

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Paul Andrews


Paul Andrews is an embalmer at Heaven's Gate mortuary, and a college student at Cliffside Junior College in Cliffside, California. His father is Hank Andrews and his mother is Mrs. Andrews. Hank used to lock Paul in the mortuary by himself when he was bad.

During the events of Mortuary (1983) played by Bill Paxton

Paul kills Josh with a trocar when Josh finds Mrs. Andrews in a casket. He then drives away in Greg Stevens' van. Later, Christie Parson parks in front of Greg's house, and as they kiss, Paul parks Greg's van nearby and gets out. As Paul is about to attack Greg and Christie, the lights on Greg's porch turn on and Bob Stevens and Lois Stevens call for Greg. At college, Paul shows Christie a new Mozart album he just got and invites her to come over and listen to it at his house, but she tells him she is busy. As they are talking, Greg, Jim and Mark walk towards them and Greg kisses Christie and they leave. Jim makes fun of Paul's Mozart album and then walks away with Mark. Greg asks Christie if she can drive him to the Sheriff's Department so he can pick up his van which was found at the bus station. As Christie is driving after dropping off Greg, Paul starts to follow closely behind her until she arrives home. At night, Christie has a nightmare and starts to sleepwalk. Paul starts to call to her and she wakes up and runs away. At the cemetery, Paul gives a rose from a bouquet he had brought for Mrs. Andrews to Christie. As Greg is leaving the mortuary, he is pulled into the embalming room by Paul. Paul tells him Sheriff Duncan was at the mortuary asking questions about Greg and Josh once told him he wanted to run away and join the Navy. Paul admits to Greg he hates being an embalmer, because none of the girl's want to date him and they think he is weird. Hank walks in and yells at Paul and tells Greg to leave. As Paul is applying makeup to the body of Mrs. Andrews at the warehouse, he hears Christie and Greg arrive. Christie goes inside the warehouse, but they leave to go to the mortuary. They drive back to Christie's house and they start kissing. Paul starts to watch them and Christie tells Greg they have to stop after she looks at a framed picture of her father on the mantle. Later, Paul sees Christie sleepwalking and tells her to open the window for him. Christie breaks the window with a knife and wakes up and Eve Parson runs downstairs. Christie tells her about the man in the robe, and Eve asks her if the man in the robe might have been Paul. Eve tells her Paul is psychotic and was Dr. Parson's patient. Paul became worse after Mrs. Andrews died and became obsessed with Christie and asked Dr. Parson if he could marry her, but Dr. Parson turned him down. Dr. Parson wanted to institutionalize Paul, but Hank insisted he could take care of him. Paul attacks and kills Eve with the trocar while she is in bed. He attacks Christie, but she manages to get away and hide. When she returns to her house, she is caught by Paul, who chloroforms her. Paul brings Christie and Eve's body into the mortuary and Paul tells an unconscious Christie, he is going to embalm her. Hank catches Paul in the embalming room and accuses him of harassing Christie and Sheriff Duncan was asking questions about him concerning Dr. Parson's death. Paul reveals to Hank he murdered Eve and accuses everyone of being against him. Paul then kills Hank, but feels bad immediately after doing it. He hears Greg climb into the mortuary and locks him in the embalming room after telling Greg he is going to marry Christie. Paul drives Christie and the bodies of Eve and Hank to the warehouse. Paul poses the bodies of Hank, Eve, Dr. Parson, Josh, and Mrs. Andrews in chairs while Christie is unconscious, in Mrs. Andrews' wedding dress. Paul reveals he helped fake Mrs. Andrews' death. Greg arrives and he and Paul fight. Christie starts to sleepwalk and kills Paul with the ax.

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