Pauline Carpenter

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Pauline Carpenter


Pauline Carpenter is a resident of Shere, England. Her husband is William Carpenter and her daughters are Christine Carpenter and Meg Carpenter.

During the events of Anchoress (1993) played by Toyah Willcox

Meg returns to the church with Pauline, the Reeve, William and the Priest. Pauline yells at Christine for offering the town's apples to the statue. The Reeve demands that every apple be brought back. but the Priest says that the offering can not be given back. He points out that if Eve had not taken the apple, then they never would have had Mary. Christine, Meg, Pauline, Ragged Martin's Wife, Mary and Alice dig a hole in the field and pour milk and honey into it. Bertha sees them doing it and runs away. The Priest tells Pauline that Christine has requested to become an anchoress, which upsets Pauline as she wanted Christine to marry the Reeve. The Priest mentions the lusts of the flesh and Pauline brings up that she knows he has been having an affair with Daisy. Pauline then tries to convince Christine not to do it.

Christine is brought to the church and questioned by the Bishop while Oswald translates from Latin to English. The town watch as Christine answers the questions correctly. The Mason then walls Christine into the church. Pauline brings Christine food and as the Reeve walks towards her cell, she closes the window flap. The Priest catches Pauline touching Christine and forbids Christine from touching others. Outside, Pauline sells snake oil, while the Priest sells effigies of Christine.

The Reeve has silk sent to Meg and Pauline slaps her and accuses her of having sex with the Reeve. Pauline brings her doe to be bred by the Drover's buck. Meg goes to visit the other women at the mill and Pauline mostly ignores her. The Priest forbids Pauline and Meg from seeing Christine. The Reeve admits to Pauline that Meg doesn't love him as a husband and asks her for a remedy. Meg and Alice call for Pauline and tell her that Daisy is about to have her baby. Pauline goes to help Daisy, but the baby dies in child birth. The Priest walks up and sees the baby is dead and then asks if it was baptized. Pauline shows him the baby and he turns his head away and calls it another soul condemned to Hell. Pauline hears a group of villagers chanting witch and coming towards her and hides in the well. The villages find her and she slips and falls into the water. Pauline then drowns.