Pete (The Cremators)

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Pete is the sheriff of the town of Agoura, Michigan.

During the events of The Cremators (1973) played by R.N. Bullard

Dr. Ian Thorne arrives in town and says hello to Phil and Pete who greet him as well and then says hello to Phil's dog Millie. Mort comes up to Phil and asks him if he is going to mail the few parcels he has and then asks why the mail even has to be sent. The next morning Ian, Merv, Pete and Dr. Reddick are staring at the burnt wreckage of Phil's car. Merv tells Pete he called him as soon as he saw the wreckage and Ian wonders if Phil managed to get away with Millie. Dr. Braddock tells Pete it looks like Phil was cremated and Pete gives Ian his package, which was the only thing that survived. Sometime later, Ian gets Pete and Dr. Reddick and tells them how he found the George's remains. Dr. Reddick tells Pete, judging by the heat of the stone, any flesh would have been seared to the bone. Pete and Dr. Reddick think George died from getting struck by lightening, but Ian disagrees. Even later, Ian tells Pete that he thinks Phil and George were killed by the Dune Roller. Pete then tells Ian and Dr. Willy Seppel that Mrs. Lacy saw some lights in the sky the other night. Mrs. Lacy tells Ian, Dr. Seppel and Pete that she saw something which she thinks might have been hippies around her place holding lights. After Dr. Seppel goes missing, Pete tells Ian and Jeannie that Cunningham and him are going to conduct a search for Dr. Seppel. The Cremator appears one night and as it goes to collect the rock crystals, Ian causes explosives to go off, causing a large explosion and the Cremator disappears. A crowd gathers and Mason asks Ian if it is over and he tells him he hopes so and Pete says he is disappointed they couldn't learn more about it.