Peter Druker

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Peter Druker


Peter Druker is a member of the terrorist organization F.A.N. He had a brother who was executed for terrorism. Peter was born on 2 June, 1946 in Pisa, Italy. He is wanted in over 5 countries for masterminding terrorist attacks.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 11 Mime Troupe played by Michael Cutt

Peter's flight lands and he gets into a cab with Abdul. Abdul tells Peter that Anna LeBlanc has arrived and they must proceed with caution. At their hideout, the phone rings and Hugo tells Peter the call is from Paris. The caller tells Peter, Jaggerman has flown to the United States. Peter, Abdul and Hugo wait outside the airport for Jaggerman, who is picked up by Jason Locke and St. John.

The phone rings and Tourand tells Peter that Anna left with Jo Santini and Mike Rivers and he is done spying for him. As rehearsal is happening, Hugo walks into the theater and shoots towards Tourand and Jean. The lights go out and Peter and Abdul kidnap Jaggerman and Anna. Anna asks Peter what he wants and Abdul tells her, revenge for the death of Peter's brother. Peter finds the homing device on Anna and destroys it. Anna and Jaggerman are brought to a warehouse and Anna is forced to stand over a bomb while Jaggerman is forced to hold a metal drum, which if dropped, will cause the bomb to explode. The next day, Locke and St. John get back into Airwolf and fly towards the NATO conference location. They chase Peter and Abdul in their stolen helicopters and shoot them out of the sky.