Phyllis (The Brotherhood of Satan)

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Phyllis is a resident of Hillsboro, New Mexico. She is a new member of a sect of Witches who have gained immortality by transferring their souls into the bodies of children.

During the events of The Brotherhood of Satan (1971) played by Judith McConnell

Dame Alice is introduced to Phyllis and Anne shows her the children who are standing on pedestals. Doc Duncan confronts Alice and accuses her of turning her back on their master. She tells him that she has kept the faith and he tells her that he knows that she baptized their child in Christianity. Alice is judged by Satan and found guilty and killed by the other Witches.

The Witches put on robes and chant with Doc Duncan and pray to Satan. Doc Duncan makes all The Witches proclaim their loyalty to Satan once again and they go to their respective alcoves. The children take their place on the 13 pedestals and Doc Duncan prays for Satan to transfer The Witches souls to The Children's bodies. The Witches are all in turn set on fire with burning swords and killed, including Doc Duncan. The Sheriff, Tobey, Ben, and Nicky break open the door to the ritual room and finds a room full of only The Children, including K.T. that just stare at them.