Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959)

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Aliens enact Plan 9, the reanimation of the dead, in order to stop humans from destroying the galaxy.


Science Fiction


Jeff Trent - Gregory Walcott

Paula Trent - Mona McKinnon

Lieutenant Harper - Duke Moore

Colonel Edwards - Tom Keene

Patrolman Larry - Carl Anthony

Patrolman Kelton - Paul Marco

Inspector Clay - Tor Johnson

Eros - Dudley Manlove

Tanna - Joanna Lee

Ruler - John Breckinridge

General - Lyle Talbot

Danny - David De Mering

Edith - Norma McCarty

Captain - Bill Ash

Reverend - Reverend Lynn Lemon

Man - Ben Frommer

Girl - Gloria Dea

Policeman - Conrad Brooks

Vampire Girl - Vampira

Ghoul Man - Bela Lugosi

Criswell - Criswell


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Detailed Synopsis

Criswell tells the audience that he will be telling them about grave robbers from outer space.

A reverend presides over the funeral of Vampire Girl. Her widower cries and then walks away. A plane being flown by Jeff Trent and his co-pilot Danny is flying over the San Fernando Valley when a flying saucer zips past them and they report it to air traffic control. The flying saucer lands near the cemetery where the woman was buried. Two gravediggers leave the grave they are digging and are attacked by Vampire Girl and killed. The widower walks into the street and is run over and killed. After his funeral, Girl asks Man why Vampire Girl was buried in the ground while the widower was buried in a crypt and Man tells her it is due to a superstition. As the Girl and Man are leaving, they come across the corpses of the grave diggers.

Inspector Clay and Lieutenant Harper arrive at the scene of the crime. Inspector Clay asks Patrolman Larry if the medical examiner has been there. Clay then tells Lieutenant Harper he is in charge and leaves to search alone in the cemetery. At the nearby Trent residence, Paula Trent notices Jeff isn't his usual self. Jeff tells Paula he saw a flying saucer. He tells her he is upset because the military made him promise to keep the flying saucer a secret. A flying saucer flies over both the cemetery and Trent house. As he is searching the cemetery Inspector Clay is attacked and killed by the dead husband and wife. Lieutenant Harper, Patrolman Larry and Patrolman Kelton hear Clay's gunshots and run to to where the sound came from. They find Clay dead. Harper tells Kelton to report in that Clay is dead and Clay is then buried with Reverend remarking how Clay's death was so premature.

Three flying saucers fly over Hollywood Boulevard in front of drivers on the freeway. Flying saucers are also seen over Washington D.C. A military unit under the command of Colonel Edwards fires at the flying saucers, however there is no effect on the flying saucers. Edwards tells Captain the military didn't always shoot at the flying saucers and that they tried to communicate with them first then the flying saucers attacked a small town and killed some people. Edwards and the Captain wonder what the flying saucers next move will be. Eros and Tanna report to Ruler. Eros tells him they contacted government officials on Earth however they rejected their existence. Eros then tells Ruler he plans on initiating Plan 9, the resurrection of the dead through the use of an electrical blast to the pituitary gland. Ruler tells Eros to report back in two days. Jeff leaves to go to work, but tells Paula he doesn't like leaving her at home. He tells Danny he is worried about leaving Paula alone. Danny asks Edith out, but she reminds him they land in Albuquerque early in the morning. Edith suggests to Jeff that he have Mack call and check on Paula. Mack calls Paula to make sure she is alright and after she hangs up the phone she is attacked by the dead widower, now a Ghoul Man. Paula runs into the cemetery and is surrounded by the dead old woman, the widower and the corpse of Inspector Clay. She runs to the road and collapses. Man driving a car finds her, puts her in his car and drives away. Lieutenant Harper, Larry and Kelton return to the cemetery along with Policeman. Eros calls the zombies back to their flying saucer and takes off. Harper identifies the sound as a flying saucer, but Larry doesn't believe it. Kelton tells Harper he and Patrolman saw a grave site that appeared disturbed. Kelton goes inside the grave to investigate and they discover it is Clay's grave.

In Washington D.C. Colonel Edwards has a meeting with General Roberts who asks him if he believes in flying saucers. Edwards tells him he does believe in flying saucers despite the official government statement that flying saucers don't exist. Roberts admits there are flying saucers and they have had radio contact with them. Roberts then plays the radio communications for Edwards. In the recording Eros introduces himself and says the aliens don't want to conquer Earth, but protect the universe from humans who are developing powerful weapons. He also says the aliens plan on destroying humanity to save the universe. Roberts tells Edwards he is sending him to try and make contact with the aliens near Los Angeles. Eros and Tanna report back to Ruler and report they have managed to bring back three humans from the dead. Ruler wants to see an example of their work and the corpse of Clay is brought to him. Clay's corpse attacks Eros when Tanna's gun fails to turn off. Ruler tells Tanna to drop the gun on the ground and the control bringing back Clay's corpse stops. Ruler tells Eros to sacrifice the widower's corpse by sending him out and then cutting the power going to his corpse. Ruler hopes the local authorities will be busy dealing with widower's corpse allowing Eros to continue his work.

Colonel Edwards and Harper visit the Trent's and ask Paula and Jeff about their experiences with the flying saucers. They hear a noise and Kelton, who was waiting at the police car is attacked by the widower's corpse. The aliens disable the signal and the widower collapses into a skeleton. They all go to the cemetery. Edwards, Harper and Jeff search the cemetery, while Paula stays with Kelton. Harper shows Edwards the empty grave of Inspector Clay. Eros realizes Edwards, Harper and Jeff will find the flying saucer in the cemetery soon. He tells Tanna to send Clay's corpse to attack Kelton and Paula. Clay's corpse attacks Kelton and grabs an unconscious Paula. Edwards, Jeff and Harper enter the flying saucer and Eros turns on the flying saucers televisor so Jeff can see his wife is safe. Eros tells them they came as friends however the Earth governments refused to acknowledge them. He then goes onto tell the history of humans developing more powerful weapons. After being called stupid Jeff strikes Eros. Larry shows up to the cemetery and finds Kelton. Kelton tells Larry he saw Clay's corpse and they go to find where the Harper went. They see Clay's corpse holding Paula and Larry has the plan to hit Clay while Kelton grabs Paula. Larry hits the corpse of Clay and it collapses. A fight breaks out in the flying saucer and Edwards opens the door. Edwards, Jeff and Harper run out of the now on fire flying saucer. The flying saucer flies into the air and then explodes as Tanna screams.