Predator (1987)

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A Special Forces team is hunted by a deadly predator while on a rescue mission.



Horror, Monster


Dutch - Arnold Schwarzenegger

Dillon - Carl Weathers

Anna - Elpidia Carrillo

Mac - Bill Duke

Blain - Jesse Ventura

Billy - Sonny Landham

Poncho - Richard Chaves

General Phillips - R.G. Armstrong

Hawkins - Shane Black

Predator, Helicopter Pilot - Kevin Peter Hall

Russian Officer - Sven-Ole Thorsen

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Detailed Synopsis

A spaceship flies across space before jettisoning a smaller object towards Earth. Later, a helicopter lands and a group of men disembark, Mac, Blain, Billy, Poncho and Hawkins. Dutch, the Team Leader is the last to disembark. They get into a jeep which drives them towards a building. Dutch gets out of the jeep and shakes hands with General Phillips who briefs him on the mission of rescuing a cabinet minister who went down with a helicopter. When Dutch asks why his team was chosen for the mission, Dillon speaks from the next room. He walks over to Dutch and they clasp hands while testing each other's strength. They go further over the mission and Dillon tells Dutch that he is going with him. The team takes a helicopter over the jungle. During the trip, Poncho tests the agility and awareness of Hawkins, while Blain gets upset when everyone turns down his chewing tobacco. They arrive at the landing zone and rappel to the ground. They come across the helicopter wreck and Poncho and Dillon use a grappling hook to climb up to it. Poncho returns to Dutch and tells him the helicopter looks like a surveillance chopper and not one used to escort government officials. Billy tells Dutch two men were taken from the helicopter by twelve rebels and that later, six men wearing government issue boots followed behind.

As Billy is drinking from a vine, he notices something peculiar about a tree. He climbs the tree and finds the bodies of four men skinned alive and gutted including Jim Hopper, a Green Beret Dutch knew out of Fort Bragg. He questions Dillon about it, but Dillon denies knowing anything. Billy tells Dutch that there was a firefight in which the Green Berets were firing in different directions. They arrive at the rebel camp and Dutch watches as a Russian Officer shoots one of the hostages in the head. They attack the rebel base, killing numerous rebels and the Russian Officer. During the attack, Anna tries to sneak up on Dutch, but he butt strokes her to the face. Mac tells Dutch that the other hostage was killed and the cabinet minister turned out to be a member of the CIA. Dillon walks into the room Dutch is in and Dutch accuses him of lying to him. Dillon admits to it and tells Dutch he and his team are expendable assets to be used. Hawkins tells Dutch that the area is surrounded by guerrillas. Dillon grabs Anna and tells Dutch they are taking her along in order to gather intelligence. The Predator walks into the destroyed camp and mimics the voices of the team.

Anna tries to escape but is stopped by Poncho. Billy stops and when Dutch asks him what it is, he tells him there is something in the trees. While Poncho is guarding Anna, she hits him with a branch and starts running away. Hawkins chases after her and as he catches her they both hear a noise and then Hawkins is killed by the Predator and dragged away. Poncho reaches her and sees a trail of blood leading to Hawkins' back pack. He continues up the trail and finds intestines laying on the ground. Poncho asks Anna what happened and she tells him the jungle came alive and took Hawkins. Dutch orders his team to search for Hawkins' body. As Blain is searching, he is hit in the chest with an energy bolt and killed. Mac runs towards him and sees the Predator's eyes shine at him. He starts shooting at the Predator and the rest of the team arrive at his location and also shoot into the jungle. Mac tells Dutch he saw the Predator, and when Dutch and Dillon inspect Blain's body they notice there is no shrapnel and the area has been cauterized and the bone fused. Poncho tells Dutch they didn't hit anything. Anna notices a glowing green substance on a leaf and touches it with her hand. The Predator uses medical equipment to clean his wound and screams, alerting Anna and Billy to its presence.

Dillon calls on the radio to try and get a helicopter extraction, but his request is denied. Dillon asks Mac who attacked them and he tells him he only saw one, camouflaged. Poncho once again asks Anna what she saw, but she tells him the same thing. Poncho asks Billy what he thinks and he tells him he is scared and that they are all going to die. During the night a wild boar runs into the camp, after Mac kills it, they notice something came in the night and stole Blain's body, while Anna stayed where she was at. Dutch figures out that the Predator is killing them one by one, and Billy adds "like a hunter". Dutch asks Anna in English what she saw and she tells him she doesn't know what it was, but when they shot at it, they wounded it. Dutch comes to the conclusion that it is using the trees and they start to set a trap for it. They wait for the Predator and as Dutch walks out of cover, the Predator is caught in a net. It begins to shoot its weapon randomly and frees itself. A log is broken off that slams Poncho in the chest. Mac runs after the Predator and Dillon tells Dutch to gather the rest of his team while he goes after Mac. While climbing under a log, Mac sees three red dots on his arm, he pulls his head to get a better view and is shot in the head with a laser. Dillon sees Mac dead and hears "anytime" called out. He sees the Predator and starts shooting at it, but it shoots off his right forearm. As he switches his other weapon, he is stabbed in the chest and killed. Dutch and the others hear Dillon's scream and Billy stays behind to make his stand. Dutch and Poncho turn around as they hear Billy scream. Poncho is hit in the head with a laser bolt and as Anna goes to grab Poncho's weapon, Dutch kicks it away. He is hit in the shoulder with a laser bolt and he yells to Anna to get to the chopper.

Dutch runs through the jungle as the Predator chases him. He slides down a slope into a river and as he climbs up the bank, he is covered in mud. He hides and notices the Predator couldn't see him with the mud on him. Dutch walks and finds an area of the jungle he considers to be a good spot to lay an ambush. He then builds a series of traps and makes a bow and arrows. The Predator rips out Billy's spine and skull and cleans it and then places it next to its other trophies. At night, Dutch lights a torch and screams and then throws it down to start a bonfire. The Predator goes towards the fire and and Dutch fires an arrow at it damaging its camouflage. The Predator then fires randomly into the trees. He hits the Predator with a spear and as he is running for cover, Dutch grabs a branch and the Predator hits the branch with a laser. Dutch falls into the water which causes his mud to be removed. The Predator lifts him up and throws him against a rock wall. It then removes its laser weapon and helmet. The Predator starts to punch and beat Dutch. He crawls into an area he made a trap with pointed sticks and calls to the Predator. The Predator notices the trap and as it is about to kill Dutch, he kicks a stick which drops a large log onto the Predator. He grabs a large rock to finish it off and sees it is dying. He asks what it is, and it mimics what he says. It then laughs in Billy's mimicked voice and sets off a timer on its wrist mechanism. Dutch runs away and shortly after a huge explosion occurs. Nearby and overhead, General Phillips is in a helicopter with Anna and Helicopter Pilot. They see the explosion and land and pick up Dutch who sits dazed as the helicopter returns to base.