Predator 2 (1990)

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A Predator travels to Los Angeles to hunt during a drug war.



Horror, Monster


The Predator - Kevin Peter Hall

Harrigan - Danny Glover

Keyes - Gary Busey

Danny - Ruben Blades

Leona - Maria Conchita Alonso

Jerry - Bill Paxton

Heinemann - Robert Davi

Garber - Adam Baldwin

Captain Pilgrim - Kent McCord

Pope - Morton Downey, Jr.

King Willie - Calvin Lockhart

Sergeant - Steve Kahan

El Scorpio - Henry Kingi

Ramon Vega - Corey Rand

Anna - Elpidia Carrillo

Irene Edwards - Lilyan Chauvin

Gold Tooth - Michael Mark Edmondson

Columbian Girl - Teri Weigel

Subway Gang Leader - William R. Perry

Subway Gang - Alex Chapman, Gerard G. Williams, John Cann, and Michael Papajohn

Patrolman - Lou Eppolito

Charlie - Charlie Haugk

Ruth - Sylvia Kauders

Commuter - Charles David Richards

Juan Beltran - Julian Reyes

Federal Team - Casey Sander, Pat Skipper, and Carmine Zozzora

Reporters - Valerie Karasek, Chuck Boyd, David Starwalt, Abraham Alvarez, Jim Ishida, George Christy, and Lucinda Weist

Paramedics - Richard Anthony Crenna and Billy "Sly" Williams

Detectives - Paulo Tocha and Nick Corri

Hooker - DeLynn Binzel

Officers - Tom Finnegan and Patience Moore

Jamaicans - Kashka and Jeffrey Reed

Cop on Phone - Carl Pistilli

Sweet - Vonte Sweet

Jerome - Ron Moss

Anthony - Brian Levinson

Leona's Friend - Diana James

Woman Officer - Beth Kanar

Cops - Paul Abascal and Michael Wiseman

Scorpions - Thomas Rosales Jr.

King Willie's Boys - Eric Mansker, Vladimir McCrary and Manny Perry


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Detailed Synopsis

In Los Angeles in 1997, The Predator watches a gunfight between the LAPD and members of the Scorpions led by El Scorpio. A Reporter is on scene giving a report on the battle when a bullet zips past her and she stops her broadcast. Another Reporter tells the viewers about two motorcycle cops who are bleeding to death on the street between their fellow officers and the Scorpions. Juan Beltran is telling another reporter about his restaurant that was destroyed during the fight when stray gunfire forces him to duck. As two officers try to reach the motorcycle cops using steel shields, El Scorpio fires a grenade launcher, killing the two officers. Pope gives a report calling the police incompetent and calling on the mayor to declare martial law. Harrigan arrives on scene and asks Danny what is going on and Leona tells him they need to reach the motorcycle cops before they bleed to death. Sergeant tells Harrigan they need an assault vehicle to reach the injured cops. Danny puts some flak jackets on one side of Harrigan's vehicle and Harrigan drives his vehicle towards the Scorpions and provides cover so the injured cops can be pulled to safety. El Scorpio and the other gang members run into their headquarters and arm themselves with higher caliber weapons. Harrigan shoots his way to the entrance of the building and Danny tells him Heinemann ordered them to secure the perimeter and wait for a special unit to arrive. El Scorpio snorts some coke and suddenly the glass ceiling shatters. An explosion rocks the building and Harrigan and his team enter the building along with two Cops. El Scorpio runs out of a door and shoots and kills one of the Cops and runs up some stairs towards the roof of the building. Harrigan follows El Scorpio onto the roof and tells El Scorpio to surrender. El Scorpio sees The Predator and starts shooting at it and Harrigan shoots El Scorpio in the chest and El Scorpio falls to his death off the roof of the building. Harrigan hears a noise and sees The Predator heavily camouflaged and The Predator disappears. He and his team investigate the room where the Scorpions were slaughtered and Danny hears glass shattering and sees a body hanging from the ceiling and shows Harrigan. Heinemann arrives and yells at Harrigan for not obeying orders and entering the building. A helicopter lands and Keyes, Garber and the rest of the Federal Team get out and walk towards the building.

Pope gives another report telling the details of the Scorpions being wiped out and police again made to look like fools. Harrigan and his team return to the police station. A Cop on Phone tells a lady that complained about a clogged toilet to call a plumber. A Detective tells a Hooker, her licence expired while another Detective threatens to beat up a criminal. Woman Officer and another officer are bringing a criminal into the station when the criminal breaks free and head butts the other officer and Woman Officer knees him in the crotch. Jerry sees Harrigan and runs up to him and Harrigan tells him to wait outside. Harrigan goes into Captain Pilgrim's office and Captain Pilgrim tells him Keyes is in charge of investigating criminal activities dealing with the trafficking of narcotics and Harrigan is to give him his full cooperation. Keyes walks into the office and apologizes to them for taking over and Harrigan sarcastically tells him cooperation is his middle name. Jerry tries to talk with Harrigan again, but Harrigan tells him to wait. Harrigan walks into his office and Danny goes over what happened in El Scorpio's headquarters. Jerry tries to flirt with Leona and she grabs him by the balls and warns her not to do anything stupid that could get her killed, like he got his last partner killed. Jerry goes into Harrigan's office and Harrigan tells him the team comes first and welcomes him to the war. Ramon Vega and Columbian Girl are having sex in his penthouse when a group of King Willie's Boys break in including Gold Tooth. Ramon is tied up by his feet from the ceiling and tries to bribe Gold Tooth to leave him alone, but Gold Tooth tells him it is about power. Gold Tooth rips open Ramon's chest. One of King Willie's Boys hears a noise and is killed by The Predator and one by one the rest of them are wiped out including Gold Tooth who is killed by The Predator after The Predator repeats what Gold Tooth had said to Ramon, "shit happens". Later Reporters arrive on site to the massacre at the penthouse. Harrigan and his team arrive at the penthouse and Jerry runs opposition to Pope. Patrolman tells Harrigan he has been inside, but was told to wait for the Federal Team. Harrigan and his team ignore the order and enter the penthouse. They find King Willie's Boys skinned and the Columbian Girl still alive. Danny shows Harrigan a spear tip lodged in an AC vent and Keyes shows up and kicks Harrigan and his team out of the building. Keyes threatens Harrigan and then has Garber grab Pope, who managed to get into the building.

Before leaving, Harrigan tells Jerry to follow Keyes and his team to see where they go and tells Danny to get inside the room once Keyes' team leaves. Jerry meets with Harrigan later and tells him Columbian Girl was taken away in Keyes' helicopter. Danny breaks into the penthouse and as he grabs the spear tip lodged in the AC vent, The Predator mimics Harrigan's voice and Danny starts to fall. The Predator grabs him by the leg and kills him. The next day, Heinemann has a meeting with Harrigan and Captain Pilgrim. He tells them only Harrigan's past commendations is what is saving him from being blamed for Danny's death. Harrigan storms out of the office and when he sees Keyes walking in the building, grabs him and throws him against the wall. He warns Keyes to stay out of his way and then storms off. Leona and Jerry tell him they have been monitoring Keyes and he isn't looking for drug dealers. Jerry tells him they lost Keyes and his team in the Slaughterhouse District and Harrigan tells Leona he wants her to set up a meeting with King Willie. Keyes communicates with his team, who are using scanners to detect temperature changes in a slaughterhouse. Irene Edwards tells Harrigan, Danny was killed by an edged weapon that nearly cut his heart in two. Harrigan shows her the spear tip and she scans it and tells him the material isn't anything they know of on the periodic table. After Harrigan and Jerry leave the building, a car pulls up and Sweet tells Harrigan, King Willie will see him now. Harrigan gets into the vehicle and is driven to an alley and let out. He walks down the alley and meets King Willie, who tells him The Predator is from the spirit world. After Harrigan leaves, The Predator jumps down from the roof of a building into the alley. King Willie pulls out the sword from his cane and The Predator cuts off his head and then cleans it and polishes it.

Pope gives another report about King Willie's death. Harrigan calls Irene's office and Jerry tells him the background he dug up on Keyes and Irene tells him the Federal Team erased most of the files related to the case, except one from the penthouse attack which had blood with traces of cattle blood and steroids. Harrigan tells Jerry and Leona he will meet them at the Slaughterhouse District. Anthony is at the cemetery with his parents when he leaves the car and comes across The Predator. The Predator scans Anthony and Anthony asks The Predator if he wants some candy. His mom calls out to him and Anthony runs back towards the car. Harrigan leaves Danny's badge and credentials at Danny's grave and as he is walking away, he sees Danny's broken necklace hanging from a tree limb. As Jerry and Leona are riding the subway to the Slaughterhouse District, they see Subway Gang Leader and Subway Gang harassing commuters and start to head in their direction. The Subway Gang Leader starts to harass Commuter, who pulls out a gun. A Subway Gang member pulls out his own gun while another one grabs Commuter's gun. They hear a series of clicks and turn to see multiple commuters with guns pointed at the Subway Gang. As Leona and Jerry arrive and they try to diffuse the situation, The Predator rips into the subway car and starts attacking everyone who has a weapon. Jerry stays behind while Leona gets the people off the train. Commuter is shot and killed by another commuter. Jerry shoots at The Predator, but is killed. After getting the passengers off the subway, Leona goes back to look for Jerry. She finds Jerry's and other people's bodies hanging from the ceiling of the subway car. The Predator grabs her by the throat and scans her, which reveals Leona is pregnant. Harrigan arrives at the location and sees Leona being taken out on a stretcher. The Paramedics tell him Leona is in deep shock and she is pregnant. He runs into the subway looking for Jerry and Captain Pilgrim tells him they found Jerry's badge. Harrigan continues down the subway tunnel and sees The Predator rip Jerry's head and spine from his body.

He chases after The Predator back onto the surface and when Pope starts harassing him and mentioning more victims with a smile, Harrigan punches him in the face. Harrigan follows the path The Predator is taking in his car, until he is hit by a truck driven by the Federal Team. He is brought into their command trailer and Keyes tells him about the case involving the original Predator, and a television screen shows Anna being interviewed. Keyes tells Harrigan their goal is to capture The Predator to take its technology. A Federal Team member tells Garber they are picking up The Predator on their scanners and Keyes suits up with some members of his team and enters the slaughterhouse. The Predator hears the creaking of the stairwell the team is walking on and stops. When it can't see anything moving on its face mask scanner it changes from infrared to another visual detector and sees the light coming from Keyes and his team's shoulder lamps. Harrigan puts on a headset and tells Keyes, The Predator can see their lights, but Keyes ignores him. He runs to the trunk of his vehicle and arms himself and puts on body armor and runs into the slaughterhouse as The Predator starts slaughtering the Federal Team. As The Predator is about to kill Keyes, Harrigan blows a hole in the building. The Predator fires a rocket behind him, hitting Keyes with it. The Predator starts to stalk Harrigan after he is forced to discard his armor from being hit in the chest with a bolt of energy. Harrigan wounds The Predator and walks up to its prone body, but it regains consciousness after he removes its mask. Keyes tells Harrigan to run away and is then cut in half by The Predator's disc.

Harrigan runs to the roof and The Predator throws a spear at him, but misses. Harrigan retrieves the spear and charges at The Predator with it, knocking The Predator off the roof. The Predator, who is keeping itself from falling by holding onto Harrigan's arm, repeats what Gold Tooth said, "shit happens" and initiates his nuclear wrist bomb. Harrigan manages to grab The Predator's disc and uses it to cut off its arm that was holding him and The Predator crashes into an apartment building. Harrigan keeps the disc and follows The Predator into the building. The Predator uses a medical kit to staunch his wounds and screams, alerting Ruth to his presence. Ruth tells her husband someone is in the bathroom, but he ignores her. She walks towards the bathroom with a broom and The Predator crashes out of the bathroom and runs away and Harrigan chases after him. He follows The Predator underground once more and lands on top of a spaceship. Harrigan goes inside of the spaceship and sees a trophy case full of skulls, including one from a Xenomorph. He fights and kills The Predator by cutting its stomach open with the disc and telling it, "shit happens". A group of Predators appear suddenly and their leader gives Harrigan an old flintlock pistol with the name Raphael Adolini and the year 1715. The spaceship starts and Harrigan runs out of the spaceship shortly before it takes off. He walks towards the surface covered in ash as the Federal Team helicopter lands and Garber asks him what happened, but leaves as police sirens approach and Harrigan says he will get another chance.