Priest (The Brotherhood of Satan)

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Jack is a Catholic priest in Hillsboro, New Mexico. He graduated from Notre Dame University.

During the events of The Brotherhood of Satan (1971) played by Charles Knox Robinson

Mildred Meadows and Ed's bodies are brought to a building and put on ice next to other bodies and the Priest gives them their last rites. The Sheriff and Priest argue what to do next. Doc Duncan walks into the sheriff's office and tells them about the baby that was just born. The Sheriff tells Ben that he doesn't understand how he made it into town when no one else has. The Priest thinks something supernatural is happening, but the Sheriff refuses to accept the idea. The Priest does further research on the supernatural.

Ben and Nicky return to town and the Priest tells Ben that The Witches took K.T. He gives the Sheriff a list and tells him that a coven of witches consists of 13 people. He says there are 11 missing children and the reason Ben was able to drive into town was, because they needed another female Child. The Sheriff, Tobey, the Priest, Doc Duncan and Ben and Nicky go to check the residences of what they believe will be the next missing child. Joey in a trance goes outside and when Mike notices he is gone goes outside. As Mike is searching for Joey, a knight on horseback charges at him and cuts his head off, which the Priest witnesses. Ben and Nicky find the catatonic Priest and take him to the Sheriff and Tobey. The Sheriff drives to the dilapidated house and he and the others get out except for Nicky and the Priest. The Sheriff finds a toy knight on horseback outside and when the Priest sees it, he starts screaming.