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Reeve is the reeve of Shere, England.

During the events of Anchoress (1993) played by Gene Bervoets

Meg Carpenter returns to the church with Pauline Carpenter, the Reeve, William Carpenter and the Priest. Pauline yells at Christine Carpenter for offering the town's apples to the statue. The Reeve demands that every apple be brought back. but the Priest says that the offering can not be given back. He points out that if Eve had not taken the apple, then they never would have had Mary. The Reeve rides up and offers a fruit to Christine and she gives it to his horse. He then tosses one to Meg, who eats it. Before she is to become an anchoress, Christine is brought to the church and questioned by the Bishop while Oswald translates from Latin to English. The town watch as Christine answers the questions correctly. The Mason then walls Christine into the church. Pauline brings Christine food and as the Reeve walks towards her cell, she closes the window flap.

The Reeve wins a mirror in a game and gives it to Meg. In the evening, Meg tells Christine that Pauline is drunk again and then leaves with the Reeve. The Reeve has silk sent to Meg and Meg marries the Reeve and goes to live with him. The Reeve admits to Pauline that Meg doesn't love him as a husband and asks her for a remedy. Meg goes home and playfully puts snow on the sleeping Reeve and he runs around and chases her. After Christine escapes from being an anchoress, the Priest has a meeting with the Reeve, the Innkeeper, and Carter and tells them that he wants Christine brought back, while the Reeve thinks she should hang. Christine walks inside of the main church as the Reeve and the Priest also enter the church. She walks up the ladder to speak with the Bishop and asks to be released from her vows. She says that Mary's house is in the ground and the Bishop yells that she must burn. Christine then climbs into a cavern under the church.