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Rhonda is an idiot savant living in Warren Valley, Ohio. She lives at 3775. Rhonda knows a lot about the history of Halloween.

During the events of Trick 'r Treat (2007) played by Samm Todd

Rhonda goes with Macy, Schrader, Sara and Chip to the abandoned rock quarry. Once they get there Macy tells them the story of the special needs kids who were killed thirty years ago in an accident when their bus plunged into the rock quarry. Macy, Schrader and Sara go down the quarry elevator first, leaving Rhonda and Chip to go second. As Rhonda and Chip are going down the elevator they hear screams and once they get to the ground Rhonda leaves Chip to go investigate. Rhonda sees what appears to be the dead coming after her and she runs and falls down after losing her glasses. When Rhonda wakes up she finds out the other kids played a prank on her. As the other kids get ready to leave they hear noises and are attacked by the living dead special needs kids. Rhonda runs back to the elevator and leaves the other kids to die as she returns to the top of the quarry.