Rhonda (Killer Workout)

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Rhonda Johnson is the owner of Rhonda's Work-Out. She legally changed her name from Valerie to Rhonda.

During the events of Killer Workout (1987) played by Marcia Karr

Valerie receives a call from her agent telling her she got the modeling job for the cover of Cosmopolitan. She goes to a tanning salon and as she is tanning, the bed catches fire with her inside of it. Later, Rhonda is teaching an aerobics class to Aerobics Dancers at her gym. At the end of the class, Jimmy asks her out on a date and she tells him never. Jaimy shows up and Rhonda yells at her for being late again and having to teach her class. After Rachael is murdered at Rhonda's gym with a giant safety pin, Rhonda is questioned by Lieutenant Morgan, who asks her about Diane. After the meeting she overhears Weight Lifter 1 and Weight Lifter 2 crudely talking about Rachael's murder. She finds Chuck going through her filing cabinet and he tells her he was hired by her senior partner. In the evening she is picking up towels around the gym when Jimmy surprises her and she calls him an asshole. After Weightlifter 1, Weightlifter 2 and Tom are found dead in her gym, Lieutenant Morgan questions Rhonda again. Jimmy offers to help Rhonda but she refuses his help. She is at home swimming, but runs out when Jimmy and Chuck start fighting in her backyard. She and Lieutenant Morgan question Chuck when he regains consciousness and he tells them he broke into Jimmy's house and found guns and a shrine to Rhonda. Later, Lieutenant Morgan returns to Rhonda's house and tells her he knows she used to be Valerie and due to jealousy for loosing her looks in the fire, is the killer and handcuffs her. As they are driving to the police station, Morgan is told by dispatch that witnesses saw Jimmy stab Chuck to death and Rhonda is released. She goes to the gym and after showering she is surprised by Jimmy. She shoots him and he tells her loves her and she shoots him again. Some time later, Lieutenant Morgan takes Rhonda out to his father's property and tells her about his father who killed a criminal that had been released by the courts and then killed again. He tells her he knows she is guilty, but as he is distracted she hits him with a shovel and kills him. She returns to her gym and is told some ideas to improve membership by Office Girl. She sits at her desk and grabs her key chain and smiles as she opens her giant safety pin.

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