Riki-Oh The Story of Ricky (1991)

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Riki-Oh uses his extraordinary powers to survive while incarcerated in a private prison in the future.



Martial Arts


Riki-Oh - Fan Siu-Wong

Edward Lee - Chan Ging

John Lazon

Omar - Chang Gan-Wing

Samuel - Lam Kai-Wing

Samuel Goon 1

Samuel Goon 2

Oscar - Frankie Chin


Riki's Uncle - Tamba Tetsuro

The Assistant Warden - Fan Mei-Sheng

Anne - Gloria Yip

Andrew - Kwok Chun-Fung

The Warden - Ho Ka-Kui

Rogan - Yukari Oshima

Tarzan - Koichi Sugisaki

Brandon - Wong Kwai-Hung

Alan - Chan Kwok-Bong

The Warden's Son - Wong Kwok-Leung

Dago and Louie

Drug Dealer - Lam Suet


Estabelecimento Prisional Masculino Guards

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Detailed Synopsis

“By 2001 AD, capitalist countries have privatized all government organizations. Prisons, like car parks, have become franchised business…" A police bus drops off prisoners at the private prison called Estabelecimento Prisional Masculino prison. Three prisoners including Edward Lee, John Lazon and Riki-Oh are processed into the prison. As Riki walks through the metal detector alarms go off and an x ray reveals he has five bullets in his chest. While in the prison showers Omar is assaulted by Samuel and his two goons. Samuel breaks Omar’s toy train he had made for his children and smashes it into Omar’s face. As Samuel is walking away Riki trips him causing Samuel face to land on a nail sticking out of the broken train. In Samuel’s cell one of his goons suggest he hire Zorro to attack Riki. Samuel bribes a guard to let Zorro out of solitary confinement in exchange for Samuel’s allowance for that month. A guard tells Omar his probation has been revoked and that night Omar hangs himself. In the showers Riki is attacked by Zorro. Rikki kills Zorro by punching out Zorro’s stomach. Riki is then attacked by Samuel with a long nail. Riki crushes Samuel’s fingers and then punches through Samuel, killing him. Oscar, the leader of the north cell, introduces himself to Riki and tells him he will be sent to the Assistant Warden to be punished. Riki is introduced to the Assistant Warden who demands to know what Riki was doing the two years he disappeared. When Riki doesn’t tell him the Assistant Warden angrily shows Riki a letter that was sent to Riki which included a picture of Riki’s girlfriend Anne. When Riki goes to grab the picture the warden punctures Riki’s hand with one of his claws. The Assistant Warden begins to beat Riki and crushes the picture of his girlfriend which causes Riki to go on a rage and destroy the Assistant Warden’s desk. The Assistant Warden attempts to shoot Riki, but he blocks the bullet with a silver platter and then punches at the Assistant Warden’s head but stopping in front of it by mere centimeters. Riki then walks away after telling the Assistant Warden to stay out of his business as the Assistant Warden’s nose suddenly bleeds.

Samuel’s Goon 1 is attacked by a group of prisoners for telling lies about Omar. One of the prisoners named Andrew is about to use a large sword to cut up Samuel’s Goon when Oscar approaches the group. Oscar takes Andrew’s sword and tells everyone to leave. Andrew confronts Oscar and Oscar slashes Andrew across the face. The Assistant Warden decides to use Andrew as bait and has him crucified in the prison yard. Riki enters the yard and is confronted by Oscar. After being told by the other prisoners he must fight to save Andrew, Riki and Oscar fight. Oscar throws glass and slashes Riki in the arm with a knife the Assistant Warden gave him, however Riki uses his power to heal his eyes and arm. Rikki then smashes Oscar in the back of the head knocking one of his eyeballs out. Oscar uses the knife to slash his own stomach open and then tries to choke Riki with his entrails. Riki gets loose and then crushes Oscar’s skull with a punch, killing him. Riki pulls the cross down and finds Andrew has died. The prisoners charge the Assistant Warden and the remaining three members of the Gang of Four arrive. Tarzan crushes the head of one of the prisoners in his bare hands while Brandon stabs another prisoner in the gut with his spike tipped throwing wire. Riki tells the prisoners enough people have died and they go back to their cells. Riki sees Alan the godson of Oscar trying to use a leaf as a harmonica. Riki goes up to him and shows him how to use the leaf correctly however Alan’s tongue was cut out by Rogan so he cannot play music with the leaf. Riki gives Alan his flute and Alan in return gives Riki the leaf he was using. Riki demands to know where the leaf, which is a poppy leaf, is from and Alan shows Riki it is from the west cell area. The remaining three of the Gang of Four confront Alan and Rogan skins Alan alive for betraying them. Riki sets the poppy field on fire and then must fight Rogan, Brandon and Tarzan at the same time. The fight ends when The Assistant Warden turns on the Zero Alarm once he hears the Warden is on his way back from vacation. Tarzan throws Riki into a cell and they are both covered in cement, but Riki breaks free and drags Tarzan out of the cell before he also collapses from the weight of the cement.

The warden arrives with his son. The Assistant Warden informs the Warden of the death of some prisoners and the burning of the poppy field and the Warden has to use medication to ease his nerves. The Warden confronts Riki, who is locked in a cell and Riki attacks the Warden. Tarzan breaks into the cell and a fight between Riki and Tarzan begins. Riki punches through Tarzan's jaw and hand and the roof of the cell starts to slowly descend. Tarzan, betrayed by the Warden, holds the ceiling up long enough for Riki to break out and then is crushed by the ceiling. Riki is placed into a pit in the center of the prison yard and the prisoners are forced to fill in the pit. The Warden tells Riki if he survives for a week then he will let Riki go. After a week the warden has Riki dug up with a backhoe. Riki is brought before the Warden where he is beaten by Brandon and tortured by Rogan. He is then put into solitary confinement. A prisoner named Freddie secretly brings Riki some rice and tells him not to give up. Samuel’s goon tells the Assistant Warden on Freddie and Freddie is dragged by his mouth to Riki’s cell by the Assistant Warden. Thinking Riki has escaped the Assistant Warden opens the cell and RIki attacks the Assistant Warden, knocking out his remaining good eye. The goon attacks Riki who punches off the top half of the goon’s head. A riot breaks out again and the Assistant Warden is dragged to the kitchen where the Warden is. The Warden shoots the Assistant Warden with a explosive bullet and the Assistant Warden explodes like a balloon. Rogan attacks Riki and Riki breaks Rogan’s legs and arm and leaves him to die. Brandon attempts to escape and the Warden shoots him with an explosive bullet and he explodes like the Assistant Warden. The warden has his son taken away and then transforms into a giant monster. Riki and the Warden fight and Ricki eventually pushes him into the meat grinder. Ricki runs out into the prision yard and shows everyone the wardens head and then punches a hole in the outer prison wall. Ricki declares them all free now and then walks away.