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A con artist is enlisted to restart the post office in Ankh-Morpork.
Robin Hood returns from the Crusades and forms a band of Merry Men.
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== Characters/Groups ==
== Characters/Groups ==
[[Moist Von Lipwig]] - [[Richard Coyle]]
[[Robin Hood (Robin Hood Men in Tights)|Robin Hood]] - [[Cary Elwes]]
[[Reacher Gilt]] - [[David Suchet]]
[[Prince John (Robin Hood Men in Tights)|Prince John]] - [[Richard Lewis]]
[[Adora Belle Dearheart]] - [[Claire Foy]]
[[Sheriff of Rottingham]] - [[Roger Rees]]
[[Groat]] - [[Andrew Sachs]]
[[Marian (Robin Hood Men in Tights)|Marian]] - [[Amy Yasbeck]]
[[Lord Vetinari]] - [[Charles Dance]]
[[Blinkin]] - [[Mark Blankfield]]
[[Ridcully]] - [[Timothy West]]
[[Ahchoo]] - [[Dave Chappelle]]
[[Drumknott]] - [[Steve Pemberton]]
[[Asneeze]] - [[Isaac Hayes]]
[[Dave Pins]] - [[Paul Barber]]
[[Broomhilde]] - [[Megan Cavanagh]]
[[Mr Pony]] - [[John Henshaw]]
[[Little John (Robin Hood Men in Tights)|Little John]] - [[Eric Allan Kramer]]
[[Priest (Going Postal)|Priest]] - [[Don Warrington]]
[[Will Scarlet O'Hara]] - [[Matthew Porretta]]
[[Miss Cripslock]] - [[Tamsin Greig]]
[[Latrine]] - [[Tracey Ullman]]
[[Horsefry]] - [[Madhav Sharma]]
[[King Richard (Robin Hood Men in Tights)|Little John]] - [[Patrick Stewart]]
[[Mr Spools]] - [[Jimmy Yuill]]
[[Don Giovanni]] - [[Dom DeLuise]]
[[Stanley (Going Postal)|Stanley]] - [[Ian Bonar]]
[[The Abbot]] - [[Dick Van Patten]]
[[Mr Pump]] Voice - [[Nicholas Farrell]]
[[The Hangman]] - [[Robert Ridgely]]
[[Mr Pump]] Body - [[Marnix Van Den Broeke]]
[[Rabbi Tuckman]] - [[Mel Brooks]]
[[Gryle]] - [[Adrian Schiller]]
[[Filthy Luca]] - [[Steve Tancora]]
[[Trooper]] - [[Daniel Cerqueira]]
[[Dirty Ezio]] - [[Joe Dimmick]]
[[Sergeant Angua]] - [[Ingrid Bolso Berdal]]
[[Tax Assessor]] - [[Avery Schreiber]]
[[Mad Al]] - [[Ben Crompton]]
[[Villager]] - [[Chuck McCann]]
[[Sane Alex]] - [[Asif Khan]]
[[Dungeon Maitre D']] - [[Brian George]]
[[Princess (Going Postal)|Princess]] - [[Paula Lane]]
[[Head Saracen Guard]] - [[Zitto Kazann]]
[[Roger (Going Postal)|Roger]] - [[Alex Price]]
[[Assistant Saracen Guard]] - [[Richard Assan]]
[[Old Lady]] - [[Gabrielle Hamilton]]
[[Sheriff's Guard]] - [[Herman Poppe]]
[[Postman]] - [[Sir Terry Pratchett]]
[[Fire Marshall]] - [[Clive Revill]]
[[John Dearheart]] - [[Tamas Mohai]]
[[Angry Villager]] - [[Joe Baker]]
[[Sapphire]] - [[Anna Gyorgyi]]
[[Complaining Villager]] - [[Carol Arthur]]
[[Undertaker]] - [[Bela Szekely]]
[[Buxom Lass]] - [[Kelly Jones Gabriele|Kelly Jones]]
[[Shop Girl]] - [[Anna Erdos]]
[[Royal Announcer]] - [[Clement von Franckenstein]]
[[Parker (Going Postal)|Parker]] - [[Matt Devere]]
[[Young Lad]] - [[Corbin Allred]]
[[Receptionist (Going Postal)|Receptionist]] - [[Angela Eke]]
[[Giggling Court Lady]] - [[Chase Masterson]]
[[Hobson]] - [[Mike Kelly]]
[[Mime]] - [[Don Lewis]]
[[Cashier]] - [[Istvan Goz]]
[[Peanut Vendor]] - [[Roger Owens]]
[[Maitre d']] - [[Szabolcs Thuroczy]]
[[Lead Camel Jockey]] - [[Patrick Valenzuela]]
[[Aggy]] - [[Richard Usher]]
[[Sherwood Forest Rapper-Dancers]] - [[Steffon]], [[Dante Henderson]], [[Bryant Baldwin]], [[Diesko Boyland, Jr.]], and [[Edgar Godineaux, Jr.]]
[[Farmer]] - [[Gabor Atlasz]]
[[Merry Men Dancers]] - [[Johnny Dean Harvey]], [[Tyce Diorio|Keith Diorio]], [[Joseph R. McKee]], [[Nathan Prevost]], [[Don Hesser]], [[Bill Bohl]], [[Christopher D. Childers|Chris Childers]], and [[Raymond Del Barrio]]
[[Bank Clerk]] - [[Tamas Saghy]]
[[Inept Archers]] - [[Malcolm Danare]], [[Edwin Hale]], [[Nick Jameson]], [[Peter Pitofsky]], and [[Nicholas Rempel]]
[[Otto Chriek]] - [[Oszkar Acs]]
[[Party Guests]] - [[Rudy De Luca]], [[Matthew Saks]], [[Robin Shephard]] and [[Dee Gubin]]
[[Great A'Tuin]]
[[Wedding Guests]] - [[Brad Grunberg|Johnny Cocktails]], [[Lisa Cordray]], [[Laurie Main]], [[Elaine Ballace]], and [[Stuart Schreiber]]
[[Boris (Going Postal)|Boris]]
[[Villagers]] - [[James Van Patten]], [[Ira Miller]], [[David DeLuise]], [[Lillian D'Arc]], [[Patrick Brymer]], [[Robert Noble]], [[Henry Kaiser]], [[Tony Tanner]], [[Diana Chesney]], [[James Glaser]] and [[Ronny Graham]]
== Character thumbnails with links to profiles ==
== Character thumbnails with links to profiles ==

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Robin Hood returns from the Crusades and forms a band of Merry Men.


Fantasy, Comedy


Robin Hood - Cary Elwes

Prince John - Richard Lewis

Sheriff of Rottingham - Roger Rees

Marian - Amy Yasbeck

Blinkin - Mark Blankfield

Ahchoo - Dave Chappelle

Asneeze - Isaac Hayes

Broomhilde - Megan Cavanagh

Little John - Eric Allan Kramer

Will Scarlet O'Hara - Matthew Porretta

Latrine - Tracey Ullman

Little John - Patrick Stewart

Don Giovanni - Dom DeLuise

The Abbot - Dick Van Patten

The Hangman - Robert Ridgely

Rabbi Tuckman - Mel Brooks

Filthy Luca - Steve Tancora

Dirty Ezio - Joe Dimmick

Tax Assessor - Avery Schreiber

Villager - Chuck McCann

Dungeon Maitre D' - Brian George

Head Saracen Guard - Zitto Kazann

Assistant Saracen Guard - Richard Assan

Sheriff's Guard - Herman Poppe

Fire Marshall - Clive Revill

Angry Villager - Joe Baker

Complaining Villager - Carol Arthur

Buxom Lass - Kelly Jones

Royal Announcer - Clement von Franckenstein

Young Lad - Corbin Allred

Giggling Court Lady - Chase Masterson

Mime - Don Lewis

Peanut Vendor - Roger Owens

Lead Camel Jockey - Patrick Valenzuela

Sherwood Forest Rapper-Dancers - Steffon, Dante Henderson, Bryant Baldwin, Diesko Boyland, Jr., and Edgar Godineaux, Jr.

Merry Men Dancers - Johnny Dean Harvey, Keith Diorio, Joseph R. McKee, Nathan Prevost, Don Hesser, Bill Bohl, Chris Childers, and Raymond Del Barrio

Inept Archers - Malcolm Danare, Edwin Hale, Nick Jameson, Peter Pitofsky, and Nicholas Rempel

Party Guests - Rudy De Luca, Matthew Saks, Robin Shephard and Dee Gubin

Wedding Guests - Johnny Cocktails, Lisa Cordray, Laurie Main, Elaine Ballace, and Stuart Schreiber

Villagers - James Van Patten, Ira Miller, David DeLuise, Lillian D'Arc, Patrick Brymer, Robert Noble, Henry Kaiser, Tony Tanner, Diana Chesney, James Glaser and Ronny Graham

Character thumbnails with links to profiles

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