RoboWoman (2019)

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A woman is turned into a cyborg after she is stabbed and left for dead.




Vivica Stevens - Dawna Lee Heising

Charlenee - Sue Price

Dr. Michaels - Mel Novak

Jonathan - Jonathan Nation

Rikki Lou - Shaun Vetick

Elderly Man - Aki Aleong

Evangeline - Brinke Stevens

Hannah - Vida Ghaffari

Tony - Nathan Gershon

Ray - Freddy James

Robby - Gregory Blair

Brad - Ken May

Detective Myers - Thom Michael Mulligan

Officer Krueger - Peter Stickles

Gang Member 1 - Clint Beaver

Gang Member 2 - Zach Muhs

Drunk Man - Mark Popejoy

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Detailed Synopsis

"In the year 2024 Cybernetic surgery has become the new trend in the medical underground. It has been proven to cure most forms of cancer, advanced H.I.V., blindness and also aid in organ-tissue replacement. While still highly experimental and illegal, it provides an affordable alternative to the more expensive, but mainstream treatments."

In Los Angeles, the news lists a series of rapes and murders. Jonathan walks into Vivica Stevens' office and tells her that he heard it was her last day at work. He asks her if she will go out on a date with him for Robby's birthday and she agrees. Vivica calls Charlenee and tells her about her date with Jonathan. Vivica meets Jonathan for their date and she tells him that her and Charlenee are going to open a cupcake shop. They take a shortcut through Cole Canyon Trail and Robby, Tony and Ray show up and Robby tries to rape Vivica. Jonathan sprays Vivica in the eyes with pepper spray and then Robby stabs her in the stomach and they leave her for dead. Vivica texts Charlenee and asks her for help. Charlenee finds Vivica wounded on the trail and calls the police and Vivica is brought to Dr. Michaels' lab. He introduces himself and his assistant, Hannah and then tells her that Vivica's arm had to be amputated and the pepper spray blinded her and she now needs machines in order to breathe. He offers to help Vivica and asks Charlenee to sign an agreement to let him repair Vivica. Hannah tells Charlenee that Dr. Michaels helped her daughter to live and Charlenee signs the paperwork.

Six months later, Charlenee brings the now cyborg Vivica back to their apartment. Vivica looks at herself in the mirror and is shocked by what she sees. Charlenee tells her about a martial arts instructor she knows and Vivica agrees to take one on one classes. She goes to Rikki Lou's dojo and tells him that she wants to learn martial artists so she can kill Jonathan and the others. She trains in martial arts and after some time, Rikki Lous wishes her luck in her vengeance. Charlenee is watching The Last Woman on Earth when Vivica gets home. Vivica calls Brad and asks to buy a gun from him. As Vivica is walking to meet with Brad, Gang Member 1 and Gang Member 2 ask her if she is looking for sex and she kills them. She then kills an Elderly Man that is walking home. She meets with Brad and buys a handgun from him and Brad gropes her. They start fighting and Vivica shoots Brad in the head. The next day, Detective Myers and Officer Krueger investigate the murders. Myers sees Vivica and Charlenee walking nearby and questions them and then gives them his card. Vivica tells Charlenee that they should go on a vacation. She tells Charlenee that she has to go to a therapy session and later Charlenee finds a note from Vivica that she is going to get revenge. Vivica sees a Drunk Man and kills him. Tony calls Jonathan and asks him when he is going to arrive. Vivica goes to the bar that Robby is at and motions for him to follow her. Robby runs after her and Tony and Ray follow him. Ray calls Jonathan and tells him that Robby ran after Vivica. At the same time, Charlenee and Myers also go to Cole Canyon Trail. Vivica shoots and kills Ray and then Tony. She shoots Robby and ties him to a tree and Jonathan finds him. Vivica surprises them and shoots Robby in the head and then Jonathan. Charlenee and Myers find Vivica and Vivica removes her cybernetics and collapses and her brain shuts down. Vivica is returned to Dr. Michaels lab and while Hannah is talking with him, it is revealed she never had a daughter and was lying to Vivica. Evangeline sees Vivica and Dr. Michaels tells her that he will be able to repair her and he wiped her memory. He then tells Vivica that they will have a mission for her in no time and Vivica rises from her hospital bed.