Rome: Season 1 Episode 11 The Spoils

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Titus Pullo is arrested for murder and he and Lucius Vorenus invoke the spirit of the 13th Legion to defeat a series of gladiators.

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Rome (2005-2007)


Lucius Vorenus - Kevin McKidd

Titus Pullo - Ray Stevenson

Atia of the Julii - Polly Walker

Servilia of the Junii - Lindsay Duncan

Marcus Junius Brutus - Tobias Menzies

Octavia of the Julii - Kerry Condon

Niobe - Indira Varma

Gaius Octavian - Max Pirkis

Timon - Lee Boardman

Posca - Nicholas Woodeson

Erastes Fulmen - Lorcan Cranitch

Eirene - Chiara Mastalli

Clarissa - Anna Francolini

Vorena the Elder - Coral Amiga

Mark Antony - James Purefoy

Caesar - Ciaran Hinds

Castor - Manfredi Aliquo'

Pertinax - Ewan Bailey

Presiding Magistrate - Michael Culkin

Lawyer 1 - Douglas Dean

Accusator Nigidius - Peter Eyre

Cassius - Guy Henry

Gladiator 2 - Paul Kynman

Priscus Maevius - Bruce MacKinnon

Prostitute 1 - Christina Mantis

Newsreader - Ian McNeice

Urbo - Graham McTavish

Lawyer 2 - Stefano Miceli

Gladiator 1 - Danny Midwinter

Mascius - Michael Nardone

Lucius - Marco Pollak

Vorena the Younger - Anna Fausta Primiano

Rubio - David Quinzi

Lawyer 3 - Julian Rivett

Aufidius Dento - Oreste Rotundo

Court Lictor - Tom Shaker

Cloth Maker - Robin Sneller

Old Weaver - Helen Stirling

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Detailed Synopsis

An old man runs through Rome during the night before he is stabbed and killed by Titus Pullo. Lucius Vorenus holds a public meeting so local citizens can air their grievances. Cloth Maker is first in line and tells Lucius that someone has been breaking his pee pots. Cloth Maker is blaming soldiers for pouring the pee pots on people when Mascius walks up and Lucius tells Cloth Maker that it won't happen again. Lucius greets Mascius and then tells him he has to wait in line like the others and he will talk to him later. Mascius tells Lucius that his fellow veterans want land in Italy and he asks Lucius to talk to Caesar about the veterans getting land in Italy. Titus is sleeping in bed when Prostitute 1 and another prostitute steal jewelry from him. He leaves his room and walks to a table where Erastes Fulmen, Pertinax and Urbo are sitting. He asks for more work and Erastes tells him that he lacks discretion in his killings. Erastes then tells Titus to come back tomorrow and Urbo will show him his next target. Titus asks Erastes to lend him some money, which Erastes does before telling him to drink somewhere else as the place they are in is for decent citizens and Pertinax laughs. Lucius goes to Caesar with the veterans' demands and Caesar agrees to given them lands in Pannonia and tells Lucius to bribe Mascius in order to have Mascius convince the veterans to accept farms in Pannonia. Caesar then invites Lucius and Niobe to Atia of the Julii's upcoming party.

A new chair is brought into the Senate for Caesar to sit in. Lucius returns home and Niobe hurriedly tells Clarissa to leave before giving her some coins. Newsreader tells the public that Caesar has been declared Dictator for life and the fifth month has been named July in his honor. Marcus Junius Brutus is walking with his entourage when he spots graffiti depicting himself murdering Caesar. Cassius walks up and tells him the graffiti has been repeated all over Rome. Cassius walks with Brutus into the Senate grounds and shows him Caesar's new chair, which Cassius refers to as a throne. They argue when Cassius says that the future of the Republic is up to Brutus and he tells him that the citizens will only accept the death of Caesar if it is Brutus who kills him and Brutus storms out of the Senate angrily. Urbo points out Titus new target, Aufidius Dento. Titus walks up to Aufidius and stabs him in front of Aufidius' friends and Old Weaver. Old Weaver then follows Titus as he walks away screaming murderer to him. Lucius tells Mascius about Caesar's offer and Mascius eventually agrees to tell his fellow veterans to accept the offer after Lucius bribes him. Niobe shows Lucius the dress she made herself which she plans on wearing to the party and Lucius tells her she looks beautiful. Atia warns Caesar that Brutus will betray him and it is because of Servilia of the Junii. Mark Antony walks up to Octavia of the Julii and asks her to put in a good word for him to Atia and she tells him that Atia is only faking that she is mad at him. Atia meets Niobe and takes her away to talk while Caesar and Lucius discuss how the deal with Mascius went. Gaius Octavian walks up to Lucius and Caesar and mentions that he heard Titus has been put under arrest and he asks them for help to free Titus, which Caesar refuses. Octavian tells Castor to bring Timon to Atia's home in the morning. Mark Antony waits until the other guests leave and then he corners Atia and they have sex. Niobe goes to bed, upset about the comments made about her dress from the other party goers.

The next morning Timon goes to the market area to look for a lawyer for Titus. Lawyer 3 approaches him and offers him his services, but when he finds out it is to defend Titus Pullo, he, along with Lawyer 1 and Lawyer 2 refuse to be hired. Priscus Maevius walks up to Timon and is the only one to offer his services. Priscus goes to Titus and tells him if he tells the court who paid him to murder Aufidius they may go lighter on him, but he refuses. He also refuses to make excuses for his need for money. Titus is brought to court where Court Lictor states Titus' crime to the crowd. The Presiding Magistrate calls for the first speaker and Accusator Nigidius speaks for the murdered Aufidius. During the trial Lucius is present and he sees Mascius is also at the trial. Macius tells Lucius that he and a few other veterans plan on setting Titus free by force. Lucius threatens that if Mascius doesn't call off the attack then he will tell the other veterans that he accepted a bribe and Mascius agrees to call off the attack. Priscus goes next and gives a weak defense when he tells the Presiding Magistrate he doesn't deny Titus' guilt and Titus is condemned to death in the arena. Caesar and Brutus are playing a chess or checkers like game when Caesar tells Brutus he would like him to take over the province of Macedonia which Brutus does not wish to do. Caesar admits that he wants Brutus to leave due to the rumors that Brutus will assassinate him and Brutus storms off.

Titus makes an offering of a roach to the gods to protect Eirene and Lucius and his family. Titus is brought to the arena and is faced by three gladiators, while the crowd boos him and Lucius watches. Gladiator 1 orders Titus to stand up and fight them, which Titus refuses to do until Gladiator 2 starts to insult the 13th Legion. Titus then fights and kills Gladiator 2 by slamming his shield onto his neck while he is lying on the ground, removing his head. Titus then cuts off Gladiator 1's arm and he bleeds out. He starts to yell 13 as another group of gladiators attack Titus and he kills them also. An old gladiator with one good eye walks out to the arena next. He is about to kill Titus when Lucius jumps into the arena yelling 13. Lucius cuts the gladiator's leg below the knee and then shoves the gladiator's mace straight down into his shoulder, killing him. Lucius then carries Titus out of the arena. Posca goes up to Erastes and tells him not to hire veterans to perform murders anymore. Brutus tells Servilia that he will join her and her anti-Caesar group.