Rome: Season 1 Episode 9 Utica

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Lucius Vorenus runs into trouble when he returns home while the war against Caesar comes to an end.

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Rome (2005-2007)


Lucius Vorenus - Kevin McKidd

Titus Pullo - Ray Stevenson

Atia of the Julii - Polly Walker

Servilia of the Junii - Lindsay Duncan

Marcus Junius Brutus - Tobias Menzies

Octavia of the Julii - Kerry Condon

Porcius Cato - Karl Johnson

Niobe - Indira Varma

Gaius Octavian - Max Pirkis

Timon - Lee Boardman

Scipio - Paul Jesson

Erastes Fulmen - Lorcan Cranitch

Eirene - Chiara Mastalli

Lyde - Esther Hall

Vorena the Elder - Coral Amiga

Mark Antony - James Purefoy

Caesar - Ciaran Hinds

Pertinax - Ewan Bailey

Merula - Lydia Biondi

Actor for Cato - Jonathan Coy

Lictor - Kevin Dignam

Chief Augur - Roger Hammond

Terrified Man - Nick Hewetson

Saul - Adam Levy

Newsreader - Ian McNeice

Urbo - Graham McTavish

Lucius - Marco Pollak

Vorena the Younger - Anna Fausta Primiano

Rubio - David Quinzi

Aquinas - Dominic Rickhards

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Detailed Synopsis

The end of the battle of Thapsus leaves the army of Porcius Cato and Scipio defeated. They decide to head towards Utica with the remnants of their army. When they arrive, Aquinas kicks open the door to a home and Cato and Scipio sit down to eat. Cato asks Aquinas for his sword in order to cut his bread and then sneaks off and commits suicide.

Cato's corpse is burned and then Scipio has Aquinas slit his throat. In Rome, Caesar watches a play depicting the final days of Cato and Scipio. At the end of the play, Actor for Cato declares the rising of the Caesarian sun with the banishment of Pompeiian darkness. Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo return home. Lucius is greeted by Vorena the Elder and Vorena the Younger and kissed and hugged by Niobe. Niobe tells Lucius that her and Lyde have opened a butcher shop. Titus sees Eirene and learns that she now speaks Latin and he gives her a bracelet he brought back from Egypt. Newsreader tells the public of the impending Triumph celebration for Caesar's victory. Gaius Octavian is escorted home by Timon after two years. He greets Atia of the Julii and Octavia of the Julii. Servilia of the Junii and Marcus Junius Brutus argue over going to a dinner being held by Caesar, and Servilia questions Brutus' honor for surrendering to Caesar. During the dinner party, Chief Augur asks Caesar what his next plans are. Servilia and Brutus arrive and Servilia ignores Caesar. Caesar asks Octavian what he would do to repair the Republic and Caesar declares that Octavian shall replace a Pontiff who has died. Lucius tells the story of his battles to his children, but he scares his son Lucius when he excitedly knocks over some wooden blocks. Niobe convinces Lucius to join her at her butcher shop and the next day, he and Titus start working at the shop. They witness Terrified Man being assaulted by Pertinax and Urbo and Lucius orders them to stop. They approach him and insult him and Lucius slaps Urbo in the face. They leave after Urbo tells Lucius that both he and Titus are dead men.

Niobe tells Lucius that since Pompey has left, Erastes Fulmen, who is the boss of Pertinax and Urbo, has grown in power and he can now kill who he wishes. There is a knock on the door and Terrified Man gives Lucius a bread as thanks for defending him. As they are weaving, Servilia convinces Octavia to try and find out from Octavian, what illness Caesar has. Octavia asks Octavian to tell her a secret and he tells her about how he murdered Evander Pulchio who Niobe was cheating with and had a baby with. Erastes Fulmen arrives at Lucius' home with Urbo and Pertinax. He tells Lucius that only he may punish his people after he smashes a jar on Urbo's head, and that anyone else that hits his men must be punished. Erastes then tells the gathered crowd that either Lucius will kiss his feet the next market day, or Erastes will come back and kill him. Servilia demands that Octavia get the information about Caesar's affliction by having sex with Octavian and Servilia tells Octavia that Atia had Glabius murdered. Lucius and Niobe's children leave with Lyde to go into the country. As Lucius, Titus and Niobe are waiting for Erastes to arrives, Lictor announces the presence of Caesar. Caesar asks Lucius to become the Magistrate of Lower Aventine. Lucius at first objects, but agrees after Caesar tells him he will give up his dictatorial powers. During the meeting between Lucius and Caesar, Erastes and his men show up, but as Erastes starts to walk towards Lucius' home, a legionary slides out his sword and motions him away with his head. Octavia and Octavian have sex, and during it are spotted by Merula. After they have sex, Octavian tells Octavia he knows she was trying to get information from him and she starts to cry. Atia yells at both Octavia and Octavian and Octavia tells her that Servilia told her Atia killed Glabius and Atia denies killing him. Titus gets drunk and calls for Eirene and tells her about his mother who was a slave. While she is being carried around Rome, Servilia is attacked by Timon and his men including Saul. They kill her litter bearers, rip her dress off and cut her hair before leaving her collapsed in the street.