Rome: Season 2 Episode 10 De Patre Vostro (About Your Father)

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Gaius Octavian achieves the love of the citizens of Rome, Lucius Vorenus returns home and Titus Pullo becomes a father.

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Rome (2005-2007)


Titus Pullo - Ray Stevenson

Lucius Vorenus - Kevin McKidd

Atia of the Julii - Polly Walker

Octavia of the Julii - Kerry Condon

Gaius Octavian - Simon Woods

Agrippa - Allen Leech

Gaius Maecenas - Alex Wyndham

Newsreader - Ian McNeice

Mascius - Michael Nardone

Vorena the Elder - Coral Amiga

Lyde - Esther Hall

Cleopatra - Lyndsey Marshal

Mark Antony - James Purefoy

Castor - Manfredi Aliquo'

Emmissary - Charlie Anson

Caesarion - Max Baldry

Merula - Lydia Biondi

Lucius - Stefan Brown

Centurion Varro - Richard Dillane

Egyptian Courtier - Matthew Eggleton

Livia - Alice Henley

Charmian - Kathryn Hunter

Old Woman - Sara Kestelman

Alfidia - Deborah Moore

Vorena the Younger - Valery Usai

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Detailed Synopsis

Mark Antony, Lucius Vorenus and the remainder of Mark Antony's fleet flee in a boat back to Alexandria. Mark Antony remarks to Lucius that all his life he feared defeat, but now that he has felt it, he is happy to be alive. Newsreader tells the populace that Mark Antony's navy has been defeated by Gaius Octavian's forces under Agrippa at the Battle of Atium. At a dinner with Atia of the Julii, Octavia of the Julii, Livia and Alfidia, Livia remarks to the guests how Mark Antony fled from the Battle of Atium and left his soldiers to die. Octavia disagrees and says that the real reason Mark Antony left was to secure the gold from Cleopatra's ship. Livia tells Octavia, Octavian says differently, and Octavia calls Octavian a liar. Emmissary tells Octavian that Mark Antony will retire from public life if Octavian allows Cleopatra and her children to stay in power in Egypt. Octavian rejects Mark Antony's offer and insists he and Cleopatra surrender to him. Octavian tells the Emmissary to look for Lucius and to offer safety to him if he betrays Mark Antony. Before the Emmissary leaves, Titus Pullo gives him the phrase "his children are well and I hope my child is well also" to tell to Lucius so he will know Titus is in Egypt. Emmissary returns to the throne room of Antony and Cleopatra and gives Antony, Octavian's answer.

Cleopatra suggests they flee in the night, and after Mark Antony tells her they should commit suicide, she asks if he can come up with a military trick and he tells her he is a soldier, not a magician. The Emmissary gives Lucius, Titus' remark, and Lucius refuses the offer to betray Mark Antony. Mark Antony calls the Emmissary to him and tells him to offer single combat to Octavian and then tells Lucius to grab some weapons so he may practice. Caesarion calls to Lucius and asks if Octavian plans on killing him, but Lucius reassures him. Emmissary gives Octavian, Mark Antony's challenge for single combat and that Lucius has rejected his offer to betray Mark Antony. Agrippa suggests that they lay siege to the palace in Alexandria, while Gaius Maecenas suggests they burn the palace and everyone inside. Emmissary, who has returned to the palace in Alexandria, hands Charmian a parchment to give to Cleopatra. While Mark Antony and Lucius are practicing sword fighting, an Egyptian Courtier laughs when Mark Antony falls down. Mark Antony orders the Egyptian Courtier to take up a sword and duel with him and then kills the Egyptian Courtier when he slashes Mark Antony in the arm. Emmissary tells Mark Antony that Octavian has rejected his offer for single combat and if he and Cleopatra do not surrender, then he will lay siege to the palace. Mark Antony orders Lucius to have a drink with him and Lucius chugs it down. Cleopatra reads the scroll in which Octavian offers her and her children peace if she gives up Mark Antony. Cleopatra struggles with the offer, but Charmian tells her she needs to live. Cleopatra tells Mark Antony that tomorrow they shall commit suicide. Mark Antony and Lucius get drunk and reminisce about old times.

The next morning, Charmian gives Mark Antony a scroll from Cleopatra telling him that she has committed suicide. Mark Antony tells Lucius to leave while he can and Lucius tells him it has been an honor to serve with him. Mark Antony has Lucius hold a sword to his chest and then shoves himself into the sword. Lucius removes the makeup from Mark Antony and dresses him back in his battle attire and places him on his throne. Cleopatra goes into the throne room and calls her and Mark Antony's children to stare at their father. Cleopatra orders an angry Lucius to stop staring at her and after she threatens him, he tells her to kiss his ass. After Cleopatra suggests Lucius follow Mark Antony and commit suicide, he tells her, he must bring Caesarion to safety and that she has been fooled by Octavian. Cleopatra then agrees to send Caesarion with Lucius. Octavian enters the palace of Alexandria and tells Cleopatra that she and her children are all safe and that she will keep her crown. He then suggests that her and her children immediately leave with him to Rome. After the meeting, Cleopatra realizes Lucius was right. She then consults with an Old Woman which poison that won't make her bloated or discolored after death, and Cleopatra decides on using an Asp. Cleopatra then orders Charmian to make sure her children are safe before also committing suicide. Octavian enters the throne room and before dying, Cleopatra tells him his soul is rotten. Titus finds a picture of Atia in Mark Antony's helmet and is ordered by Octavian to find Lucius and Caesarion. Titus finds Lucius and Caesarion camping and meets his son. Lucius and Titus discuss how to escape and Lucius tells Titus that he plans on heading East as a mercenary.

Cleopatra's daughter and son, Helios and Selene, are brought to Atia's home and given to Octavia to take care of and Octavian tells Atia that Mark Antony killed himself. While traveling, Lucius and Titus come across a control point manned by Centurion Varro. After he orders them to go ahead, Centurion Varro asks apologies from Caesarion in his language and Caesarion responds. A battle then erupts and Lucius and Titus kill Centurion Varro and the other legionaries, however Lucius is stabbed in the back. The Newsreader announces to the public Octavian's upcoming Triumph. Titus bring Lucius to the Collegium and tells Vorena the Elder, Vorena the Younger, the boy Lucius and Lyde that Lucius is dying. Vorena the Elder goes to Lucius and kisses him. Before the start of the Triumph, Livia tells Atia that she should be the first in line, and Atia tells her she doesn't care what she or the priests say and that she will walk in front. Atia then warns Livia that better woman have tried to defeat her and they are all dead. The bodies of Mark Antony and Cleopatra are paraded in front of the crowd and Octavian takes pleasure at the adoring crowd. Titus returns to Octavian and tells him he killed Caesarion, but Lucius died. Titus then walks with Caesarion and begins to tell him his true heritage.