Rome: Season 2 Episode 2 Son of Hades

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Lucius Vorenus is brought into the underworld of criminals, while Atia meets a new rival.

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Rome (2005-2007)


Titus Pullo - Ray Stevenson

Lucius Vorenus - Kevin McKidd

Atia of the Julii - Polly Walker

Servilia of the Junii - Lindsay Duncan

Octavia of the Julii - Kerry Condon

Gaia - Zuleikha Robinson

Gaius Octavian - Max Pirkis

Marcus Tullius Cicero - David Bamber

Cleopatra - Lyndsey Marshal

Duro - Rafi Gavron

Eirene - Chiara Mastalli

Levi - Nigel Lindsay

Lyde - Esther Hall

Mascius - Michael Nardone

Memmio - Daniel Cerqueira

Newsreader - Ian McNeice

Acerbo - Alan Williams

Posca - Nicholas Woodeson

Timon - Lee Boardman

Vorena the Elder - Coral Amiga

Mark Antony - James Purefoy

Castor - Manfredi Aliquo'

Yesh - Dominic Atherton

Merula - Lydia Biondi

Caesarion - Nicolo Brecci

Lucius - Alessio Cuna

Rich Merchant - Edward de Souza

Gaul Boss - Federico Firmani

Hannibal Cotta - Cosimo Fusco

Carbo - Giacomo Gonnella

Charmian - Kathryn Hunter

Mary - Julianne Liberto

Deborah - Amy Marston

Head Priest - Michele Melega

Veteran Boss - Federico Pacifici

Bec - Sara Pasqualone

Vorena the Younger - Anna Fausta Primiano

Tyro - Clive Riche

Quintus Boss - Javier Torrecillas

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Detailed Synopsis

Lucius Vorenus, carrying Erastes Fulmen's head, and Titus Pullo return to Lucius' home and Lucius falls onto his bed. Carbo drags along a wounded member of Memmio's gang while being chased by members of another gang. The wounded man falls and dies and Carbo continues to run for his life. Eirene asks Titus to speak with Lucius, and Titus brings him a bowl of porridge while Lucius continues to just sit in bed with Erastes' head rotting on the floor. Atia of the Julii asks Mark Antony to describe Cleopatra to her and he senses her jealousy. Gaius Octavian questions Mark Antony when he will transfer Caesar's money to him as promised in Caesar's will and Mark Antony promises once again to get it done. Cleopatra and Charmian arrive and Posca hands the conditions of the negotiations between Rome and Egypt to Charmian who reads it. Cleopatra also requests that Caesarion be called a legal son of Caesar, which Mark Antony rejects. Rich Merchant complains to Mark Antony that with Erastes Fulmen dead, anarchy has erupted between the rival captains in the Aventine. Marcus Tullius Cicero and Tyro are next in line and Cicero also complains about the violence in the Aventine and then Mark Antony hands him a list of candidates Caesar supposedly had written up for next year's elections. Cicero refuses to endorse all the candidates which he assumes paid Posca to have their names added to the list and Mark Antony compromises. Titus Pullo asks Mark Antony for advice concerning Lucius Vorenus and Mark Antony goes to Lucius' home and demands he take over Erastes Fulmen's role in recompense for his failures after throwing Erastes' head out of the house.

Mark Antony tells Atia that Cleopatra requested Caesarion be recognized and he told her no. As Octavian is walking home, he sees Timon and his men waiting nearby carrying swords. Octavian tells Octavia of the Julii that he thinks Atia is planning on having Servilia of the Junii assassinated after leaving Atia's party. Atia approaches Servilia and tells her she has nothing to fear and offers her friendship once more which Servilia accepts. Octavian threatens to tell Mark Antony about Atia's plan and after he tells Mark Antony, Atia is forced to tell Timon and his men to leave. Cleopatra arrives and she is introduced to Atia, and afterwards she presents Caesarion. Timon returns home to his wife Deborah and his children Mary, Bec and Yesh. He is surprised to find his brother Levi, who has traveled from Judea to Rome. Levi tells him that he is setting up a business in Rome and he will be staying for sometime. Cleopatra leaves the party and as she does Atia whispers for her to die screaming. Levi admits to Timon that he fled Jerusalem to avoid the authorities there. Memmio watches as Carbo and his other men torture and kill a rival gang member who murdered Memmio's man and then tells one to return and tell his boss that Memmio controls everything in the Aventine above a certain point and to stop attacking his men. He is interrupted by a Head Priest who declares a truce and a meeting to be held between all of the gang leaders working in the Aventine. At the meeting, Memmio asks Hannibal Cotta who called the parlay, and Hannibal tells him he doesn't know. Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo arrive and Lucius introduces himself to the leaders including Memmio, Hannibal Cotta, Acerbo, Gaul Boss, Veteran Boss and Quintus Boss. Lucius declares that the war over territory has been declared over by order of Mark Antony and Lucius declares that as the killer of Erastes Fulmen he claims ownership of the Aventine Collegium and that ownership of the Aventine belongs to him. Acerbo says he cannot claim ownership and Lucius offers the captains that once order is restored in the Aventine then they will be paid a certain amount. Acerbo initially refuses the offer and Lucius tells them all that those who oppose him will be his enemy and killed. He then smashes the statue of Concordia, declares the truce lifted, pulls out a sword and asks Acerbo once more if he will work with him, and Acerbo accepts.

Octavian approaches Mark Antony once more and asks him for his money and then tells him that he plans on getting a lawyer to get his money. Castor witnesses Duro being assaulted by a group of men and after shooing the attackers away, Duro offers to suck Castor's dick in exchange for work. Octavian tells Octavia that he plans on getting into politics and Octavia laughs at him. Titus tells Lucius he doesn't like the methods he is taking, but Lucius insists he is doing it for the good of the Republic. Newsreader tells the public Octavian pledges to fulfill the promise of Caesar to give the plebs money stated in the will. Merula tells Atia about Octavian's pledge and Mark Antony and Atia storm into Octavian's room. Octavian tells them he plans on getting into politics and Mark Antony attacks him after Octavian calls Atia a whore. Titus interview Gaia and hires her to supervise the prostitutes. Mascius asks Lucius for a job and after telling Mascius about the dirty business he is about to enter, accepts him into the group. Servilia and Cicero are excited to hear the news about Octavian entering politics as a potential rival to Mark Antony. Atia finds a letter left by Octavian that tells her that he has left to stay with his friend Agrippa. As Octavian and his troops ride south they pass a slave cart with Lyde, Vorena the Elder, Vorena the Younger and Lucius inside of it.