Rome: Season 2 Episode 3 These Being the Words of Marcus Tullius Cicero

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Marcus Tullius Cicero turns the political tide against Mark Antony.

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Rome (2005-2007)


Lucius Vorenus - Kevin McKidd

Titus Pullo - Ray Stevenson

Atia of the Julii - Polly Walker

Servilia of the Junii - Lindsay Duncan

Marcus Junius Brutus - Tobias Menzies

Octavia of the Julii - Kerry Condon

Niobe - Indira Varma

Gaia - Zuleikha Robinson

Marcus Tullius Cicero - David Bamber

Cassius - Guy Henry

Agrippa - Allen Leech

Eleni - Suzanne Bertish

Duro - Rafi Gavron

Eirene - Chiara Mastalli

Lyde - Esther Hall

Newsreader - Ian McNeice

Jocasta - Camilla Rutherford

Memmio - Daniel Cerqueira

Levi - Nigel Lindsay

Mascius - Michael Nardone

Posca - Nicholas Woodeson

Vorena the Elder - Coral Amiga

Timon - Lee Boardman

Mark Antony - James Purefoy

Castor - Manfredi Aliquo'

Yesh - Dominic Atherton

Mrs. Bubo - Nadia Baldi

Merula - Lydia Biondi

Appius - Bruno Bilotta

Clerk - Allan Corduner

Pontic Dignitary - Alessandro Cremona

Lucius - Alessio Cuna

Vizier - Emilio De Marchi

Carbo - Giacomo Gonnella

Guard - Kevin Johnston

Mary - Julianne Liberto

Deborah - Amy Marston

Bec - Sara Pasqualone

Vorena the Younger - Anna Fausta Primiano

Tyro - Clive Riche

Althea - Rebekah Staton

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Detailed Synopsis

Lucius Vorenus wakes up from a dream of the day Niobe killed herself. Gaia breaks up a fight between women and throws them out while Mascius who is playing dice with Titus Pullo and Appius claps in approval. Memmio and Carbo have a meeting with Lucius in which they demand justice on Quintus Bubo for paying a nephew of Carbo's to perform oral sex on him. Lucius denies their request for justice on the grounds that Carbo's nephew was paid. He then tells Titus, who disagreed with him in front of Memmio and Carbo, to never question his authority again. Octavia of the Julii smokes marijuana with her friend Jocasta. Atia of the Julii walks in and asks to smoke some and then insults Jocasta after asking her about Macedonia before walking away. Merula tells Atia that Timon is waiting to see her and when Timon enters, Atia sends him away. Timon returns home to find Levi teaching Yesh, Mary and Bec Hebrew. At dinner, Atia tells Mark Antony that she doesn't want to move to Macedonia once his consulship ends and if he does, he will be vulnerable to his enemies.

Timon catches Levi talking to a man and Levi lies and tells him the man is a saffron trader. Quintus Bubo and Mrs. Bubo enter Lucius' headquarters and he is told that Memmio's men castrated Quintus Bubo. Lucius blames Titus for Memmio disobeying him due to Titus publicly questioning Lucius. Lucius sends Mascius to punish Carbo after Titus refuses and wile arguing with Lucius, Titus accidentally lets slip that he knew Niobe had an affair with Evander Pulchio. Mark Antony holds a meeting with Marcus Tullius Cicero in which he threatens Cicero if he does not give a speech to the senate offering the governorship of Gaul to Mark Antony. Later Titus returns to speak with Lucius Vorenus and apologizes, but Lucius tells him he forgives him. As Carbo is using the public restrooms, he is confronted by Mascius and Appius and Appius rapes him. Agrippa goes to Atia's home and after speaking with Octavia he tells Atia that Gaius Octavian offers his good wishes and hopes that Atia will keep her allegiances open. Atia sends Agrippa away and tells Merula to inform Mark Antony that Agrippa is in Rome. Althea catches Duro messing with the food in the kitchen and promises not to tell anyone. Duro arrives at the home of Servilia of the Junii and Eleni argues with him about seeing Servilia. As Duro is leaving after threatening to walk away, Servilia tells him to come back and then asks him why it is taking so long to poison Atia. Before leaving Duro demands a kiss from Servilia.

In the Province of Bithynia in Eastern Turkey, Cassius and Marcus Junius Brutus are trying to get money from a Bithynian Vizier. Before giving money the Vizier demands to see a Roman woman engage in bestiality with a baboon. Brutus is telling the story of how he stabbed Caesar when a Pontic Dignitary tells him he thinks it was cowardly to stab a dying Caesar. A drunken Brutus demands the Pontic Dignitary stand up and fight him and Cassius drags Brutus away. Mark Antony tells Atia that he didn't have Agrippa arrested because he knows that Cicero will refuse any alliance that Agrippa proposes and he promises not to harm Octavian. Lyde manages to break out of the wooden cell she is being held in with Vorena the Elder, Vorena the Younger and Lucius, but a Guard returns before any of the children can leave. Lucius declares war on Memmio after Memmio's men kill Appius. He then gets into a physical fight with Titus after accusing Titus of having sex with Niobe. Titus and Eirene then leave Lucius and Rome. Brutus has an epiphany and cleanses himself in a river. Cicero and Tyro leave Rome after Cicero leaves a message for the senate to be said by a Clerk. In the senate, the Clerk reads Cicero's message in front of the senators and Mark Antony. In the message, Cicero disparages and insults Mark Antony and Mark Antony, in a fit of rage, beats the Clerk to death once he finishes reading the words of Cicero. Cicero has Tyro write a letter to Octavian accepting his help against Mark Antony. Three months later Newsreader tells the public that Mark Antony has laid siege to the city of Mutinae in Gaul, but an army from Rome, including Octavian are on their way to help lift the siege. Titus and Eirene return to Rome and find Lucius went north with Mark Antony and Mascius in charge of the collegia. As Titus and Eirene are walking away they come across Lyde who tells them the children are still alive. At dinner, Atia dines alone. Duro puts poison in her food and Althea slowly walks it to Atia.