Rome: Season 2 Episode 6 Philippi

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An alliance is formed and Marcus Junius Brutus' military abilities are tested.

Series Index

Rome (2005-2007)


Titus Pullo - Ray Stevenson

Lucius Vorenus - Kevin McKidd

Atia of the Julii - Polly Walker

Marcus Junius Brutus - Tobias Menzies

Octavia of the Julii - Kerry Condon

Gaius Octavian - Simon Woods

Gaia - Zuleikha Robinson

Marcus Tullius Cicero - David Bamber

Cassius - Guy Henry

Agrippa - Allen Leech

Gaius Maecenas - Alex Wyndham

Eirene - Chiara Mastalli

Jocasta - Camilla Rutherford

Acerbo - Alan Williams

Timon - Lee Boardman

Levi - Nigel Lindsay

Posca - Nicholas Woodeson

Memmio - Daniel Cerqueira

Mascius - Michael Nardone

Vorena the Elder - Coral Amiga

Lyde - Esther Hall

Mark Antony - James Purefoy

Aide de Camp - Chris Anderson

Guardsman - Giorgio Antonini

Lucius - Alessio Cuna

Chaperone - Adriana De Guilmi

Rabbi - Vernon Dobtcheff

Gaul Boss - Federico Firmani

Hannibal Cotta - Cosimo Fusco

Confidential Agent - Ian Gunn

Bearded Man - Linal Haft

Blinded Slave - Valerio Isidori

Omnipor - Rocky Marshall

Messenger - Niko Nicotera

Tyro - Clive Riche

Saul - Nuccio Siano

Bearded Man 2 - Julian Stolzenberg

Thug - Daniel Tatarsky

Vorena the Younger - Valery Usai

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Detailed Synopsis

Marcus Junius Brutus and Cassius continue with their army towards Rome. Gaius Octavian and Mark Antony create a list of prominent Roman citizens to kill and Atia of the Julii adds the family of Jocasta. Octavian then gives the list to Agrippa and tells him to give it to Lucius Vorenus to divide among the captains, but to kill Marcus Tullius Cicero himself. Lucius finds Gaia putting makeup on Vorena the Elder and he tells Vorena to take it off. He then has Mascius contact the other captains and tell them there will be a meeting. During the meeting with Memmio, Acerbo, Hannibal Cotta and Gaul Boss, he gives them each a list of ten prominent members of Roman society with orders to kill them and to take from them what they wish. While Vorena the Elder is chasing after the boy Lucius, a man points her out to Omnipor. Omnipor walks up to Vorena the Elder and stares at her after asking a question, and is questioned by Chaperone why he doesn't talk. Chaperone then pulls Vorena the Elder away. Lucius tries to convince the other captains to donate some of the proceeds during the Feast of Pomona. Omnipor calls over the child Lucius and has him give Vorena the Elder twine dolls representing a couple. Lucius tells Titus Pullo that he will be the one to kill Cicero at his villa in Tusculum. Eirene sees Gaia flirting with Titus and asks where he is going and what Gaia was doing. Titus suggests to Lucius that they make a picnic of the trip to Tusculum and Lucius agrees.

Confidential Agent tells Cicero that Octavian and Mark Antony have joined forces. Tyro tells Cicero that armed men are at the door and Cicero hands a hastily written letter telling Brutus about Octavian and Mark Antony's plan to Messenger. Titus approaches Cicero. Tyro threatens Titus with a rusty sword and Cicero tells him to put the sword away. Cicero tells Tyro that he will be freed in his will and Titus kills Cicero. Lyde tries to convince Lucius to let Vorena the Elder marry, but he tells her that no decent man would marry a former prostitute. Lucius the child is almost trampled by Messenger's horse, and Messenger yells at Lucius, who then pulls him off of his horse. Before Lucius can start beating Messenger, Lyde reminds him about the children and Messenger gets back on his horse and rides away, leaving the message Cicero had written. Titus returns and gives Lucius the bag of peaches. Later, Titus nails Cicero's hands to the Senate door. Posca hands Octavian more names of people to kill. Octavia of the Julii approaches Agrippa, who tries to leave and he tells her he wants to avoid awkwardness and he knows he will never be able to marry her due to his lineage. Bearded Man asks Rabbi what assurance they will have if they give money to Herod. Rabbi assures him that by giving money to Herod then he will be in their debt. Bearded Man 2 wonders if the money will be wasted due to the uncertainty of who will rule Rome. Levi and Timon interrupt the meeting and chastise those involved. Levi calls those assembled traitors and a fight breaks out after he spits in the Rabbi's face. After the fight, Thug questions Levi and Timon what the point of attacking the elders was and Timon and Levi tells him and Saul that they are the chosen people. Titus tells Lucius that he wishes he was about to go to war with Octavian and he doesn't think he will be able to adapt to peace. Blinded Slave walks the halls of a hourly hotel and tells Octavia and Agrippa that it is their second hour. Agrippa kisses Octavia goodbye and then leaves. As Octavian, Agrippa, Gaius Maecenas and the army leave, Atia gets Octavia to admit that she is dating Agrippa. Jocasta breaks into Atia's house and begs for help. She then tells Octavia that her entire family has been murdered. Eirene sees Titus polishing his helmet and tells him that she is pregnant.

Cassius sees Brutus admiring his father's ring. Aide de Camp enters their tent and tells them that Octavian and Mark Antony's armies are nearby. Cassius tells Aide de Camp to tell the army to break camp, but Brutus decides they will go to battle. The next day at the Battle of Philippi, Brutus remembers that it is Cassius' birthday. The battle begins and Octavian and Mark Antony's army overwhelms the army of Brutus and Cassius. Cassius is brought dying to Brutus and Brutus orders Aide de Camp to leave and give his best to Servilia of the Junii, while he stays to fight. After stripping off his armor, Brutus is killed by a group of soldiers and his father's ring is stolen.