Rome: Season 2 Episode 8 A Necessary Fiction

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Lucius Vorenus and Gaius Octavian are betrayed by those close to them.

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Rome (2005-2007)


Titus Pullo - Ray Stevenson

Lucius Vorenus - Kevin McKidd

Atia of the Julii - Polly Walker

Octavia of the Julii - Kerry Condon

Gaius Octavian - Simon Woods

Gaia - Zuleikha Robinson

Agrippa - Allen Leech

Gaius Maecenas - Alex Wyndham

Posca - Nicholas Woodeson

Jocasta - Camilla Rutherford

Timon - Lee Boardman

Newsreader - Ian McNeice

Eirene - Chiara Mastalli

Mascius - Michael Nardone

Memmio - Daniel Cerqueira

Lepidus - Ronan Vibert

Acerbo - Alan Williams

Vorena the Elder - Coral Amiga

Cleopatra - Lyndsey Marshal

Mark Antony - James Purefoy

Yesh - Dominic Atherton

Caesarion - Max Baldry

Merula - Lydia Biondi

Lucius - Alessio Cuna

Head Lictor - Kevin Dignam

Chief Legionary - Tim Faraday

Hannibal Cotta - Cosimo Fusco

Livia - Alice Henley

Charmian - Kathryn Hunter

Pharmacopolist - Anna Lambton

Mary - Julianne Liberto

Omnipor - Rocky Marshall

Deborah - Amy Marston

Alfidia - Deborah Moore

Bec - Sara Pasqualone

Vorena the Younger - Valery Usai

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Detailed Synopsis

Gaius Octavian gives a speech to a group of Roman women promising that Rome will reward women for fertility and sanctity in marriage and enact laws that punish adultery and promiscuity. After the speech, Gaius Maecenas points out Livia to Octavian. Maecenas then introduces Alfidia and Livia to Octavian. Octavian asks Livia if she would like to get married to him and she agrees after she divorces her husband. Timon, Bec, Mary, Deborah and Yesh leave Rome for Jerusalem. Posca and Jocasta go to the market and Posca tells Jocasta she can buy anything she wants. He then has a meeting with Maecenas where they discuss stealing a small amount from a gold shipment being brought to the Temple of Saturn by one of Lucius Vorenus' men. Lucius has a meeting with Titus Pullo and Mascius where he tells them of his plan to take the gold shipment by road instead of by ship, which he told Octavian and Mark Antony. As Mascius leaves the meeting he passes Vorena the Elder sweeping just outside the door. Gaia gives Eirene a cup of tea and watches as she drinks it. During the night, Eirene has a miscarriage and after telling Titus she wants to be buried with their baby, she dies. Gaia then watches as Titus and Lucius leave. They then dig a grave and bury Eirene and her baby.

As Mascius is escorting the gold, he and the other men are ambushed. He is brought back to the Collegiate wounded and tells Lucius how he was ambushed and the gold taken. Lucius reports to Octavian and Mark Antony that the gold was stolen and he promises to bring it back. After the meeting, Maecenas accuses Posca of double crossing him and stealing the gold. Lucius goes to the headquarters of Memmio and finds him and his men celebrating. He tells him state property was stolen, but Memmio denies stealing it. Memmio tells Omnipor to tell Hannibal Cotta, Acerbo and the other captains that he wants to have a meeting with them. Maecenas tells Octavian that Mark Antony has been sleeping with Atia of the Julii and Octavia of the Julii has also been lying to Octavian. Merula tells Atia that Octavian demands to see her that evening. Memmio has a meeting with Cotta, Acerbo, Gaul Boss and another captain and tells them they should unite to fight Lucius Vorenus. After they start to leave he throws handfuls of the stolen gold coins at them. Octavian tells Livia that at some point he may beat her to get sexual pleasure. Octavian introduces Livia to Atia, Octavia, Mark Antony and Agrippa. Octavian then accuses Octavia of betraying him and Agrippa admits to sleeping with Octavia. Octavian tells Mark Antony that he must go to Egypt and not come back. Mark Antony grabs Octavian by the throat but lets go and storms out.

Lucius checks on Titus and is told by Gaia that he hasn't eaten or drank any water in two days. Titus guesses that Memmio was the one that stole the gold and thinks Mascius colluded with Memmio. Lucius and Titus question Mascius about the ambush and as they do Vorena the Younger chases after Lucius the boy who is holding one of the dolls Omnipor gave Vorena the Elder. Titus accuses Mascius of being in on the ambush and as he is about to kill Mascius, Luicus recognizes the doll Lucius the boy held is similar to one he saw Omnipor holding earlier. Lucius storms into the children's room and finds Vorena the Elder's chest with all of the dolls Omnipor gave her. Lucius accuses Vorena the Elder of betraying him and she tells him she loves Omnipor and she hates him. Lucius grabs Vorena the Elder and starts to strangle her but walks away after Titus points out that the other children are watching. The Newsreader tells the populace that Mark Antony will be leaving for Egypt as Supreme Governor of Egypt and the Eastern Provinces.

Mark Antony approaches the home of Atia and as the Head Lictor tells the soldiers in front of the house to make way, Chief Legionary blocks their way. The Head Lictor asks Mark Antony if they shall use force to enter, and Mark Antony tells him no and then starts yelling Atia's name. Atia opens the door and Mark Antony tells her he is leaving, but he will send for her. Lucius goes to Mark Antony and asks to join him in Egypt and Mark Antony accepts. Lucius tells Titus goodbye and to tell the children he tried. Atia surprises Octavia by sneaking Agrippa into their house and Agrippa tells Octavia that he cannot see her again, or betray Octavian. She then walks away after calling him a coward and tells Agrippa she is pregnant, but does not know who the father is. Memmio, Gaul Boss, Veteran Boss and Hannibal Cotta and their men approach the Collegiate and confront Titus and the collegiate men and Quintus Boss and his men. Memmio calls out to Titus and calls for a parlay. Titus holds out his hand and as Memmio sticks out his, Titus grabs it and pulls Memmio towards him and bites out his tongue. Titus then throws his axe, killing Omnipor. The battle begins and Titus, Mascius, Gaia and Quintus Boss slaughter the others. Mark Antony arrives in Egypt and is greeted by Cleopatra.