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Mikhail Rostov is a KGB Agent. He was captured by Matt Hunter years ago while trying to assassinate an American ambassador.

During the events of Invasion U.S.A. (1985) played by Richard Lynch

A group of Cuban refugees are on a boat heading to Miami. Rostov, wearing an American Navy uniform, maneuvers his ship next to theirs and tells the refugees welcome to the United States and then walks to the lower deck and sticks out his hand to Sick Old Man. As Sick Old Man reaches for Rostov, Rostov shoots him in the head and the rest of the refugees are shot and killed. Rostov calls for Nikko who brings Castillo onto the refugee boat, and Castillo shows Tomas where cocaine is hidden on the boat. Rostov walks into a building and has a meeting with Mickey. Rostov tosses a bag full of cocaine towards Mickey who then has one of his men make a phone call. Mickey hands Rostov the phone and Nikko tells Rostov that the weapons are all there. Mickey's Coke Girl starts snorting some of the coke and Rostov shoves her head into the coke, shoving the coke straw into her nose. He then grabs Mickey's gun and shoots Mickey in the crotch with it after killing Mickey's guards. Rostov throws Mickey's Coke Girl through the window and leaves. Rostov wakes up from a nightmare from when he was captured by Matt Hunter and tells Nikko they must kill Matt. Nikko advises against it, but Rostov demands Matt die. Rostov and a group of men take four air boats and head to Matt's house. They arrive at his house shortly before John Eagle does and after John Eagle warns Matt, John Eagle is shot and killed by Nikko. Rostov and his men then shoot and blow up Matt's house including Tomas, Kurt and Koyo. In Miami, Rostov and Nikko are at a restaurant and Rostov calls Americans decadent and says they are their own worst enemies. A large group of men from different countries jump off the boats and run onto the beach with weapons. They run to different commercial trucks and are split into different groups to be sent to different major cities in the United States. Rostov tells Nikko, in 18 hours, America will be a different place. Rostov and Nikko drive up and watch as kids play football as Girl in Car and Boy in Car kiss. Rostov and Nikko then proceed to blow up the neighborhood with a bazooka. Later, Waitress at Beach gives Rostov and Kurt a beer as they watch a Newscaster tell the audience about a wave of violence. Male Tourist comments that he is surprised it has taken terrorists this long to make it to the United States. Later, Rostov questions Tomas about what he told Matt. Tomas tells him Matt told him it was time to die and after Tomas spits in his face, Rostov shoots Tomas in the crotch multiple times and kills him. Nikko tells Rostov that Matt killed Koyo and he and Nikko leave. Rostov is watching a series of newscasts when he sees a report on the arrest of Matt in Miami who will be moved to Atlanta. A Newscaster asks Matt if he has anything to say and he looks into the news camera and says Nikko was easy and now it is your turn. Rostov grabs the television and throws it to the ground. Rostov tells the other men in the room to bring all of the terrorists for an attack on Atlanta. Rostov and his men attack an armored car company and Security Guard is shot and killed by Rostov and his men who then steal the armored trucks. The armored trucks full of terrorists break through the barriers of the Atlanta headquarters and a helicopter with Rostov in it lands on the top of the building. A battle erupts between the National Guard and the terrorists. Matt appears on the top of the headquarters building and kills the terrorist helicopter pilot with a bazooka. The terrorists enter the building but find it empty and a group of tanks surround the building. Rostov realizes it is a trap and the terrorists run out of the building and find themselves surrounded. A terrorist shoots at a National Guard helicopter and a battle erupts. Matt slowly makes his way into the building killing terrorists as he goes. Rostov chases after Matt when Matt runs out of ammunition. Matt ambushes Rostov and they start hand to hand fighting. Rostov finds a bazooka and starts searching for Matt. The terrorists give up and the National Guard celebrate. Matt sneaks behind Rostov and shoots him with a bazooka round after whispering it is time, and Rostov is blown out of the building.

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