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Sanchez is a drug smuggler and gang member. He is a marielito and was a prisoner of Colonel Fernandez.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 1 Episode 9 Mad Over Miami played by Ismael Carlo

Sanchez's helicopter goes to Cuba to steal money used for a prisoner swap. He is showing his men how to use a heat seeking missile when Stringfellow Hawke and Dominic show up in Airwolf. Sanchez fires the heat seeking missile at Airwolf, and Hawke then attacks Sanchez's camp. Sanchez surrenders and when Hawke asks him where he got the money to buy all of his weapons, Sanchez pulls out a phone with a direct line to Michael Coldsmith Briggs III. Later, Sanchez has his men kidnap Hawke and he demands Hawke give him Airwolf, but Hawke manages to escape. Sanchez takes a helicopter to Cuba and attacks Hawke in Airwolf and Dominic and Stella Rivera in Dominic's helicopter. Hawke then blows Sanchez and his helicopter out of the sky with Airwolf.