Santa Buddies (2009)

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The Buddies help Puppy Paws save Christmas.




Bob - Craig Anton

Mikey - Andrew Astor

Mural Painter - Charisse Baker

Santa Paws - Tom Bosley

Buddha - Field Cate

Sniffer - Tim Conway

Comet - Chris Coppola

Budderball - Josh Flitter

Bartleby - Nico Ghisi

Clark - Ben Giroux

B-Dawg - Skyler Gisondo

Puppy Paws - Zachary Gordon

Sam - Ryan Grantham

Pete's Mom - Ellie Harvey

Eddy the Elf Dog - Richard Kind

Stan Cruge - Christopher Lloyd

Pete - Quinn Lord

Alice - Sophia Ludwig

Tiny - Kaitlyn Maher

Mexican Girl - Isabella Montes

Billy - Gig Morton

Rosebud - Liliana Mumy

Ellis - Nic Novicki

Mudbud - Ty Panitz

Elpert - Mikey Post

Hank - Paul Rae

James the Butler - William Samples

Sheriff Dan - Michael Teigen

Santa Claus - George Wendt

Eli the Elf - Danny Woodburn

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Detailed Synopsis

At the North Pole, Santa Claus and Santa Paws walk to a cave and Santa Paws tells Santa that if the Great Christmas Icicle melts there will be no Christmas magic. Santa mentions that kids these days only think about themselves instead of giving to others less fortunate. Puppy Paws flies on Santa's sleigh and rides it to Santa's workshop. He says he wants to go for another ride, but Comet tells him they are too tired. Eli the Elf and Eddy the Elf Dog sing Christmas songs in the workshop. Ellis also joins in on the singing along with Elpert. Puppy Paws walks into the workshop and turns the workshop speed knob to fast, causing chaos. Ellis walks over to Elpert and Elpert tells him he checked the speed knob just a few minutes ago. Eli and Eddy walk up to them. They all see Puppy Paws next to the knob and Puppy Paws is brought in front of Santa and Santa Paws. Eddy tells Puppy Paws the elves are very upset with him and are now behind schedule. Santa Paws tells Puppy Paws that he is grounded until further notice. Puppy Paws says he wishes Christmas would go away and then leaves.

In the town of Fernfield, Sheriff Dan leads a group of carolers while Sniffer, Buddha, Budderball, B-Dawg, Mudbud and Rosebud watch. Sniffer starts to sing along and invites the others to join in, but B-Dawg says he doesn't sing, he raps. Budderball tells Sniffer he is still in trouble for eating the Thanksgiving turkey. Sniffer asks if he is worried Santa Paws won't visit him. Mudbud tells Sniffer, if Santa Paws was real there would be more soot from him coming down the chimney. Rosebud says she also doesn't really believe in Santa Paws, but likes the presents, and Buddha chastises her for never being satisfied with what she has. Sheriff Dan thanks everyone for coming to see the annual lighting of the town Christmas tree and turns on the tree lights. Stan Cruge drives by in his vehicle and the lights on the tree explode. As Stan drives by, Tiny hides behind a trash can. She knocks over the trash can when Stan leaves and finds a large mostly uneaten steak inside. She gives a prayer of thanks, but as she is eating the steak, she is caught by Stan.

Puppy Paws stares at the melting Great Christmas Icicle and says he just wants to be a normal puppy and wishes Christmas would disappear and the Great Christmas Icicle cracks. Santa and Santa Paws read through the Naughty Dog book and comes to the page for Budderball, who was found by James the Butler after he had eaten the entire Thanksgiving turkey. Eli tells Santa they have the mail truck ready for a systems check. As Santa and Santa Paws walk away, Puppy Paws looks at the naughty book and steals the page on Budderball. Eddy calls off different cities, and the mail truck changes to fit the culture. Puppy Paws jumps into the mail truck as Eli drives away. A large piece of the Great Christmas Icicle breaks off and the power in the workshop goes out. Elpert opens the master control and tells Eddy he doesn't like the look of it. Eli arrives in Fernfield and Puppy Paws runs out of the mail truck. Mural Painter is painting a mural for Fernfield Hardware when Puppy Paws walks by and his Christmas icicle necklace causes the music on her radio to change and the Mural Painter messes her mural up. Elpert tells Santa they have tapped into all the Christmas energy and Ellis tells Santa the North Pole is starting to melt. Clark is taking photos for the parents of children as their kids tell Hank, dressed as Santa, what they want. Mikey is next and asks Hank to deliver a letter for him to the real Santa. The wind blows off Mikey's letter and Bob picks it up. As Puppy Paws walks by the town tree display, his icicle necklace briefly makes the lights come back on. Stan sees Puppy Paws and tries to catch him, but Puppy Paws escapes.

Comet tells Santa and Santa Paws that all of the reindeer have come down with the flu. Puppy Paws climbs into the Christmas window display at the Fernfield Sweets store and goes to sleep. Eli returns and tells, Elpert, Ellis and Eddy, the mail truck almost ran out of power. In the morning, Budderball stops and stares at the sweets store and sees Puppy Paws, but is called away by Bartleby. Puppy Paws runs out of the store and passes by the town tree again and the lights turn on momentarily once more. He walks up to Sniffer and Sniffer tells him where Budderball lives. At Livingston Manor, Budderball helps Bartleby decorate the Christmas tree. James the Butler puts the angel on top of the tree and Puppy Paws sneaks into the house. Puppy Paws introduces himself to Budderball and Budderball shows him the kitchen. Puppy Paws eats all the cookies that were being made and James the Butler catches Budderball near the cookie crumbs and he is sent to the dog pen. Budderball takes Puppy Paws to meet his siblings. B-Dawg takes Puppy Paws to his house and they show each other their dance moves, but during it, Puppy Paws breaks a vase. B-Dawg takes Puppy Paws to Mudbud's house. Mudbud shows Puppy Paws how to roll in the mud and then they go inside of Mudbud's house and Mudbud shows Puppy Paws the cleanest room in the house. Puppy Paws shakes the mud off of him and the magic of the icicle necklace changes the mud spatters into Christmas shapes. Pete's Mom comes downstairs and Pete walks into the room and Mudbud is blamed for the dirty room. Mudbud takes Puppy Paws to Rosebud's house Alice dresses Rosebud in a pink coat. Puppy Paws runs inside the house and the power of the icicle changes Rosebud's outfit to one that makes Rosebud scream. Puppy Paws goes to Buddha's house and Buddha shows him his Ming Dynasty Buddha statue. The power of the icicle changes the Buddha statue into a snowman statue.

Bob goes to the dog pound and Stan shows him the dogs in the pound, while also being mean to the dogs. Bob sees Tiny and asks to buy her and Stan tells him she is 300 dollars. Bob offers him 50 dollars, but Stan refuses his offer and as he leaves, Bob leaves Mikey's letter to Santa. Buddha brings Puppy Paws to see his siblings and Rosebud suggests they play hide and seek. They all run away as Puppy Paws is counting down and Puppy Paws overhears them talking about him behind his back and he walks away. Buddha chastises his siblings for blaming Puppy Paws and they admit Puppy Paws isn't responsible for their woes. Puppy Paws is captured by Stan and driven to the pound and his icicle necklace is taken by Stan. Santa and Santa Paws check on the Christmas Icicle and see it is almost gone. Tiny introduces herself to Puppy Paws and she tells him that he is where the dogs go that no one cares about. Tiny sings Puppy Paws a song about Christmas miracles. Eli finds the naughty dog page with Budderball in the mail truck and tells Santa, he knows where Puppy Paws is. Eli and Eddy drive to Fernfield to save Puppy Paws. Budderball brings Eddy to his siblings and Eddy tells them he needs their help. Rosebud figures out Puppy Paws might be in the pound and they head there. Eli walks over to the Santa display and Clark accuses him of trying to skip out on work. The Buddies and Eddy sneak into the pound and return Puppy Paws' collar and he uses the power of the icicle to open the cage door. Stan returns and Puppy Paws and the Buddies run away while Eddy, Tiny and the other pound dogs charge at Stan and start licking him. Puppy Paws finds Eli and they use the power of the icicle to power up the Santa display sleigh. Eddy tells Stan that Santa didn't give him a puppy, because he knew Stan's mother was highly allergic to dogs and tells Stan it is time to let Christmas back into his heart. Eddy then uses his magic icicle necklace to escape.

The Buddies pull the sleigh and return Puppy Paws to the North Pole after flying by the dog pound and Stan. Stan believes in Christmas again and the Great Christmas Icicle grows a little and the lights come back on in the workshop. Eli tells Clark about the Great Christmas Icicle and explains to him why his job as an elf representative is so important. Eddy tells Eli they have to return to the North Pole and Eli says goodbye to Clark. Puppy Paws apologizes to Santa Paws for not understanding how important Christmas was and introduces the Buddies to him. Puppy Paws introduces the Buddies to Santa and Eli and Eddy return. The Mural Painter completes her mural and Stan puts up a sign offering free puppies to very good homes. Clark takes his job more seriously and the lights come on on the town Christmas tree and Sheriff Dan and Sniffer celebrate. Comet and the other reindeer do a test run, but are still too sick. The Buddies are strapped to the sleigh and B-Dawg's nose turns red. Stan goes to church and see Bob and Mikey there. Pete, Bartleby, Billy, Alice and Sam pray the night before Christmas. Stan finds Mikey's letter and brings Tiny to Mikey's house. Stan rings the doorbell and then runs away and Mikey finds Tiny outside. Puppy Paws and the Buddies deliver the presents to all the kids of the world including Mexican Girl. who tells them Feliz Navidad. They go to Mikey's house and find Tiny and she tells him her Christmas wish came true. Puppy Paws uses the power of the icicle to make a giant feast appear on the kitchen table and he thanks Tiny for showing him the true meaning of Christmas. The Great Christmas Icicle regains full power and Santa and Santa Paws pick up Puppy Paws and he is promoted. Puppy Paws says goodbye to the Buddies and he returns to the North Pole with Santa and Santa Paws. The Buddies return to their respective home and are petted by their family. Bob goes to the pound and invites Stan to Christmas dinner. The townspeople gather at the town Christmas tree and carol together.