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[[Three Boys|Boy 2]] - [[Jesus Brook]]
[[Three Boys|Boy 2]] - [[Jesus Brook]]
[[Three Boys|Boy 3]] - [[Ruben Ramirez G.]]
[[Three Boys|Boy 3]] - [[Ruben Ramirez|Ruben Ramirez G.]]
[[Maria Santa Claus|Maria]] - [[Queta Lavat|Enriqueta Lavat]]
[[Maria Santa Claus|Maria]] - [[Queta Lavat|Enriqueta Lavat]]

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A devil named Pitch works against Santa Claus to try and foil Christmas.




Santa Claus - Jose Elias Moreno

Pedro - Cesareo Quezadas

The Devil - Jose Luis Aguirre

The Magician Merlin - Armando Arriola

The Poor Girl - Lupita

The Rich Boy - Antonio Diaz Conde Hijo

Lupita's Mother - Nora Veryan

Bill - Leopoldo Ortin Jr.

The Rich Boy's Father - Manolo Calvo

Boy 1 - Jose Carlos Mendez

Boy 2 - Jesus Brook

Boy 3 - Ruben Ramirez G.

Maria - Enriqueta Lavat

The Keymaker - Angel D'Stefani

Maria's Father - Guillermo Bravo Sosa

Graciela Lara

Rosa Maria Aguilar

Lupita's Father

The Rich Boy's Mother


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Detailed Synopsis

In a cloud castle above the North Pole lives Santa Claus. Santa sits down at his piano and plays music while children from all over the world work to make toys while singing songs from their respective cultures. In hell, Pitch The Devil and a group of other devils dance until Lucifer orders them to leave, except Pitch. Lucifer orders Pitch to go to the surface to make all of the Earth's children commit evil acts. On Earth, a group of children stare into a store window at all of the toys inside including Billy The Rich Boy and Lupita, The Poor Girl. Lupita's dream is to own a doll. A group of Three Boys push and shove their way to the front of the window. Pitch then approaches the boys and convinces them to turn against Santa Claus. Pitch produces three rocks and the boys then throw the rocks at the Santa display. shattering the store front glass. Santa has his helper named Pedro use the telescope to find the good children. They locate Lupita watching a puppet show in Mexico. Lupita goes to a stand holding a doll and grabs it. Pitch appears and tries to convince her to take it, but Lupita eventually puts it back. Santa watching through his telescope is happy to see that Lupita doesn't steal the doll. Santa next uses the telescope to find the Rich Boy. Santa uses the dreamscope to see what the boy is dreaming about. In the dream, the boy runs downstairs and opens two large boxes containing his parents who hug and kiss him. They next view Lupita in her home and see her sleeping. Pitch returns to Lupita trying to enter her dream. Lupita dreams she is standing in a ghostly world holding a doll, all of a sudden boxes open up and life size dolls walk and dance around her. A doll tells her to steal and that the dolls don't like good girls, but Lupita tells it she doesn't want to be evil and Lupita wakes up. Santa vows revenge on Pitch for bothering Lupita and next the telescope is used to try and find out what the three bad boys are planning. They hear the kids talking about breaking windows and stealing toys from others. The Rich Boy writes a letter to Santa asking that his parent's stay home with him on Christmas Eve. At the Post Office, letters to Santa are put into a furnace, but magically appear in Santa's castle, where Santa revels in all of the letters. Santa reads letters sent from children, putting the letters from good kids into one slot, while letters from bad kids are put into another slot, and those asking for a sibling are put into a slot next to a stork. Santa goes to The Magician Merlin's laboratory where he is making a new form of a rainbow. Merlin gives Santa the sleeping powder that will help the children sleep on Christmas Eve and the flower to disappear. Santa then goes to see the Master Blacksmith and The Keymaker, who gives him the golden key that opens all doors. Santa tests out the key and then uses a Mueller Belt Machine to lose some weight so he can fit down the chimneys. Santa takes the Trans Heavenly Airways flight SC707 to Earth. The flight consists of mechanical reindeer that pull a sled. The children from the world working at his workshop pour the presents they have made into a giant sack on the sled. Pedro gives Santa the book with the list of good kids in it and then Santa flies off after being reminded he has to return before the sun comes up.

The Rich Boy's Mother says bye to him and then she and The Rich Boy's Father leave to go out on Christmas Eve. The three bad boys talk of their plan to capture Santa so they may steal all of his toys and make him their slave. Lupita asks her mother who Santa is and then tells her mother that she doesn't think Santa likes her because he has never brought her a doll. Santa arrives in Mexico City and is spotted by Pitch. Pitch pushes a chimney out of place and when Santa jumps into the chimney he smells Sulfur and realizes Pitch is nearby. Santa then jumps to the ground using his magic parasol and uses his magic key to enter the house. Santa hears Pitch putting the chimney back into place and blows ash into Pitch's face. At another house Pitch makes flames erupt in the fireplace, almost catching Santa on fire. Pitch then uses his breath to make the keyhole hot, but Santa enters through the window and uses a toy cannon to shoot Pitch in the butt. The Rich Kid walks down stairs from his room and then falls asleep on a chair thinking of his parents. Santa arrives at the Rich Boy's house and drops off presents, but allows the boy to see him in a dreaming state. Santa tells the boy his parents love him and then he puts him back into a sleeping state of consciousness. Santa appears as a waiter in the restaurant the rich kid's parents are at and gives them the cocktail of remembrance. The Rich Kid's parents return home and then wake up the Rich Boy and hug him. Pitch returns to the three bad kids and they set a rope trap for Santa, but a large bright light scares them. The boys run into their house and find Santa has left each of them a shoe with coal in it. Pitch sees Santa climb down a chimney and then climbs up his ladder and tries to make the reindeer fly off, but they refuse to obey him. Pitch then cuts the bag with the sleeping powder and flower to disappear with scissors and Santa flies off. Santa walks by the dog house belonging to Dante who then runs after Santa, forcing Santa to climb a tree. Pitch appears and tells Santa he is going to wake everyone up so that they may see Santa. Pitch wakes up a couple named Maria and her husband Bill who argue who is going to find out who is outside along with Maria's Father. Pitch has Maria's Mother call the police saying their is an assassin outside. Pitch tells Lupita that Santa only gives presents to the rich and Lupita wakes up and asks her mother if it is true. Lupita's mother tells her to go back to sleep. Santa cries out for help and Pedro goes and tells Merlin that Santa needs help. As the police and firemen approach, Merlin tells Santa to use one of his wind up cat toys and Dante runs after the cat, allowing Santa to get away. The firemen see smoke and use their hose to spray Pitch who runs off. The flower to disappear lands in Lupita's house and her Lupita's Father returns and tells her mother that he still didn't find any work. Lupita wakes up and goes outside and finds a large doll sitting outside the door to her house. Lupita thanks Santa Claus and Santa returns to his castle happy in the knowledge he has brought happiness to children.