Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964)

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Martians kidnap Santa Claus in order to bring happiness to their children.




Santa Claus - John Call

Kimar - Leonard Hicks

Voldar - Vincent Beck

Dropo - Bill McCutcheon

Billy - Victor Stiles

Betty - Donna Conforti

Bomar - Chris Month

Girmar - Pia Zadora

Momar - Leila Martin

Hargo - Charles Renn

Rigna - James Cahill

Andy Henderson - Ned Wertimer

Mrs. Claus - Doris Rich

Chochem - Carl Don

Winky - Ivor Bodin

Stobo - Al Nesor

Shim - Joe Elic

Lomas - Jim Bishop

Children TV Announcer - Lin Thurmond

TV News Announcer - Don Blair

Von Green - Carl Don

Santa's Helpers - Tony Ross, Scott Aronesty, Ronnie Rothol , Glenn Schaffer

Polar Bear


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Detailed Synopsis

On the television inside a Martian home, Children TV Announcer tells the audience that their special correspondent, Andy Henderson is going to be interviewing Santa Claus. Andy Henderson enters Santa's workshop and Santa tells him that they will be ready with toys on Christmas. Mrs. Claus walks up to them and tells Santa he needs to get to painting toys and then becomes embarrassed when she realizes she is on camera. Santa introduces Henderson to his head elf, Winky and shows Henderson a couple of toys they are working on including a Martian doll. On Mars, Kimar uses a tickle ray on Dropo to get him to wake up and get back to work. Dropo tells Kimar that the children haven't been eating and Kimar blames it on the Earth programs that they watch. Kimar walks into the room and finds Girmar and Bomar watching the Santa interview. Girmar asks Bomar what a doll is and Bomar asks Girmar what tender loving care is. Kimar then orders the children to bed. Momar comes home with new flavors of food pills to try and get the children to eat. Kimar tells Momar that he has talked to the other planet chiefs and it is the same around the planet, something is wrong with the children. Momar suggests Kimar ask the advice of Chochem the Ancient One. Kimar holds a meeting with the other council chiefs at Thunder Forest including Lomas, Rigna, Hargo and Voldar. Chochem tells the council chiefs about Christmas and that the children need to be children instead of adult minds in children's bodies and they need Santa Claus on Mars. Chochem then disappears in a cloud of smoke. Kimar decides to kidnap Santa Claus, but Voldar is against it because he thinks it will make his kids become a nuisance.

The five martian chiefs travel to Earth and search for Santa. When they spot multiple Santa's they decide that they must find the one real Santa. A TV News Announcer comes on the air and tells the viewers that an unidentified flying object has been spotted in Earth's orbit and the military is tracking it. Rigna tells Kimar that Earth is tracking them with radar and they turn on their radar shields. After the radar shields are found to be malfunctioning, Rigna opens the radar shield box and finds Dropo hiding in it. The TV News Announcer tells the audience that the UFO has disappeared and the government has ordered the Strategic Air Command into action. Billy and Betty are listening to the news on the radio about the UFO. Professor Warner Von Green is of the opinion that the UFO was a Martian spaceship and not a meteorite. Betty screams when she sees the Martians run up to them and Betty and Billy are asked where Santa lives. Billy tells them that Santa lives in the North Pole and the kids are kidnapped so they can't tell the authorities about the Martians. The TV News Announcer then tells the audience about Billy and Betty being missing. Dropo shows Billy and Betty around the spaceship and is forced to hide them when the other Martians enter the navigation deck.

The Martians land at the North Pole and Kimar activates Torg. Billy and Betty escape from the spaceship, but before they do Billy rips out the radar wires. Voldar tells Kimar that the children have escaped and Kimar sends Torg after them. Voldar is about to find the children when a Polar Bear starts walking his way and he runs away. Betty and Billy run into a cave to escape from the Polar Bear, which tries to grab them. Eventually the Polar Bear leaves and the kids are captured by Torg. Voldar tells Torg to kill the children, but luckily Kimar programmed Torg to only obey himself. Kimar, Rigna, Voldar and Torg arrive at Santa's Workshop and Torg breaks down the door. Santa turns Torg into a toy, forcing the Martians to enter the workshop. Voldar uses a gun to freeze Winky and another elf and then Rigna uses his freeze gun to freeze Mrs. Claus when she enters the room. Santa is then kidnapped by the Martians. The TV News Reporter then reports that Santa Claus has been kidnapped and the UN is holding a special meeting to figure out what to do. Warner Von Green says his department has accelerated their astronaut program to go and bring Santa back to Earth. Hargo comes onto the Martian navigation deck and tells the other Martians a joke Santa told him. In their prison cell, Santa tells Billy and Betty a story when he mistook the smoke stack of the Queen Elizabeth ship for a chimney. The Martians discover that Billy has broken their radar shield and an Earth spaceship is following them. Voldar takes Santa and the children on a tour of the ship and leaves them in the air lock, which he locks when he leaves. Voldar turns on the controls to open the space door and when Kimar enters the navigation deck he tells him that Santa and the children are no more. Voldar and Kimar fight, but stop when Santa and the children enter the navigation deck. Rignar and Hargo go to the spaceship's prison cell to take Voldar in front of the Council to be put on trial when they find Dropo tied up and Voldar gone.

Kimar arrives home with Santa and Billy and Betty. Momar greets the guests and tells Kimar their children are still sad. Kimar introduces Betty, Billy and Santa to his children and they all start laughing. Kimar tells Santa that they will set up a toy shop for him and tells him that he will never return to Earth. Voldar hatches a plan with Stobo and Shim to discredit Santa. Santa and the Mars and Earth children create toys using an automated machine that spits out toys onto a conveyor belt. They finish for the day and close shop for the night. Kimar notices that Billy and Betty seem sad and Momar tells him that they are homesick. Dropo takes one of Santa's suits and puts on a fake beard. He decides to go back to the toy shop to make more toys and is captured by Voldar, Stobo and Shim after they mess with the toy machine's controls. The next morning Santa tells Momar that his extra suit is missing and Kimar tells him Dropo is missing also. Santa and the kids go to the toy shop and find the machine is producing mismatched toys. Voldar and Stobo go to Kimar's house while Shim stays behind to watch Dropo. Voldar tells Kimar that they are holding Santa hostage, but is surprised when Santa is in his workshop. Voldar and Kimar are then taken hostage by Kimar. Dropo switches the light bulbs on the "nuclear curtain" and escapes. Voldar knocks Kimar unconscious and as Billy goes to get something from the storeroom, he hears that they plan on killing Santa. When Voldar goes in the toy workshop to kill Santa he is attacked by the children. Dropo arrives and Kimar regains consciousness and Voldar and Stobo are taken to jail. Dropo becomes the Martian Santa Claus and Santa, Betty and Billy go back home to Earth on the Martian spaceship.