Scientist (Day of the Dead)

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Dr. Engel is a researcher in Top Secret viral research in Leadville, Colorado. He is currently working on Project Wildfire.

During the events of Day of the Dead (2008) played by Pat Kilbane

Scientist records a video where he says that the Wildfire virus mutated and all the researchers became infected. During the video, the Scientist changes into a Wildfire Zombie. Doctor Logan tells Sarah Bowman, Salazar, Trevor Bowman and Nina that the virus was supposed to paralyze enemy troops and was intended to save lives. They hear a growl and the Scientist Zombie is standing in the hallway. They shoot at it, but it dodges the bullets and disappears. As they are trying to escape, Doctor Logan is grabbed by the Scientist Zombie and killed. The Scientist Zombie grabs Sarah and Bud Crain Zombie shoots at it. The Scientist Zombie then runs over and rips off Crain's head. The Zombies chase after Sarah and the trap goes off, killing all of the Zombies in the area including Scientist Zombie.