Sgt. Daniel Bryant

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Sgt. Daniel Bryant


Daniel Bryant is a sergeant with the Royal Marines on the HMS Erebus in the Discovery Service for the British Royal Navy.

During the events of The Terror: Season 1 Episode 2 Gore played by Richard Riddell

Spring, 1847, Lt. Graham Gore's group, consisting of Henry Goodsir, Thomas Hartnell, John Morfin, Charles Des Voeux, Henry Peglar, Charles Best and Bryant, heads towards King William Island. Goodsir mentions that Dr. MacDonald lent him his journal about his experience meeting a group of Inuk. Gore's group makes it to the edge of the ice shelf. They leave their boat behind and climb over the ice shelf onto King William Island. They walk to the cairn of Sir James Ross and Gore leaves a message behind indicating they are doing well. Gore and Bryant go towards the second cairn while the rest of the group retrieve the boat. Goodsir and the others return to the boat and find it overturned and their supplies scattered. Des Voeux thinks a bear did it, and Goodsir worries there might be more than one. Gore's group is forced inside their tents when they are bombarded by large hail. While they are huddled in their tents, they hear a creature roar. Bryant tells the others, he and Gore were being tracked by a bear. He tells everyone to grab a rifle and when he sees a shadow, shoots at it, hitting a Shaman. Goodsir is called over and finds Lady Silence crying over the wounded Shaman. She starts to say something and worriedly looks around. The others run towards the wounded Shaman, leaving Gore behind. As Goodsir watches, the Tuunbaq charges at Gore and kills him.

During the events of The Terror: Season 1 Episode 3 The Ladder played by Richard Riddell

June, 1847, George Chambers offers to trade his ration of salt pork to Bryant for blind duty. Bryant tells him, Henry Lloyd saw the Tuunbaq from the ship and Bryant admits some guilt over shooting the Shaman. John Franklin, along with Goodsir, walks to the men stationed at the hunting blind, consisting of Bryant, Pvt. William Heather and Sgt. Solomon Tozer. He asks them what bait they are using and they tell him rats. Goodsir takes a photo of Franklin with the men at the blind. Franklin is invited by Tozer and Heather to wait in the blind with them and Bryant is suddenly grabbed and killed by the Tuunbaq.