Shaun of the Dead (2004)

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Shaun has to sort his life out while surviving during a zombie apocalypse.


Apocalyptic, Viral

Horror, Comedy


Shaun - Simon Pegg

Liz - Kate Ashfield

Ed - Nick Frost

Dianne - Lucy Davis

David - Dylan Moran

Mary - Nicola Cunningham

Clubber 1 - Kier Mills

Clubber 2 - Matt Jaynes

Football Kid - Gavin Ferguson

Pete - Peter Serafinowicz

Homeless Man - Horton Jupiter

The Usher - Tim Baggaley

Nelson - Arvind Doshi

Noel - Rafe Spall

Danny - Sonnell Dadral

Woman on Trisha - Samantha Day

Trisha Goddard - Herself

Grave Scientist - David Park

Distraught Vox Pop - Finola Geraghty

Philip - Bill Nighy

Distressed Man - Robert Fitch

Florist - Sharon Gavin

Pigeon Man - Patch Connolly

Yvonne - Jessica Stevenson

Snakehips - Stuart Powell

Spinster - Patricia Franklin

John - Steve Emerson

Bernie - Phyllis McMahon

Krishnan Guru-Murthy - Himself

Carole Barnes - Herself

Rob Butler - Himself

Jeremy Thompson - Himself

Vernon Kay - Himself

Hulking Zombie - Mark Donovan

Grizzled Zombie - Christopher Harwood

Barbara - Penelope Wilton

Declan - Martin Freeman

Mark - Reece Shearsmith

Maggie - Tamsin Greig

Yvonne's Mum - Julia Deakin

Cousin Tom - Matt Lucas

Pyjama Zombie - Nick Ewans

Trisha Zombie - Alex Lutes

Chris Martin - Himself

Jonny Buckland - Himself

Keith Chegwin - Himself

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Detailed Synopsis

Shaun is at the Winchester Tavern with Liz, Ed, Dianne and David, when John calls for last orders. Liz tells Shaun she thinks they should spend more time as a couple. She brings up how Shaun always invites Ed to hang out with them, while she in turn always invites Dianne and David to come out. As they are talking, David butts in and starts to speak for Liz. Liz says she wants to do more than just come to the Winchester every night and Shaun promises to make them dinner plans for just the two of them.

The next day things continue as normal, Mary scans people's groceries, while Distressed Man and another man wait for the bus, Clubber 1 and Clubber 2 slowly walk down the street and Football Kid practices tricks outside. Shaun wakes up and when he sits down to play a video game with Ed, Ed brings up that Shaun has work. As Shaun is getting ready for work, Pete accuses Ed of leaving the door open overnight. Pete starts critiquing Ed, while Shaun defends Ed and Pete finally asks when Ed is going to move out. Noel calls Ed and asks Ed if he has any marijuana to sell. Before leaving for work, Pete asks Ed to do simple chores around the house and Ed repeatedly mumbles he will, but then tells Shaun he won't do anything Pete asked. As Shaun is leaving, Liz calls and leaves a message asking Shaun to change the reservation time to 8 o'clock. As Shaun is walking to the store, Football Kid hits him with the soccer ball and Homeless Man asks Shaun for some change. Shaun enters Weston Park Groceries and grabs a soda as The Usher stands nearby looking for something to buy. As Shaun is waiting for Nelson to come to the register, he reads the headlines on the newspapers on the counter which have reports on mutilations and a mystery virus. While Shaun is riding the bus to work, he sees a woman on the street suddenly collapse. At work, Shaun has a meeting with the other salespeople including Noel and Danny and tells them he will be in charge due to Mr. Sloman and Ash being sick. During his meeting, Noel's phone rings and he answers the phone and tells them he doesn't have any marijuana and neither does Ed. After Shaun's speech, he tells Noel to turn his cellphone off and Noel insinuates Shaun is old. Before walking away, Noel tells Shaun his red pen is leaking. As Shaun is showing customers a television he flips past the channel with Woman on Trisha and Trisha Goddard, and continues flipping as Grave Scientist tells the public there is no cause for alarm and Distraught Vox Pop tells a reporter about someone that was shambling towards her. Noel interrupts Shaun and tells him Philip is there to see him. Philip reminds Shaun that tomorrow is his bi-monthly visit to see him and Barbara and reminds Shaun about the flowers he forgot to bring Barbara on Mother's day. As Shaun watches Philip leave the store, he sees a group of military vehicles drive by. Noel asks Shaun why he can have Philip at the store, but he can't talk on the phone, and as Shaun tells him he can separate his work life from his private life, the phone rings and Danny tells Shaun, Liz is on the phone. As Liz talks to Shaun, he ignores what she is saying and says yes to everything to try and fool Noel into thinking it is work related.

As Shaun is at the florist, Distressed Man runs by in a hurry. Shaun then buys flowers from the Florist. He looks outside the window of the Florist and sees Pigeon Man grab and seemingly eat a pigeon. While riding home, a large amount of the people on the bus with him appear to be sick. He walks home past a a traffic jam caused by a driver dead in his car blocking traffic. He runs into Yvonne who tells him she recently bought a house and asks him if he is still with Liz. Shaun then realizes he forgot to make reservations. Shaun calls Fulci's restaurant to make reservations, but they are all booked up. Shaun asks Ed what he should do and Ed suggests taking Liz to the Winchester. Liz calls and after suggesting they go to the Winchester due to him not making reservations, she hangs up on him. He runs to Liz's apartment and tries to climb up the wall to the 2nd story after Dianne and David tell him Liz doesn't want to see him, but fails. He then calls back and Dianne lets him in. Shaun pleads with Liz to go out with him, but she tells him she is going out with Dianne and David. David tells Shaun his luck is up and Shaun accuses David of liking Liz. Shaun gives Liz the flowers he bought for Barbara, but she realizes he bought them for Barbara and she breaks up with him after telling him she needs to make changes. As Shaun is walking to the Winchester Tavern he sees a couple outside in an embrace and throws the flowers in the trash. Ed tries to cheer up Shaun and comes up with interesting back stories for the people in the Winchester including Snakehips, Spinster, John and Bernie. Ed then tells Shaun, Liz breaking up with him isn't the end of the world. Just then someone bangs on the door to the Winchester and moans. As Shaun and Ed leave the Winchester the woman that was embracing outside chews the neck off of her lover. They go back to their house and play Electro music loud on their record player until Pete comes downstairs and throws out the record. He yells at them for being loud and tells them he has to go to work in the morning due to everyone calling in sick. Shaun tells Pete he broke up with Liz and as Pete is walking away, Ed calls him a prick. Pete yells at Ed to go live in the shed and accuses Shaun of keeping Ed around so he doesn't seem as much of a loser and yells at Shaun to sort his life out. Ed notices a bandage on Pete's hand and Pete tells them some crackhead bit him. Shaun stumbles over to his refrigerator, jots down a few notes and then passes out on a chair.

He wakes up and goes to the store. As he is walking he doesn't notice the reanimated corpses of the Homeless Man or The Usher or alarms going off everywhere. He goes into Nelson's store and grabs a Diet Coke and notices no newspapers on the counter. Shaun returns home and turns on the television and flips through the channels as Krishnan Guru-Murthy gives a report on religious groups declaring what is happening as judgement day and Carole Barnes reports on an increasing number of attacks while Rob Butler reports that people were eaten alive. Jeremy Thompson reports that the attackers appear to be dead. Vernon Kay is about to introduce someone when Shaun flips back to Jeremy Thompson. Ed tells Shaun there is someone in their garden and they go outside and find Mary shambling around. Mary grabs Shaun and as he pushes her away, she falls on a table rod and impales herself. Mary gets back up and Shaun and Ed go back into the house as a Hulking Zombie shambles into their garden. Shaun calls 999, but the lines are busy. He and Ed watch the news and The Usher shambles into the house from the front door Shaun left open. Ed manages to kill The Usher zombie by smashing it in the head with an ashtray. Mary zombie and Hulking Zombie break the window and Shaun and Ed at first try to kill them by throwing household objects at them. Shaun then smashes open the shed and he and Ed kill them using a cricket bat and shovel. As Jeremy Thompson tells the public to isolate themselves from anyone that may have been bitten, Shaun and Ed look upstairs to Pete's room. Barbara calls Shaun and tells him Philip was bitten and Shaun and Ed come up with a plan to take Pete's car to pick up Barbara and Liz and then to go to the Winchester until everything calms down. As Shaun goes to the bathroom he sees a now zombie Pete in the shower.

They drive to Barbara's house and pass by people being attacked by zombies and Ed accidentally runs into Grizzled Zombie, which he and Shaun are relieved when they realize he was dead before Ed hit him with the car. Ed stays outside while Shaun goes to get Barbara. He tells Barbara, he and Ed are going to take her somewhere safe and as he goes to kill what he thinks will be a Philip zombie, he finds Philip still alive. Barbara tells Philip that Shaun wants to take them somewhere and Philip thinks everything happening is due to junkies running around. Shaun leaves with Barbara and Philip and Ed tells him he crashed Pete's car so they are forced to use Philip's Jaguar. Philip is attacked by Clubber 1 and bitten in the neck. Everyone gets into the car and Ed peels out and starts blasting music from a tape. They drive to Liz's and Shaun climbs up the wall to her apartment. Shaun tells Liz, Dianne and David he is going to take them somewhere safe and initially David refuses to go until Dianne and then Liz agree to leave with Shaun. They get into the car and Shaun introduces Liz to Barbara. Philip dies after telling Shaun he treated him the way he did so Shaun would grow up strong and how he hoped Shaun would look up to him. Philip then turns into a zombie and everyone runs out of Philip's Jaguar. As they walk towards the Winchester, Shaun sees Snakehips being eaten by female zombies. They run into Yvonne's group which consists of Declan, Mark, Maggie, Yvonne's Mum and Cousin Tom and who are heading in the opposite direction. As they pass a house, Barbara stops, because she thinks her friends Jill and Derek live there and Pyjama Zombie shambles to the back sliding door. Shaun hears Barbara scream and as he goes to help her, he is attacked by Pyjama Zombie. Liz and Dianne help Shaun kill Pyjama Zombie while Ed and David watch. He checks to see how many zombies are surrounding the Winchester and Shaun asks Dianne to try and teach everyone how to act like a zombie so they can sneak their way to the Winchester.

As they make it to the Winchester they find the front door locked and Ed's phone rings and he answers it and tells Noel he still doesn't have any marijuana. Shaun starts yelling at Ed and the crowd of zombies start to surround the group. Shaun tells the others he is going to lead the zombies away and find another way in after David breaks one of the windows of the Winchester. David goes to turn the lights on, but the power is off. David starts to complain about Shaun and his plan and Shaun walks in. As the day turns into night, the outside lights turn on and Shaun goes to flip the circuit breakers in the Winchester back on. He flips on the indoor lights and then flips on an outdoor light, revealing a large group of zombies outside. Dianne turns on the television and all the channels are offline. Ed asks Liz for money and then uses it to play a loud casino game. The zombies start to pound on the windows and zombie John grabs David and the jukebox suddenly comes on. Shaun, Liz and Ed start whacking John with pool sticks while David goes to turn off the breaker for the power. David flips all the switches on and off over and over again causing even more zombies to surround the Winchester. He starts to walk back towards the main bar area and zombie Bernie almost grabs him. Liz hits John with a fire hydrant and then Dianne tries to hit him with darts. Ed tosses Shaun the Winchester rifle over the bar and Shaun uses it to push John into the jukebox. Ed tells Shaun he should have shot John and as Shaun pulls the trigger to show Ed the weapon no longer works, he fires a round.

Liz goes to take care of Barbara and Barbara gives her the necklace Shaun's father gave her. Liz then realizes that Barbara has been bitten and calls to Shaun. Shaun starts shooting at the zombies, but is a terrible shot. Barbara shows Shaun her bite and Ed runs over, followed by Dianne. Barbara thanks Shaun for the flowers she found in the trash and then dies. David comes over and cocks the rifle and points it at Barbara and says they have to shoot her. Shaun and Ed break bottles and threaten to cut David and Shaun says David hates Shaun and is in love with Liz. David denies it and Dianne tells him she knows it is true. Liz calms the situation down and Barbara rises from the dead, forcing Shaun to shoot her in the head after telling her he is sorry. David makes another comment and Shaun punches him in the face. David takes the rifle and pulls the trigger, but the rifle is out of ammunition. Everyone is shocked and David tells them he is leaving. As David is standing by the window, a group of zombies break the window and pull David out, ripping his stomach open. Dianne chases after the zombies and starts beating them with David's ripped off leg. The zombies pour into the Winchester and Ed starts making Molotov cocktails. Ed is grabbed and then bitten by zombie Pete and zombie Bernie and Shaun shoots Pete in the head. Shaun, Liz and Ed hide behind the bar and Shaun lights the bar on fire using liquor. They go into the cellar and close the door behind them. As Shaun and Liz are planning to use the remaining two rounds to kill each other, Shaun finds the controls to the barrel elevator. Ed decides to stay behind and Shaun apologizes for yelling at Ed. Shaun and Liz make it to the surface and as they are surrounded by zombies, a group of military trucks pull and troops get out and start shooting the zombies. Yvonne runs up to them and she tells them the military is taking them somewhere safe.

Six months later, the television advertises a program about ten year old Enrique Ramirez who was forced to shoot dead his zombie family. Krishnan Guru-Murthy talks about the anniversary of the zombie attacks, called Z-Day. Meanwhile Jeremy Thompson gives his remembrances about Z-Day. On another channel, Vernon Kay introduces Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland who have created the charity music festival Zombaid. Another channel has a news report about how zombies are being used in the service industry and shows a clip with zombie Noel pushing a loose shopping cart to a cart parking point. Trisha interviews Woman on Trisha again, but this time due to Woman on Trisha still living and sleeping with Trisha Zombie. Shaun walks into the living room as Liz is watching a report by Keith Chegwin stating that the rumor that the virus was caused by Rage infected monkeys was false. They make plans for their day and then Shaun goes to the shed to play video games with a chained up zombie Ed.