Sheriff Tatum

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Sheriff Tatum


George Tatum is the sheriff for Eutaw, Greene County, Alabama.

During the events of Jaws of Satan (1981) played by John McCurry

At a news conference, Denise Williams asks Sheriff Tatum about the runaway train that was found in Greene County. Sheriff Tatum tells Denise they found Carnie Kid dead along with the engineer, with the Trainman being the only survivor. Later, Deputy Jack tells Sheriff Tatum that there is a snake at Willard's Hardware. Sheriff Tatum goes to Willard's Hardware and shoots the snake. After they are attacked by a snake, the Teens at Sawmill are put into an ambulance and Deputy Jack asks Sheriff Tatum what is going on and Sheriff Tatum tells him Mayor Thorpe doesn't want the public to know. Deputy Jack goes to search for snakes and when he sees some rustling in the brush, it turns out to be a little girl. Sheriff Tatum finishes searching the sawmill and radios Deputy Jack, who is attacked by a snake and Sheriff Tatum finds Deputy Jack dead with a snake bite to the face. Father Farrow presides over the funeral of Evelyn, which is attended by Sheriff Tatum, Mayor Thorpe, Matt Perry, Elizabeth Perry, Kim Perry and Mrs. Carson. Paul Hendricks and Sheriff Tatum take a helicopter to search for the snakes, while Dr. Maggie Sheridan drives her car. Paul and Sheriff Tatum lead a group of people to search a rocky area. As they come across snakes, Paul notices they are heading in the same direction and Sheriff Tatum tells him there are caves in that direction. Paul and Sheriff Tatum go into the cave and find the discarded skin of The Snake. The next day, Sheriff Tatum tells Kim where her father is and then drops Paul off at the cave, but returns to the opening of the race track.