Silent Night, Zombie Night (2009)

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Two police partners and the woman they love are forced to work together during a zombie apocalypse.


Apocalyptic, Viral



Frank Talbot - Jack Forcinito

Nash Jackson - Andy Hopper

Sarah Talbot - Nadine Stenovitch

Jeffrey Hannigan - Lew Temple

Paul Irwin - Vernon Wells

Elsa Lansing - Felissa Rose

Raccoon - Timothy Muskatell

Box-Mart - Luke Y. Thompson

Debutante - Sara Tomko

Little Daddy - Ricardo Gray

Fingers - John Karyus

Henry Glendon - Jimmy Williams

Santa Zombie - Chris Gabriel

Lookout - Domiziano Arcangeli

Virginia - Krisondra Daigneault

Melissa - Melanie Doyle

Speeder 1 - Jordan Lawson

Speeder 2 - Sean Gordon

Speeder 3 - Jason Passama

Speeder 4 - Matt Cain

Pack 1 - Shelli Merrill

Pack 2 - Bill Snyder

Driver/Misc. Zombies - Wes Laurie

Used Car Lot Zombie - Roland Pogosan

Used Car Lot Employee - Linda Slade

Car Bumping Zombie - Chad Meisenheimer

Michael J. Fox Zombie - Shane Ryan

Porn Star Zombie - Kai Lanette

Death Metal Zombie - Sean Decker

Heavy Metal Zombie - Jesse Lee Nunn

Heavy Death Metal Zombie - Dave Corsile

Baseball Bat Fu Zombie - Aramis A. Sartorio

Polly Staffle Zombie - Chad Clinton Freeman

Happy Holidays Zombie - Derek Houck

Little Girl Zombie - Brianna Avendano

Little Boy Zombie - James Tubbs

Bearded Zombie - Edward Tubbs

Grandma Zombie - Geri Gilmore

Photographer Zombie - Erick Feigin

Push Over Zombie - Tina Shults

Audio Zombie - Ben Forman

Skinny Zombie - Patrick Horvath

Red Head Zombie - Emery Childress

Husband with a Gun - Bryan Coyne

His Screaming Wife - Megan Frances

Target Practice Zombies - Doug Jones, Renna Rexrode and T.J. Roe

Jake Ryan Zombie - Brian Bosen

Stand Up Comedian Zombie - Shawn Carlow

One Armed Zombie - Elizabeth Leigh Frazer

Two Armed Zombie - Diana de Mol

Mother Zombie - Margaret Jefferson

Daughter Zombie - Brandy Perry

Homerun Zombie - Mariel Villavicencio

Chinese Communist Zombie - Melanie Doyle

Friendly Neighborhood Zombies - Victoria Bouett, Nadia Guardadu and Tatiana Prietro

Family in the Car - Tina Shults, Tristan Shults and Dylan Shults

Rocker Party Peeps - Garrett Brawith, Dave Corsile, Sean Decker, Karina Kiwdjian, Stanton Lavey, William Millsap, Steven Moran, Jesse Lee Nunn and Tess Thomas

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Detailed Synopsis

Melissa taps on Sarah Talbot's car window and sees she is crying and asks her if she is okay. Suddenly Melissa is grabbed by a Zombie and bitten. Frank Talbot and Nash Jackson park their patrol vehicle and Jackson tells Talbot, he put in a transfer to another precinct. Henry Glendon approaches them in his wheelchair and tells then he was bitten. Sarah uses a baseball bat from her car to kill the Zombie attacking Melissa. Henry tells Talbot and Jackson his neighbor Virginia bit him, and Talbot and Jackson go to the neighbor's house. They are charged by Virginia, who bites Jackson in the foot. Talbot then shoots Virginia, and the bullet hits Jackson in the foot. Raccoon goes to talk with a customer and is bitten. Used Car Lot Employee runs outside to help Raccoon and is chased by another Zombie while Raccoon changes into one. Talbot drives Jackson to Jackson's house and sees Sarah and tells her to get inside while also shooting at Zombies. Talbot goes to heat up a knife and finds Sarah holding and kissing Jackson's head. He then uses the knife and cauterizes Jackson's wound, consisting of a shot off toe, before going outside to call dispatch. No one responds and he sees a Zombie chewing on an arm and blows its head off. A group of Zombies hear the shotgun blasts and run towards Talbot and he runs back into the house.

While Jackson is recovering in bed, Talbot finds two Christmas presents, one for him and one for Sarah. He opens the presents in front of Sarah and hers is a heart shaped locket, while his is a watch. Sarah tells Talbot, she is leaving him, and Talbot gets angry when she admits she tells him, she slept with Jackson. A radio announcer mentions what is happening is worse than the 1992 Los Angeles Riots. Talbot notices the now Zombified Raccoon rip off the arm of another Zombie. Husband with a Gun goes outside to confront the Zombies, while His Screaming Wife looks on in terror. A group of Rocker Party Peeps hear the gunshots, while Family in the Car are attacked by a horde of Zombies. The Rocker Party Peeps are attacked and eaten by Zombies as are Husband with a Gun and His Screaming Wife. The power goes out and Talbot tells Sarah people are getting slaughtered outside and he is having a hard time not trying to help. Sarah convinces Talbot to not go outside and they have sex. The next day more Zombies roam the streets including Santa Zombie and Photographer Zombie. Talbot shoots Santa Zombie in the head and then assesses Jackson's food supply. He goes to the front door and Raccoon Zombie is waiting for him and screams. Talbot heads back and in Jackson's room, Sarah tells him she didn't sleep with Jackson. He recalls when he knew he loved her during their third date when they went to a Mozart concert under the stars.

Talbot taps the front door and when no Zombies come to it, he sneaks outside and passes Car Bumping Zombie and stabs it in the head. Jackson wakes up and asks Sarah if he is dying and she tells him how they took care of him. Talbot runs inside and tells them he has an idea. He explains that the slow Zombies move at night and use scent to find prey. Talbot sprays himself with scent masking spray and goes back outside to test his theory. He then uses a bat to beat a group of Zombies to a pulp. He continues to walk around and comes across a Zombified Husband with a Gun and shoots and kills it. He goes inside of a house when he sees the Christmas lights come on. Jackson and Sarah get drunk while Talbot finds Jeffrey Hannigan hiding in the attic of the house with the Christmas lights. Sarah and Jackson play a game, what I would kill for right now and during the game, Jackson tells Sarah, he would kill for a kiss from her. Jeffrey tells Talbot about his son Hudson who hit his head, but won't show Talbot, Hudson. Jackson and Sarah kiss, but are interrupted by fast Zombies screaming. Talbot leaves the attic and sees a Zombie which runs away and he shoots it. Jackson goes outside and kills a Zombie which whines as he hacks at it. Zombified Raccoon communicates with Box-Mart and another Zombie and they run away. Jackson goes into Jeffrey's house while Talbot is outside and Talbot, thinking he is a Zombie, shoots him in the head.

Talbot goes home and gives Sarah a knife to cauterize a wound on his stomach where Jackson shot him. The next morning, Talbot tells Sarah he accidentally killed Jackson. Jackson wakes up with a bandage on his head in the attic with Jeffrey and notices a foul smell. A Hummer drives down the street and Sarah flags it down. Paul Irwin, Elsa Lansing, and Lookout get out of the vehicle. Paul and Elsa go into Jackson's house and Elsa looks at Talbot's wound. Talbot asks Paul if he knows what caused the Zombie apocalypse, but Paul has no clue. Elsa tells them that the Zombie were dissected and the fast ones have something inside of them which wraps around the brain stem. Paul tells them that they have to go to Burbank Airport and Elsa tells them there are still a few thousand people left locally. Talbot tells them about Jeffrey and they leave and tell Talbot and Sarah they will pick them up after they get Jeffrey. Paul gives directions to the driver and they stop at Jeffrey's house.

Jackson hears Paul and his group struggling against the Zombies and goes to help them. He sees Paul being eaten by Zombies and shoots at the Zombies. Talbot sees Elsa and saves her and Jackson finds Lookout and Driver dead. Jeffrey goes to help Jackson and is charged by Box-Mart. Talbot handcuffs Elsa to the bars on the window and tells her if she is still human when he returns he will let her go. Jackson finds Jeffrey still alive, but bitten in the face by the now dead Box-Mart. Jeffrey reveals he shot Hudson when he changed into a Zombie. He then commits suicide. Jackson goes outside and calls out to Debutante to come get him. He shoots it and as another Zombie comes for him, Talbot shoots it. Jackson points his gun at Talbot and accuses him of leaving him to die. Jackson admits to Talbot that he kissed Sarah and he loves her. Talbot tells Jackson they are no longer friends and after killing a Zombie, Jackson tells Talbot that Jeffrey is dead. Raccoon Zombie starts to grab at Elsa and Sarah goes outside to attack it. Talbot and Jackson arrive and chase after it after shooting at it and corner it and kill it. Sarah runs over to them to help them and they reveal to her that both of them were bitten. Talbot and Jackson ask Sarah to kill them and she does after Jackson tells her, he loves her and Talbot tells her the same and regrets not showing it like he should have. Sarah gives Elsa the keys and then leaves with her to the airport.