Silent Rage (1982)

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A small town sheriff must battle an invincible murderer brought back from the dead.


Action, Horror


Dan Stevens - Chuck Norris

Dr. Tom Halman - Ron Silver

Dr. Philip Spires - Steven Keats

Alison Halman - Toni Kalem

Dr. Paul Vaughn - William Finley

John Kirby - Brian Libby

Charlie - Stephen Furst

Nancy Halman - Stephanie Dunnam

Mrs. Sims - Joyce Ingle

Biker Leader - Jay DePland

Tatooed Biker Mama - Lillette Zoe Raley

Biker at Cafe - Mike Johnson

Biker Mamas at Bar - Linda Tatum and Kathy Lee

Jimmy the Guard - Desmond Dhooge

Emergency Room Doctor - Joe Farago

Institute Doctor - John Barrett

Waitress - Paula Selzer

Sheriff's Deputies - Sandy Lang and Sonny Jones

Boys at the House - Russel Higgenbotham, Eddie Galt and David Andre Unger

Bikers - Aaron Norris and James Bodean

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Detailed Synopsis

John Kirby is lying in bed when he is woken up by banging on his door. One of the Boys at the House he is staying at tells him there is a phone call for him. He walks downstairs as the Boys at the House loudly play and Mrs. Sims continuously yells at them. He answers the phone and tells Dr. Tom Halman that he is starting to go crazy. He tells Dr. Halman he can't make it and then hangs up the phone. Mrs. Sims yells at Kirby about the kids driving her crazy. Kirby grabs an axe and chases Mrs. Sims into an upstairs bedroom and starts hacking at the closed door with the axe. Another boarder hits Kirby with a chair and Kirby hits him in the face with the axe, killing him. Mrs. Sims opens a window and yells at a passing mailman to call the police and is then axe murdered by Kirby. Dan Stevens arrives on scene with Charlie and has Charlie talk to witnesses while he goes inside the house. Dan finds the body of the boarder and checks his pulse and is then attacked by Kirby. Dan disarms Kirby and Kirby runs out the second story window before jumping to the ground. Dan eventually catches and handcuffs Kirby and brings him back to the house. Dr. Halman runs up to Dan and tells him Kirby is his patient and Dan tells him about Kirby murdering Mrs. Sims and the boarder. Kirby breaks the chains from his handcuffs and kicks the door open on the police car he is in and takes the shotgun of a deputy before he is eventually shot multiple times by other Sheriff's Deputies.

Dr. Halman, Dr. Philip Spires and Dr. Paul Vaughn, operate on Kirby. An Emergency Room Doctor shows Dan his x-ray and then explains to Charlie that the hospital also does research on molecular medicine. After surgery, Dr. Spires tells the others how amazing Kirby's body is, considering the wounds he has. Dr. Vaughn tells Dr. Spires that Kirby is fading away and Dr. Spires injects Kirby with their experimental serum, Mitogen 35. Alison Halman walks up to Dan, slaps him and walks away. Kirby's brain activity starts to spike and Dr. Halman thinks thy should let Kirby die. After Dr. Halman leaves the room, Dr. Vaughn and Dr. Spires injects Kirby with another dose. Dr. Halman tells Dan that Kirby is dead and when Alison starts talking to Dr. Halman, Dan asks for a ride home. Alison drives Dan home and they have sex. Waitress gives Charlie and Dan their burgers. Tatooed Biker Mama walks up to Charlie and shines his badge while Biker Leader and Biker at Cafe laughs. Biker Leader starts harassing Dan and brags about how his Gang chew up small towns like Dan's. Dan insults Biker Leader back and as Biker Leader grabs for his knife, Dan grabs him and tells him to leave.

Charlie admits to Dan that he thinks he might not be cut out to be a cop, but Dan tells him he did a good job the day before. Dr. Vaughn takes Dr. Halman into the closed off area of the research hospital where Dr. Spires is running tests on the body of Kirby. Dr. Spires and Dr. Vaughn tells Dr. Halman how the scars of Kirby have disappeared and his organs and the rest of his body heal at an amazing rate. They do a scan of Kirby and his genetic structure has changed. Dan and Alison talk about their relationship and she tells him they can't see each other anymore. Dr. Halman and Dr. Spires walk up and tell Dan they aren't done with Kirby's autopsy. Dr. Halman and Dr. Spires argue about Kirby and Dr. Spires orders Dr. Halman out of the lab. Charlie tells Dan how he accidentally killed his pet dog when he was a kid. Dan sees a bunch of motorcycles at Ol' Blues Bar and tells Charlie to drive there. Dan and Charlie walk in to the bar and Charlie orders the Bikers to stand against the wall. The Bikers and Biker Mamas at Bar laugh and Biker Leader asks if anyone called the police and Tatooed Biker Mama notices Charlie looking at her chest. Dan tells Charlie to go outside and call Billy for backup. Biker Leader walks up to Dan and threatens him and Dan grabs him by the neck. Tatooed Biker Mama breaks a pitcher over Dan's head and Biker Leader tells Curly to break Dan's back. A fight breaks out and Dan beats up all of the Bikers. As Biker Leader is trying to drive away, Dan hits him the upper chest with a pool cue.

Alison stops by Dan's house and tells him she wants to start their relationship anew. They have sex and afterwards Dan invites Alison to go with him to his cabin in the mountains and she leaves to pack. Nancy Halman is painting when Dr. Halman gets home and he briefly tells her about his argument with Dr. Spires. Kirby goes to Dr. Halman's house and takes a knife from a table. He attacks Dr. Halman, but Dr. Halman manages to get away and grabs a gun. Dr. Halman tries to reason with Kirby, but Kirby kills him. Nancy comes home with a pizza and finds Dr. Halman dead and is then killed by Kirby when he slams her head into the wall. Alison arrives at the house and finds Nancy and Dr. Halman's bodies. She runs out of the house and into the arms of Dan who has Charlie take her to the hospital after the Sheriff's Deputies remove the bodies. Kirby returns to the research wing of the hospital and Dr. Spires notices he is covered in blood. Charlie tells Jimmy the Guard Alison is going to stay overnight. As Dr. Spires and Dr. Vaughn are cleaning Kirby's wounds, Jimmy the Guard calls Dr. Spires and tells him Dan wants to see him. Dan tells Dr. Spires that Dr. Halman was murdered and asks to see the files on Dr. Halman's patients. Dan checks on Alison and comforts her.

Dr. Spires tell Dr. Vaughn that Kirby murdered Dr. Halman and they decide to kill Kirby. Dr. Vaughn fills a needle with sulfuric acid and injects it into Kirby. As Dr. Vaughn is walking away he is grabbed by Kirby who injects him with the sulfuric acid. Dr. Spires finds Dr. Vaughn dead. Kirby walks into Dr. Spires office and breaks his neck. An Institute Doctor is waiting by the elevator when the elevator door opens and Kirby attacks and kills him. Charlie and Alison go to see what is happening when they hear the Institute Doctor screaming and Kirby attacks Charlie and breaks his back. Alison runs away and Kirby starts chasing after her. Kirby sees another doctor and kills him. Dan arrives back at the hospital and finds Jimmy the Guard dead. He then finds Charlie who tells Dan, Kirby hurt him and then dies. Dan hears Alison cry out and runs towards the screams. Kirby traps Alison in Dr. Spires office and taunts her. Dan walks in and shoots Kirby and Kirby falls out of the window to the ground many floors down. Dan checks on Kirby, and Kirby attacks him. Alison drives Dan's truck and runs over Kirby, but he keeps moving. She picks up Dan and they drive away, but Kirby holds on to the back of the vehicle. He climbs into the vehicle and Dan and Alison jump out and the vehicle crashes and explodes. Kirby survives and attacks Dan, who throws him down a well. As Dan and Alison walk away, Kirby looks up from the bottom of the well.